1. john m flores

    I bought a Framework Laptop. AMA

    Recently replaced my Dell XPS13 with a Right to Repair Framework laptop. 13" 3:2 screen, Intel i7- 1280P, 64 GB RAM, 4TB SSD. It was $1700 less than an equivalent Macbook Pro 14 and in 2-3 years I can upgrade the motherboard/CPU, RAM, SSD, battery, screen, etc. Been using it for about a...
  2. Biro

    Treated Myself to a New Laptop

    I have been thinking about picking up a base 14-inch MacBook Pro for several months. But then Costco had a sale on what I call the "base upgrade" model on Apple's website. That is to say, the version with the 10-core CPU and 16-core GPU (two steps up from the stock base model), 16GB of RAM and...
  3. davidzvi

    Replace my Desktop with a Laptop?

    Anyone go from a big, reasonably powerful desktop to just a reasonably powerful laptop? (With a docking station for times when I want my current dual screens).
  4. Armanius

    I am finally switching to MAC!

    I just placed an order with Amazon (via our affiliate link of course) for an 11" Mac Book Air. I've meaning to switch for at least a year or two, but could never pull the trigger. Then when I was about to pull the trigger, I wasn't sure if I should get an iMac first or a MBA first. The need...