Leeuw is Dutch for lion. It occurs as a surname, most commonly in the form of De Leeuw ("the lion"; 9,814 people in the Netherlands in 2007 and 2,211 in Belgium in 1998). "De Leeuw", “Leeuw” (873 & 34 people) and Van der Leeuw (765 & 9 people) are thought to mostly be toponymic surnames, with the first bearers named "(from) the Lion" after a house, windmill or farm with that name. The more common surname Van Leeuwen has a distinct origin in the small town of Leeuwen and perhaps in the city of Leuven.
People with these surnames include:

LeeuwClinton Leeuw (born 1982), South African squash player
Reginald Leeuw (fl. 2015), South African Anglican DeanDe Leeuw / DeLeeuwAdele DeLeeuw (1899–1988), American writer of Dutch-themed children's stories
Bas de Leeuw (b. 1959), Dutch sustainability expert
Dan DeLeeuw (fl. 1993-2015), American (?) visual effects artist
Dianne de Leeuw (b. 1955), Dutch figure skater
Eddy De Leeuw (1956–2015), Belgian sprinter
Edith de Leeuw (b. 1962), Dutch psychologist
Gerry DeLeeuw (born c. 1927), Canadian football player
Jan de Leeuw, 15th-century Flemish goldsmith, portrayed by Jan van Eyck
Jan de Leeuw (b. 1945), Dutch statistician
Jan De Leeuw (born 1968), Flemish children's book writer and psychologist
Johanna de Leeuw (b. 1932), Dutch-born American writer
Karel de Leeuw (1930-1978), American mathematician
Lisa De Leeuw (b. 1958), American porn actress
Marcel Deleeuw (born 1943), Dutch-born Canadian football player
Marine Deleeuw (b. 1994), French fashion model
Melvin de Leeuw (b. 1988), Dutch footballer
Michael de Leeuw (b. 1986), Dutch footballer
Mineke de Leeuw (b. 1938), Dutch author
Nata De Leeuw (b. 1991), Canadian ski jumper
Paul de Leeuw (b. 1962), Dutch television comedian, singer and actor
Puck de Leeuw (1953-2002), Dutch documentary filmmaker
Reinbert de Leeuw (b. 1938), Dutch conductor, pianist and composer
Rob deLeeuw (b. 1975), Canadian actor
Sabrina De Leeuw (b. 1974), Belgian high jumper
Sarah de Leeuw (b. 1973), Canadian writer
Thomas de Leeuw (1560-1612), French engraver of Flemish origin
Ton de Leeuw (1926-1996), Dutch composer
Ton de Leeuw (born 1941), organizational theoristVan LeeuwPhilippe Van Leeuw (born 1954), Belgian film director, screenwriter and cinematographerVan der LeeuwAart van der Leeuw (1876-1931), Dutch author and poet
Bastiaan Govertsz van der Leeuw (1624-1680), Dutch landscape painter
Caroline van der Leeuw (b. 1981), Dutch jazz singer
Cees van der Leeuw (1890–1973), Dutch industrialist and psychiatrist
Charles van der Leeuw (b. 1952), Dutch journalist
Gerard van der Leeuw (1890-1950), Dutch historian and philosopher of religion
Govert van der Leeuw (1645-1688), Dutch landscape painter, son of Bastiaan
Joke van der Leeuw-Roord (born 1949), Dutch historian
Koos van der Leeuw (1893-1934), Dutch theosophist and author
Marcellino van der Leeuw (b. 1990), Dutch footballer
Pieter van der Leeuw (1647-1679), Dutch landscape painter, son of BastiaanFictional charactersLoeki de Leeuw, a lion puppet featured before and after advertisement blocks on Dutch television between 1972 and 2004.

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