leica q

  1. mike3996

    Leica Q is starting to lose its magic :(

    Because the M240 and the 35 is a new toy, I've been shooting it pretty much exclusively since Dec 31. I was a bit excited to find a good opportunity to exercise the old Q muscle yesterday as I needed all the angle I could get. During the short session, Q, the camera of my life, never missed...
  2. mike3996

    Leica Showcase Leica Q (Typ 116)

    How come I didn't find a showcase thread for Leica Q? The more I shoot the Leica M, the more I regain respect towards my Leica Q. Not that I hate the M or find it lacking, I just realize how much there is to appreciate about the Q, the lens, the package. I'll throw in some aesthetically...
  3. P

    Leica M(240) to Q....?

    Firstly, I don't currently do a lot of digital photography. My first love is film and I don't see that changing. I have no antipathy towards digital. In fact, I currently own an M(240) and I like using it and sharing the lenses I own with my M7. However..... Recently, I've started to...
  4. J

    Leica Leica Q-P images

    Seems to be just a concept but who knows. Found here: https://www.behance....94509/LEICA-Q-P
  5. D

    Leica Leica Q Product Life Cycle

    Well ... I love shooting Leica style so much with my X-U that I just feel I have to get the Q. I tried it in the Leica Store Miami. It's fantastic. I love how much better the focus magnification and peaking work compared to the X-U. However, my brain wonders about a practical matter. I know...
  6. D

    Leica Leica Q Shutter Speed vs Exposure Compensation

    I'm curious ... I think a lot of you here are Q owners. Everyone seems to love the Q. You've probably read some portion of DPReview's review, which says that strange control analomies damage usability. I was particularly surprised by the shutter speed dial not moving in thirds, as it does on...
  7. kapturlight

    Leica Leica Q

    I just love this camera, the files are extremely pliable and the low light performance is excellent, I have only had it for a week so we are still making friends. I have uploaded some images from the weekend shoot.Just on another note I am taking a photographic tour to Bhutan in November if...