1. William Lewis

    Leica Nikkor, LTM & usual suspects

    So a bit back I bought a Nikkor HC 50/2 and it was a little off. The resident guru fixed it with the usual consummate ease and I picked up a Nikkor QC 135/3.5 from him at the same time. Between weather and such foibles, the long awaited (well it _felt_ long ;) ) box arrived today. While running...
  2. drd1135

    Leica The New Leica M11 will cost $8995 USD

    Given that the new Nikon Z9 is $5500 USD, this doesn't seem that bad. Suddenly Leica doesn't quite stick out as much pricewise. Thoughts about this? I promise, this is not the beginning of a covert internal campaign to buy a Leica M.🤫
  3. Brian

    Leica Showcase Voigtlander 50mm F1.2 Nokton Aspheric

    I picked this lens up a couple of months ago, have been using it on my Leica M9. Work has been "extremely busy", and taking some breaks while my Daughter is out of school. This lens is fast, relatively compact, sharp, contrasty, and focuses to 0.7m. It uses 52mm filters. About the same size and...
  4. mike3996

    Leica The battle of ultrafast Fifties: TTartisan 50/0.95 vs Summilux 50 ASPH

    I made some quick shots around the house with the TTArtisan 50/0.95 choked to f/1.4 and the Summilux 50/1.4 wide open. The results may impress you. In the bokeh department it is difficult to force the lenses render differently! In some results not pictured, the TTArtisan lens may suffer...
  5. Brian

    Leica Voigtlander 50mm F1.0 PRE-ORDERs now being taken

    https://shop.cameraquest.com/voigtlander-leica-mount-lenses/voigtlander-50mm-f/1.0-leica-m-nokton-asph/ Cameraquest is taking orders. I bought my 50/1.1 Nokton, 35/1.2 Nokton v1, 50/1.5 Nokton v3, 50/2 APO-Lanthar, and 50/1.2 Nokton from Cameraquest- so have direct experience. Aspheric optics...
  6. L

    Leica Got an email from Leica ~ M11 teaser?

    Anyone get an email like this one? I'm thinking M11...
  7. William Lewis

    Leica Family Portrait

    Got the Nikkor HC 5cm/2 in today so I thought it would make a good excuse for a family portrait. Voigtlander Ultron Aspherical 35/1.7 Chiyoko (now Minolta) Super Rokkor 50/2 Jupiter 12 35/2.8 Voigtlander Nokton Aspherical 50/1.5 Industar 61 L/D 53/2.8 Leica Elmar 90/4 Voightlander...
  8. MountainMan79

    Leica Showcase Digilux 2 & 3 Images

    The original Digilux was much different, but it’s probably fair to lump the 2 and 3 together. Post images if you have them!
  9. albertk

    L-Mount Leica-M lenses on L-mount camera's

    Leica-M lenses generally perform good on the L-mount camera I have, the Lumix S-5 here is an example of the 35mm Summicron v1 Lumix S-5. Looking down from the ramparts.
  10. christilou

    Leica Leica SL2 - s

    Thought I would begin a new thread for this camera as I have traded in some stuff to get it in time to qualify for the free Leica L to M adapter ..... which are the only lenses I have for the moment as I now cannot afford to buy an autofocus one! These with the Voigtlander 35mm 1.2 II...
  11. drd1135

    First Picture on a Leica Camera

    A neat article: https://www.dpreview.com/news/5912965388/film-friday-this-was-the-first-picture-taken-on-a-leica-camera
  12. William Lewis

    Leica Voigtlander 21/4

    So after a long wait (worth it to snag it for only $245 ;) ) I have the 21/4 and finder (another $140 though) in hand. A couple of test images. This is going to take some serious getting used to. Whee! Of the 5 lenses in my EDC setup, three are Voigtlander (21/4, 35/1.7, 50/1.5)...
  13. William Lewis

    Leica Next lens?

    So, been really enjoying my Leica M 240 since I got it. Nice collection of lenses so far: 35/1.7 Ultron 35/2.8 Jupiter 12 50/1.5 Nokton 50/2 Super Rokkor 50/2 Jupiter 8 50/3.5 Industar 22 90/4 Elmar I'm pondering the next addition. Perhaps someone here will chime in? What I'm...
  14. William Lewis

    Leica Showcase Voigtländer 35/1.7 Ultron

  15. William Lewis

    Leica New Leather From Aki-Asahi for my 240

    The original black leatherette on my 240 had a couple of scruffy spots mostly near the ears for a strap. So given the low cost and great looks of Aki-Asahi's products, I bought a kit from him again. His Leica kits are actually colored leather and laser cut with very good accuracy. I picked the...
  16. mike3996

    Leica Leica M9P in the eyes of a M240P shooter

    So I went ahead and got myself a neat Leica M9-P. This move was totally bonkersville for me because I've been shooting my M240-P happily for 2.5 years and what shortcomings this camera has, it is the M10 lineup that fixes them for me, not M9... Better-behaving high ISO. Banding-free 6400 would...
  17. William Lewis

    I am curious, Leica...

    Was out and about the other day. Here are two examples of the same image. One is the raw processed in Capture One with it's idea of a yellow filter applied. The next is the SOOC B&W image with a yellow filter effect applied in camera from the M 240. Tell me which you like better.
  18. William Lewis

    Leica Showcase Elmar 90/4 LTM & the usual suspects

    Thank you to BrianS. It's an actual old Elmar but I had plugged in the 90/4 in the lens selection menu. I am beginning to think I should just turn that to off and leave it that way.
  19. William Lewis

    Leica Showcase I-22 Elmarski - SOOC

  20. William Lewis

    Leica Showcase Jupiter 12 on the 240

    So had a bit of time out with the Jupiter 12 mounted. I had read a suggestion on line of using the 28/2.8 lens id for the modern biogon so I used that in the menus. I'm not sure if it did much of anything other than make the exif data claim that it was a 28mm lens ;) It's actually doing a bit...
  21. William Lewis

    Leica One is better than none

    Was out and about today. Took a bit over a hundred exposures with my new to me M 240. No real surprise to me that I still don't have it down right. OTOH, there is a moment or two here and there, like this one. Ferns, dandelions and trillium in the rain. The epitomy of northern Wisconsin in...
  22. William Lewis

    Leica Couple of test shots

    Weather is not being kind today. But I splashed out anyway. A couple of usual suspects with the Nokton 50/1.5: And one with my Jupiter 12 35/2.8:
  23. William Lewis

    Leica Inexpensive 28?

    So is there any such thing as an inexpensive 28 that is worth the money? Voigtlander 28/2 Ultron can be found for ~$500 The old slower 28/3.5 is getting silly money :( Canon LTM 28/3.5 can be found for $350 It's the newer silver/black and I don't see too much haze. There's a Minolta 28/2.8...
  24. William Lewis

    Leica Showcase CV Nokton 50/1.5 ltm Test Images

  25. William Lewis

    Leica Scratched Sensor Glass?

    Later this year I hope to buy a Leica M digital. As a result, I keep an eye on auctions just to have a good idea of what is out there and what the prices are looking like. I saw an auction on ebay for a M Monochrome for much lower than usual. This was due to these scratches on the glass...
  26. MoonMind

    Leica Observations on the two Voigtländer Nokton Classic 35mm f/1.4 versions

    I'm not going to reiterate everything that's already been said and written online, but suffice to say that I already somewhat liked the first version enough to want to try the "improved" second version. I've had them both for a couple of months now and feel I can sum things up to maybe allow...
  27. QBI

    Leica Showcase Sigma 56mm f/1.4 L-Mount DC DN

    Just received this lens from the lovely people at Reddotcameras, London. I've bought it mainly for portrait and still life but took it for a walk on my original T this morning. Have to say mixed results. I've never had such a poor hit rate for focus using native Leica lenses. But when it's on...
  28. MoonMind

    Leica New Voigtländer 35mm lenses

    https://www.dpreview.com/news/7006098406/cosina-releases-three-new-35mm-f2-lenses-for-leica-m-sony-e-mount For those who read German, Voigtländer Germany already has write-ups on all new releases: https://www.voigtlaender.de/blog/ I'm posting this here because the new 35mm Utron f/2 II and...
  29. MoonMind

    Leica Heads-up: Unannounced Leica Firmware UPDATES (EDIT)

    To whom it may concern, There has been a firmware update for the M10. Nothing crucial, just more lens profiles, but they *can* be handy. You can get the update via Leica Camera AG (Service and Support). EDIT: There have also been other unannounced firmware updates: M Typ 240 M Typ 262 M-D...
  30. Brian

    Leica Showcase Voigtlander APO-Lanthar 50mm F2, M-Mount

    This lens is amazing. You will not need a better-corrected lens than this. Unless you shoot UV. Then you need the lens on the Right. When received, I noted the overall size was about the same as my Pentax 85/4.5 Ultra-Achromatic-Takumar (UAT). The latter is 50 years old, maybe 40 lenses known...
  31. mike3996

    Leica Leica: Nothing makes sense and everything is wonderful

    The rumor has it that the next version of the compact APS-C Leica CL will come out by springtime and will have a 26 MP chip and an IBIS. In another words, much like a Fujifilm X-T4 but with Leica flavored processing and everything. The Leica crop sensor TL system is a small one. Just 4 primes...
  32. mike3996

    Leica Generations apart: how does the 2004 Epson R-D1 hold up against modern tech?

    https://www.mpb.com/en-uk/blog/article/12520/ Before M I happened upon a nice deal on R-D1. I didn't take it because I was unsure about the platform. Now I have a bunch of M lenses and I could clearly envision myself going this direction for a more recreational body, not replacing a real Leica...
  33. P

    Leica The "Leica during COVID confinement" thread

    What are you doing during these crazy times? Post pictures! I'll start. I play chamber music online using Jamulus and JamKazam, special low-latency apps. There are challenges, but it works. (M10-P, Voigtlander 21/4, self timer, camera supported on cardboard box). We continue to be amused...
  34. drd1135

    Used Leica SL-S on Amazon for $3500

    https://www.amazon.com/dp/B018I65JYE?tag=dpreviewbuybox-20&linkCode=osi&th=1&psc=1 Given that you can buy L-mount lenses from under $1000, this is a screaming deal for Leica.
  35. Brian

    Leica New Voigtlander/Cosina 50mm F2 APO Lanthar in M-Mount announced.

    Okay, Voigtlander is just knocking them out of the park these days. https://shop.cameraquest.com/voigtlander-leica-mount-lenses/voigtlander-50mm-f/2-apo-lanthar-aspherical-m/ No sooner than the V2 M-Mount 50/1.5 Nokton comes out, they do this to me... 50mm F2 APO lens, floating element, 4...
  36. Brian

    Leica Showcase Voigtlander 50mm F1.5 M-Mount, v2- October 2020 version

    Nickel and Black finish, 43mm filter thread, compact design- reminded me of a Bertele lens from the 1930s. This lens is compact. It looks to be an Asymmetric design, meaning the front section is probably a loner focal length than the rear. This allows the two sections to be brought close...
  37. Brian

    Leica Why a Russian Lens needs to be adjusted for a Leica- the focal length is built to the Zeiss Standard

    Hard to believe that some sellers of Russian lenses in Fed/Zorki Mount continue to give bad information that they can be used on a Leica standard camera, that the Russian lenses were made to the Leica 51.6mm standard. THEY ARE NOT, How do I know? Because I have the Data Sheets that came with...
  38. Leica43

    Leica Showcase Leitz DR (Dual Range) f2/50mm Summicron

    A set of photos from a recent outing with my M3 and DR Summicron with “goggles” attached to photograph within the close up range. Film used was Fuji Color 100 and Kodak HD 200 colour neg film. All made wide open or f2.8. M3 & DR lens photo (Pinterest)
  39. Jadon.Rosado

    Leica Leica M9 sensor repair

    Hello, I’m sure people are already tired of hearing about this particular issue but I might as well get this out there. But first a brief background of who I am, My name is Jadon Rosado I’m a camera technician currently working for a shop in Oregon. I’ve been repairing cameras professionally...
  40. drd1135

    Leica I just want the lens cap . . .

    It can't be more the $1000, right? https://www.mirrorlessrumors.com/leaked-images-of-the-new-leica-q2-james-bond-007-limited-edition/
  41. mike3996

    Leica An oldie and goodie -- the Luminous Landscape review about Leica M240

    https://luminous-landscape.com/i-will-not-buy-that-camera-i-promise/ If I am not mistaken, this article raised a small storm back when new. Mark Dubovoy dared to suggest that a Leica could match Nikon D800E! M240 is such a good camera. It's kind of great that the model went underappreciated...
  42. William Lewis

    Leica Digital CL with adapted lenses?

    I was pondering today if the digial CL would work well with old LTM lenses via stacked adaptors? LTM -> M -> L ? Anyone tried this? I'm still trying to find a digital equal to my old IIIf and Summitar. I love my Nikons but miss a certain something about Leica.
  43. chickenherby

    Leica Showcase Leica X Vario

  44. mike3996

    Leica Leica M10-R (and M11)

    I think I have mentioned this elsewhere but M10-R is a bit cheaper than M10-P and offers a much improved sensor. You get all the M10-P goodies: touch screen, quiet shutter. The downside is that you have to endure the red dot and no engraving on top. This is the next camera for me, I'm quite...
  45. Jonathan F/2

    Leica TTArtisan to announce a 50mm f/1.4 M-mount lens!

    New TTartisan 50mm f/1.4 lens for Leica M-mount to be announced on Friday (pre-orders now open) - Leica Rumors I was looking at the TTArtisan 50mm f/.95 or re-buying the 7Artisan 50mm f/1.1, but this looks like it hits the sweet spot of performance, size and price (retailing for $370 USD)...
  46. mike3996

    Leica 7artisans vs Leica - a battle between two 35mm f/1.4 lenses

    https://leicarumors.com/2020/08/16/blind-test-leica-summilux-m-35mm-f-1-4-asph-lens-vs-the-new-7artisans-35mm-f-1-4-lens.aspx/ Apart from the 7a lens being too big (it probably shows in the viewfinder quite a bit), things are looking excellent for value-oriented buyers.
  47. P

    Leica IR photography with M8

    Desperate times call for desperate measures. I've still got my old M8. Its excess IR sensitivity ought to make it a good IR camera. Accordingly, today I ordered an R72 IR filter and a couple of step-up rings. I might as well try something new while “The Plague“ has curtailed my musical...
  48. Brian

    Leica KAF-18500 CCD used in the M9 and M Monochrom is discontinued, Sensor replacement no longer possible

    As per Leica Rumors- https://leicarumors.com/2020/08/07/leica-m9-ccd-sensors-have-been-discontinued-defective-sensors-can-no-longer-be-replaced.aspx/ This is no rumor- I've followed OnSemi, which bought out Kodak's CCD Division years ago. Last time I checked- almost all CCD products were gone...
  49. albertk

    Leica Adapting a Jupiter-3 in Contax mount for optimum wide open performance

    In the past I had a 1962 Jupiter-3 in LTM, that was impossible to focus consistently (front focus issieus well known because of different Leica body register). I had adapted it myself through some twisting to work superbly wide open. Unfortunately I sold it. I regretted it the day after. The day...
  50. Mr_Flibble

    Leica Showcase Sankyo Kohki W-KOMURA 28mm f/3.5 in LTM

    Was given this lens as part of a 'payment' for cleaning/lubricating/repairing some Super Ikontas and other folders for a fellow film camera user. Turns out the LTM version is a rare beast. I've not come across many other examples and the prices on Ebay sold listings are beyond expensive...