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  1. Riego

    Leica Trying to adjust a Jupiter 8 for Leica

    I am trying to adjust a 1957 Jupiter 8 for Leica. I´ve created several paper shims and after adding one it has improved a lot, but still has backfocus. Wide open and one meter after adding one shim: I do the tests with an M7, so I have to wait for the next development ... but I think with...
  2. Riego

    Leica Jupiter 8 infinity focus on Leica

    I have a Jupiter 8 from 1957. Is not adjusted for Leica but focus at one meter and wide open is very very close. The problem is the lens don't focus properly at infinity. The distance scale is at infinity, but the camera rangefinder is not. Any advice? Can I easy fix the lens? Thanks to all!!
  3. MoonMind

    Leica Showcase Leica M 262

    To the moderators: I know this camera is supposed to have the same sensor as the M 240, so if this thread appears redundant, feel free to merge it with the existing showcase thread. M.
  4. BrianS

    Leica Showcase Jupiter-9 85mm F2

    We have a separate showcase for the 8.5cm F2 KMZ Jupiter-9, and rightfully so. The optical formula changed, the type of glass changed. The J-9 is a classic 7 element in 3 group, 1-3-3 configuration. It is undercorrected for spherical aberration, renders more smoothly than the Nikkor 8.5cm F2...
  5. Leica43

    Leica Minolta M-Rokkor f4/90mm M Mount

    I have made some test shots using this lens, part of my Minolta CLE kit, with my M10.
  6. Jonathan F/2

    Leica 7Artisans 75mm 1.4 M-Mount lens announced!

    7artisans 75mm f/1.25 lens for Leica M-mount specifications and sample photos - Leica Rumors This lens looks like it's going to very good at a reasonable price. Link also has samples and they look great! 7Artisans said they will also make an FE version optimized for other mirrorless cameras...
  7. Jonathan F/2

    Sony My first shots with the 7Artisans 35mm f/2.0 + A7III!

    I've been searching for a cheap replacement for my Voigtlander 40mm 1.4 Nokton MC. While it was very sharp in the center, the field curvature softness was really starting to bug me due to the thick sensor stack of the Sony bodies. I've been looking at other alternatives such as the Voigtlander...
  8. M

    Leica Q is starting to lose its magic :(

    Because the M240 and the 35 is a new toy, I've been shooting it pretty much exclusively since Dec 31. I was a bit excited to find a good opportunity to exercise the old Q muscle yesterday as I needed all the angle I could get. During the short session, Q, the camera of my life, never missed...
  9. BrianS

    Leica New Canon Rangefinder Site, plus a few extras...

    Larry Huffman is in the process of setting up a new Canon Rangefinder Site, also has some other lenses and cameras from other makers as well. Larry has some Minolta Chiyoko lenses, very little about them on the Internet. The website is: https://www.canonrangefinder.org/ Larry is open to...
  10. davidzvi

    Leica Freedom Train

    You learn something new every day. This is not intended to be religious, political, etc. Just interesting history about Leica. Leica Camera in WWII-- The Leica is the pioneer 35mm camera. It is a German product - precise, minimalist, and utterly efficient. Behind its worldwide acceptance as...
  11. Kevin

    Leica Leica Q2 - Released March 7, 2019

    https://www.techradar.com/news/leica-rumored-to-be-readying-a-new-q2-model Leica could be following up its three-year-old Leica Q model with an announcement possible as soon as March 7. ... Leaked specs suggest the new camera will employ a 47.3MP full-frame sensor, in place of the 24MP chip...
  12. BrianS

    Leica Inexpensive Adapter, Nikon RF to Leica Thread Mount. ~$70.

    Just arrived in the mail, under $70 with shipping. This compares with adapters costing 3x as much. The Amedeo adapters are works of art, his M-Mount adapter for internal mount Contax RF lenses has an indexed cam to correct the slight difference between the Zeiss 52.4mm focal length and the...
  13. rflove

    Leica Looking back at a trip last year...

    Some images from Cartagena, Colombia. these were taken the M240 and the VC 40mm f1.2 and VC 21mm f1.7. I set the lens selection manually because the M240 does not recognize the 6 bit coding of some lenses.
  14. rflove

    Leica Please advise.

    Hi, my trip to Japan is coming up soon and I just realize that I had not thought about the voltage, frequency, plugs, etc. Anyway, I'll be in Tokyo which I think uses 50hz 100v current and the plugs resemble the ones here in the US. My question is, will it be safe to use my phone charger and my...
  15. M

    The best camera for street photography?

    I formulated some time ago that after using some Fujifilms X100T + XT1, Leica Q, and Olympus PEN-F*, the ultimate camera or camera system for an enthusiast street photographer is the Fujifilm. I feel terrible about making this conclusion without having tested the very strong contenders, the...
  16. M

    Leica Showcase Leica Q (Typ 116)

    How come I didn't find a showcase thread for Leica Q? The more I shoot the Leica M, the more I regain respect towards my Leica Q. Not that I hate the M or find it lacking, I just realize how much there is to appreciate about the Q, the lens, the package. I'll throw in some aesthetically...
  17. M

    Leica Jupiter 8 and backfocus

    Hi everyone So I received my very own Jupiter 8 (it's a PT3110 so very late in the game). Gorgeous condition on this specimen, aperture and focus both smooth, very smooth. There's some oil on the aperture blades but to my understanding that's not a problem. But yeah, it backfocuses a bit on my...
  18. BrianS

    Leica Tales from the Greasy Side: Komura 105mm F3.5 Teardown.

    This thread will be continued as I try to bring this lens into working order. For now- the teardown, as I could not find this anywhere on the web. This is a fairly uncommon lens in Leica mount. It is similar in construction to the 135mm F3.5 Komura that I relubed- and learned some lessons with...
  19. rflove

    Leica Advise, opinions... Which lenses to take to Tokyo?

    I'm going to Tokyo for my first time in about six weeks. Naturally I'm taking the M240 and possibly the Leica Q as well. Now, obviously I don't want to carry too much gear... I wonder which lenses to take. I like to shoot architecture, landscapes and also street photography. Here are some...
  20. BrianS

    Leica Showcase Komura 135/3.5 Leica Mount

    Komura is a well-known 3rd party maker of lenses for SLR's, usually sell under various brand names.This particular lens was marketed as a "Super-Vemar", but is identical to the Super-Acall. This particular lens also needed a CLA. If you ever get one, and need to lube it: DO NOT SEPARATE THE...
  21. rayvonn

    Leica Showcase Zeiss 21mm f2.8 T Biogon ZM

    Just starting a showcase thread for this lens as we don't appear to have one. Here's a couple of images taken with a Leica M-E with an external 21mm viewfinder: Berrima, NSW by Otim, on Flickr Untitled by Otim, on Flickr Focusing with the rangefinder then composing with the external...
  22. M

    Leica No forum for M mount lenses?

    I noticed we have a "Leica Cameras" subforum and then a "Leica Showcase" subforum... nowhere to be seen is a Leica/M-mount lens subforum. There's a "Manual lenses" forum but it's not active; yet I wouldn't necessarily ask any questions on Leica lenses over there. What gives?
  23. M

    Passing GAS

    This is a thread about battling against time-constrained GAS. This happens when someone puts their gear for sale and the deal is good. Either I give in, or somebody buys it before me. It's just a matter of riding it out, see if I can hold on... There'll be daily updates and musings.
  24. BrianS

    Leica Leica M9 Sensor Repair Time- weeks, not months

    It has only been two weeks since I packed up my Leica M9 and sent to Leica, New Jersey. I detected the first signs of cover-glass corrosion about 3 weeks ago. Today the repairman notified me that the M9 was on its way back to me. The invoice confirms that Leica replaced the sensor, did a...
  25. BrianS

    Leica A truly reliable M8...

    I packed up the M9 and sent to Leica for a new sensor. 7.5 years old- I spotted first signs of the S8612 corrosion and wanted to get the new CCD sensor put in. I like this camera- want to use it until it can no longer be repaired. With Fall colors outside, and some snow still on the ground from...
  26. MoonMind

    Leica Showcase 7Artisans 35mm f/2

    I had a blast today checking out my latest M mount lens, the 7Artisans 35mm f/2. I must say I'm impressed; while it's of course no equal to more expensive lenses, it's a pretty good lens - and I enjoy the results. I also shot with two of my other 35mm M mount lenses, the Voigtländer 35mm f/1.4...
  27. Bobby Tingle

    Leica Leica Medium Format

    I don’t follow Leica as closely as some other brands. So this came as a surprise to me. Even if I never shoot it, I’m happy to see more companies going with Medium Format. Leica teases 64-megapixel S3 medium format camera for spring 2019
  28. BrianS

    Leica SHOWCASE Links -under construction-

    This thread contains Links to Lens Showcase Threads. First Pass- Lenses will be Sorted by Focal Length Groups, Super-Wide (21 and Under) Wide (Greater than 21mm, Less than 45mm) Normal (Greater than 40mm, Up to 60mm) Short Telephoto (Greater than 60mm, up to 110mm) Telephoto (greater than...
  29. Matero

    Leica Showcase Voigtlander 35mm f/1.2 Nokton Aspherical II

    I wanted to test this lens infront of Fuji X-T1 Nothing special, just testing Only thing that it was 11:20’ish PM and for the eye light was like below. All shots ISO 1600 ;) Have fun!
  30. donlaw

    Leica RIP Leica M7

    Leica M7 Film Camera Discontinued | Red Dot Forum I had one of these for a while. Really nice end of the line for Mx film cameras.
  31. Antonio Correia

    Micro 4/3 Olympus 5 Mk II + Nocticron 42.5mm

    Natural light. Oly 5 Mk II + Nocticron 42.5mm @ 42,5mm 1/100 f/1.6 ISO 200
  32. christilou

    Leica Venice, Italy

    A few first off from the Leica M10 50mm Summilux ASPH The two dark ones on the Grand Canal are just as I saw the scene, the last of the sun at the end of the day. I could have brightened them but this is what I saw.
  33. rflove

    Leica Is anybody else out there wanting an M10?

    I'm really wanting to pull the trigger on an M10. I love my M240 and I also like the Q, but I've been reading and watching you tube videos of the new M10 and I think it would be a super nice camera to shoot with. I like everything from the thinner form to the simpler menus, the physical ISO...
  34. Amin Sabet

    Site changes

    I put up a notice about the site changes, coming. Most likely the new site address will be Cameraderie.org. All comments/suggestions welcome. Thanks Amin
  35. C

    Leica Song duo and dancers

    Had a chance to watch my friend's duo last night, along with the dancers that often come to her performances. A small venue, a good turnout, and much fun. Kurt 3_1 by Carl B, on Flickr Jill3 by Carl B, on Flickr Dancers@_1 by Carl B, on Flickr charles 1 by Carl B, on Flickr Dancers 9...
  36. Burkey

    Leica From the "CL"

    A couple recent images while on vacation. CL and 23MM Summicron TL and 35mm Summilux TL. From DNGs processed in LR Classic and Sliver Efex Pro 2. . . . David 21
  37. Leia

    Leica New York and Puerto Rico

  38. christilou

    Leica Naughty dog...

    M240 50mm Summilux ASPH He's climbed up onto the bench seating in our new kitchen..... spent quite some time woofling to tell us he wanted something..... I really don't know what!
  39. M. Valdemar

    Leica Leica 35mm f2.8 Summaron - Sony A7II, Techart Pro AF adapter

    I finally got a Sony A7II and a Techart Pro AF adapter. I tried it with various M mount lenses and got very good results. There were a few technical quirks which took me a little while to figure out. There is an Android phone app for advanced settings on the adapter which I also tried. Once I...
  40. C

    Leica CL + 18mm kit on the way ...

    Made an offer on a demo unit, was countered with a pretty decent price. Snagged that! Commence "twiddling of the thumbs" until arrival ... Although my credo is "Buy Leica - Used," was almost ready to cave-in. Have high-hopes for getting along with the CL. :thumbup:
  41. C

    Leica Canon LTM 19/3.5. What to expect?

    HI All, I came across a LTM 19/3.5 (RF coupled) from Canon in very good condition today. Asked for $430 so I snapped it. I don't know what to expect but it seems to be a very interesting lens. There are something online about it but not much. I wonder what opinion people have on it. I will...
  42. C

    Leica So I guess I pissed off Paul Ebel

    Last Summer I sent a camera to Paul Ebel to have him checked upon. He was booked and called back on Dec. 8th telling me it was done. I was going to send him payment that very day. But somehow I proceed to that final step of Paypal transaction and close the page... with the impression that I...
  43. Leia

    Leica Taiwan

  44. rflove

    Leica Lately I've been shooting with Voigtlander lenses

    I just noticed that in the last few weeks I've been keeping the VC 40mm f1.2 on the M240 and Carrying the VC21mm f1.8 in the bag... Actually they are brilliant lenses. Here is a sample in color and B&W (courtesy of the Nik plugin). This was taken handheld with the CV Ultron 21mm f1.8
  45. L

    Leica For Sale: Leica Summicron 1:2/50 6 bit Black | Location: UK | Ships:

    What type of listing is this? For Sale What are you trying to sell/buy/trade? Leica Summicron 1:2/50 6 bit Black What are your prices? 1,150 Where are you located? UK Where are you willing to to ship? Description Low use prime. Original Cartons, Leica Leather Pouch, Front & Rear...
  46. Burkey

    Leica The CL and Summilux 35mm f1.4 TL

    My Summilux 35mm f1.4 TL arrived yesterday while we were in near blizzard conditions here in northern Vermont. "SAMO". Anyway, I've only been able to grab a couple of images with it on my CL so far. My wife and I will be traveling in a couple of weeks to get a break from the endless winter so...
  47. christilou

    Leica Corrupted Card ......

    I'm suddenly getting about half my files coming into Lightroom like this, all skew whiff. Could it be the card is corrupted? I notice that my M240 also jams a lot again when using the Olympus viewfinder, it did this some time ago and finally stopped working altogether. Just trying to avoid a...
  48. christilou

    Leica On My Window Sill

    M240 50mm Summilux 35mm Voigtlander 1.2 II ASPH
  49. luo yi

    Leica Leica CL with M21/3.4

    I just bought a CL with the M21/3.4 mounted. I have never used the EVF before. I am not used to the focus-peaking yet. I feel that it is not as easy to focus precisely as the maunal lens on the DSLR. Does any friend like to share your experiences in the focus-peaking? Also, your experiences in...
  50. JonVdG

    Leica For Sale: FotoSharp 12" and 16" rain / dust covers | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    What type of listing is this? For Sale What are you trying to sell/buy/trade? FotoSharp 12" and 16" rain / dust covers What are your prices? 12" cover is $13, 16" cover is $18 Where are you located? USA Where are you willing to to ship? USA Description For sale are two FotoSharp...

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