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  1. rflove

    Leica Lately I've been shooting with Voigtlander lenses

    I just noticed that in the last few weeks I've been keeping the VC 40mm f1.2 on the M240 and Carrying the VC21mm f1.8 in the bag... Actually they are brilliant lenses. Here is a sample in color and B&W (courtesy of the Nik plugin). This was taken handheld with the CV Ultron 21mm f1.8
  2. L

    Leica For Sale: Leica Summicron 1:2/50 6 bit Black | Location: UK | Ships:

    What type of listing is this? For Sale What are you trying to sell/buy/trade? Leica Summicron 1:2/50 6 bit Black What are your prices? 1,150 Where are you located? UK Where are you willing to to ship? Description Low use prime. Original Cartons, Leica Leather Pouch, Front & Rear...
  3. Burkey

    Leica The CL and Summilux 35mm f1.4 TL

    My Summilux 35mm f1.4 TL arrived yesterday while we were in near blizzard conditions here in northern Vermont. "SAMO". Anyway, I've only been able to grab a couple of images with it on my CL so far. My wife and I will be traveling in a couple of weeks to get a break from the endless winter so...
  4. christilou

    Leica Corrupted Card ......

    I'm suddenly getting about half my files coming into Lightroom like this, all skew whiff. Could it be the card is corrupted? I notice that my M240 also jams a lot again when using the Olympus viewfinder, it did this some time ago and finally stopped working altogether. Just trying to avoid a...
  5. christilou

    Leica On My Window Sill

    M240 50mm Summilux 35mm Voigtlander 1.2 II ASPH
  6. luo yi

    Leica Leica CL with M21/3.4

    I just bought a CL with the M21/3.4 mounted. I have never used the EVF before. I am not used to the focus-peaking yet. I feel that it is not as easy to focus precisely as the maunal lens on the DSLR. Does any friend like to share your experiences in the focus-peaking? Also, your experiences in...
  7. JonVdG

    Leica For Sale: FotoSharp 12" and 16" rain / dust covers | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    What type of listing is this? For Sale What are you trying to sell/buy/trade? FotoSharp 12" and 16" rain / dust covers What are your prices? 12" cover is $13, 16" cover is $18 Where are you located? USA Where are you willing to to ship? USA Description For sale are two FotoSharp...
  8. M. Valdemar

    Leica Clever eBay password fishing scam - be careful

    I almost got taken in by an eBay password fishing scam. I must be getting old and careless. I have been selling some items, and I got an eBay message from a zero feedback new user. It said: Is it true what they say about you? http://community.ebay.com.XXXXXXXXXX.XXXXXXX (address changed)...
  9. C

    Leica Multi-part review of the CL in Scotland's inclement winter

    Shees - do I want to get one of these. Especially after reading these: Leica CL in Scotland 2018 – Part 1 – Tobinators Leica CL in Scotland 2018 – Part 2 – Tobinators Leica CL in Scotland 2018 – Part 3 – Tobinators Leica CL in Scotland 2018 – Part 4 – Tobinators Been jonesing about one as a...
  10. christilou

    Leica Spain....

    A few with the M240 ZM50 1.5 Sonnar. I usually take the Sonnar over the Summilux when I go away as it's lighter.
  11. M

    Leica B&W film processing/scanning in West Country UK

    I'm a newcomer to Leica Place, and a returner after many years to shooting b&w with my Leica M3. I want to send/take my films (Ilford XP2) off for processing (C41) & scanning to cd, but it seems after some googling that this is going to cost the best part of £20 per roll, which simply doesn't...
  12. SParis

    Leica Canon rangefinder repair suggestions?

    I think I did a proper search for previous threads on this topic. I was surprised not to find any. Forgive me if I did it wrong. Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions about a repair person who is good with the later Canon rangefinders? I'm talking about the Canon P, VI-L, L-1 vintage, not...
  13. S

    Leica SOLD please remove

    What type of listing is this? For Sale What are you trying to sell/buy/trade? Leica M9 What are your prices? 2500 EUR Where are you located? EU Where are you willing to to ship? EU Description I am parting with my near mint black Leica M9 that came back from Leica Service with...
  14. Tom Karlsen

    Leica M-lens adapter and EVF to Leica TL

    Hi I bought a Leica TL a short while ago. Since I have used a Leica M6 for many years I want to continue use my M-lenses. I need an advice what M-lens adapt I what fits the camera? A lot of opinion I believe;) I need an Electronic View Finder as well. The Noviflex is very expensive, is there...
  15. R

    Leica Zeiss Hologon 16/8 converted to Leica M mount

    Since I am expecting to get back my Leica M9 soon with a new sensor, I decided it is best to focus on using this camera and not get another camera at this time. I was drawn to the Zeiss Hologon 16/8 since a while as it will open up a new type of photography for me. I am used to 50mm and 35mm...
  16. M. Valdemar

    Leica Chipped third party battery for Leica M9

    I posted something about this in a previous thread but got no reply. Question: Has anyone come across a third party battery for the Leica M9 that has been chipped to communicate with the camera? I've purchased numerous third party batteries for the M9 but none has been chipped, unlike...
  17. BrianS

    Leica Been "insanely busy" with work.

    And not enough time for photography... Been focusing on some new projects that I've been asked to take on, and the project that I've worked on for 15 years now still needs attention. If there is a pony in here- I still use FORTRAN, Assembly, DOS and Wordstar -for almost 40 years- and get asked...
  18. Burkey

    Leica Showcase Jupiter 8

    'Thought I might start a thread to highlight the various versions of the Jupiter 8 a number of us have been experimenting with mounted up on Leica bodies. This was a "grab shot" of my wife and our younger son "iPhone-ing" after breakfast this morning. Leica M-E, Jupiter 8 50mm f2, processed in...
  19. H

    Film Lab for IOS or Android

    A while back I posted a thread regarding a Kickstarter program from someone developing an app for iOS and Android to use phone for converting film negatives to digital positives......almost automatically, by focussing , detecting frame lines, reproducing with accurate color etc. I thought I...
  20. C

    Leica Happy New Year! Your first image(s) of the new year ...

    Sunset on Day One of 2018: Rice Creek to Long Lake New Brighton MN by Carl B, on Flickr
  21. Leia

    Leica the elementary school I went to

  22. C

    Leica Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All.

    Blessings everyone, have a Merry Christmas and/or the best of holidays! Peace and warmth to all. christmas eve mediation by Carl B, on Flickr
  23. M. Valdemar

    Leica Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 75mm f1.5 wide open on Sony A7.

    Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 75mm f1.5 wide open on Sony A7. The Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 75 mm f/ 1.5 Lens. Specs. MTF Charts. User Reviews.
  24. M. Valdemar

    Leica Interesting website with lens diagrams

    I read it with Google Translate: PierreTizien-photos: Leurs formules optiques
  25. R

    Leica Is the M9 sensor replacement same as sensor in M240?

    I am still waiting to get back my M9 from Leica NJ, and I wonder how the images will be like with the replacement sensor. Has anyone here seen major differences in their M9 after getting a new sensor?
  26. BrianS

    Leica Showcase Minolta 5cm F1.8, Leica Thread Mount

    This lens is a 6 element in 5 group Double-Gauss, the same as my Minolta Hi-Matic 9 that I bought in 1969. That was a lot of lawns. First shot with it- could see on the back of the M9 screen that it rendered like the lens on my Hi-Matic. I'm happy. The salesman at K-Mart convinced me that the...
  27. K

    Leica An update on my rangefinder

    okay, so i had the chance to purchase my first rangefinder for $150 which is an M4,1967 MODEL..along with a Elmarit 1: 2.8/90 lens. The camera has a couple of issues,when i cock it the shutter stays open,through all speeds,and only closes as i let off the weak shutter release button.Also it...
  28. christilou

    Leica B & W...... Rosie

    M240 50mm Summilux ASPH and a couple of Lucy and her mum that I didn't get in focus! It was rather dim though.
  29. Burkey

    Leica Lightroom "Classic" - An Observation

    My Mac mini has been throwing "beachballs" at me for months, mostly when using LRCC. Between a variety of naughty words I have been threatening to drop it off at our friendly neighborhood Apple dealer, (two hours away), for a lube and an oil change. And then yesterday I did an update to LR...
  30. M. Valdemar

    Leica Interesting article on Kodak DCS PRO/14N

    Women and Dreams: Kodak DCS Pro 14n I have 2 of these cameras and 2 Kodak SLR/N cameras. I was fascinated by them for a while and bought a bunch of mint ones cheap. I was able to shoot full frame with my Nikkors long before Nikon came out with a full frame DSLR. They have similar sensors to...
  31. rflove

    Leica Showcase CV 40mm f1.2 images, first impressions

    So I decided (impulsively) to purchase this lens after sending back the 7 Artisans 50mm f1.1 I had ordered just a few days before. I did not like the softness of the 1.1 which might have been a less than excellent copy. Anyway, I really want a very fast lens with great characteristics but I'm...
  32. BrianS

    Leica Did not suspect the CPU Heat-Sink Paste causing computer to Crash

    I have a "favorite old computer" that can dual-boot real-mode and XP, use for embedded system development. It would run DOS reliably, but XP would crash after running 10 minutes or so. Thought it was bad memory- was not. DOS would allow both-fans to kick in, XP- one fan and crash. DOS running at...
  33. P

    Leica B&W digital printing

    What do you folks use to make B&W prints? My 12 year-old Epson R1800 has died. I have been using Paul Roark's BO (Black Only) method of printing with it. This was very simple and economical: the same black ink (MIS Eboni) in three cartridges, and a 50-50 mix of clear base and distilled water...
  34. Duane Pandorf

    Leica Holiday Cheer

    Date night with my better half. Enjoying one of our favorite selections at a local restaurant. Leica M-E, 35 Lux pre-ASPH.
  35. Burkey

    Leica Church Parking

    Caught this the other day on our way to the car in a parking lot. Leica M-E, Nokton 35mm F1.4 Classic SC, processed in LRCC. . . . David
  36. asiafish

    Leica The best digital bodies for manual focus Nikkors are......, Leicas

    I've built up quite a nice collection of manual focus Nikkor lenses and enjoy shooting them on both digital and film. Finding a good film body for Nikon is easy as other than the FM10 and FE10 (both actually Cosinas) there really weren't any bad Nikon bodies. My personal favorite is the F3...
  37. Burkey

    Leica At Lunch Today

    Heavy backlight but. . . Leica M-E, Nokton Classic 35mm F1.4 SC, processed in LRCC. . . . David
  38. B

    Leica Leica M lens quality control disappointment

    I satisfied a lifelong desire to own a Leica M camera by purchasing an new M10 a month ago. With the camera, I purchased the Summilux 50mm f1.4 and Summicron 35mm f2 lenses. I shot Canon SLRs and Pro DSLRs for 40 years before switching to Fuji X cameras and Fuji lenses about four years ago. The...
  39. K

    Leica Want to know your opinion

    I am new here and to Leica though not to film as i use an Olympus OM1N, I had the chance to buy my first rangefinder and my first LEICA. Its an 1967 M4 with a Summaricon 1:2.8/35 Leitz Wetzlar lens(1628130) and a Leitz Canada 1: 2.8/90 Tele-elmarit lens(2215466) all for $150.00,what can you tell...
  40. C

    Leica Winter 2017-2018 Images

    Might as well start this off! A thread for your 2017-2018 winter images. Here's one from last Thursday, earliest of winter. Temps drop from fifties today, down to teens and twenties tonight/tomorrow. rice creek late afternoon by Carl B, on Flickr D-LUX, 15mm, 1/1600, f16, ISO200
  41. christilou

    Leica The Spy.....

    M240 Voigtlander 35mm 1.2 II ASPH
  42. C

    Leica Samples from Summaron 35/2.8

    I recently went to visit my friend in Texas. We had a short trip to San Antonio. I only had a small amount of shots. These are taken using M3 w/ Summaron goggle version. Lens was serviced by DAG lately. I was using TMAX 400 (self-developed). I digitized with Canon, which still uses LPF in all...
  43. BrianS

    Leica New Firmware for M series cameras, mostly adding new lenses

    Updates for the M9 and newer cameras, Downloads // Support // Service & Support - Leica Camera AG For the M9, M Monochrom- Mostly to add recently introduced lenses.
  44. JonVdG

    Leica New Leica Noctilux-M 75mm f/1.25 ASPH

    Leica's newest portrait / near telephoto was announced today. I personally don't need that kind of speed or shallow DOF at 75mm, but it could be a great lens for those who do. And for only $13,000. Link to Leica Store Miami for more details: Leica Noctilux-M 75mm f/1.25 ASPH
  45. BrianS

    Leica Jupiter-8M 50/2 adapted to Leica Mount using Canon 50/1.8 mount

    Picked this up from Ebay, figured the Canon 50/1.8 mount was worth the price alone. (I'm not telling!) The seller tested it on a Sony A7, turns out the seller also did the conversion. This person did an incredible job, I've asked about other services available. I'm hoping to find someone that...
  46. kds315

    Leica Want to Buy: Leica / Leitz macro focusser ZOOWL | Location: EU | Ships:

    What type of listing is this? Want to Buy What are you trying to sell/buy/trade? Leica / Leitz macro focusser ZOOWL What are your prices? Where are you located? EU Where are you willing to to ship? Description Looking to buy a well functioning ZOOWL macro focuser (both...
  47. Captmatt

    Leica For Sale: Novoflex Leica M to Sony E adapter | Location: USA | Ships:

    What type of listing is this? For Sale What are you trying to sell/buy/trade? Novoflex Leica M to Sony E adapter What are your prices? 95.00 Where are you located? USA Where are you willing to to ship? Description Novoflex adapter to mount your Leica M lens on a Sony E body...
  48. H

    Leica 7Artisans 35mm f/2 news - its a Sonnar

    Hi all, Thought a few readers here (I'm looking at you @Brian) might be interested to know that the forthcoming 7Artisans 35mm f/2 is a 7/5 Sonnar design. I've been playing with a prototype and have just published a post with a few more details here Hope you guys don't mind the brazen...
  49. C

    Leica New Leica T mount to be announced ...

    Additional Leica CL mirrorless camera information | Leica Rumors The Leica CL. Looks much like a Fuji X-E3 or Oly Pen-F - unsurprisingly. Perfect for what I'm looking for: built-in EVF, smaller size. My only problem - I now have the SL which I love for full-frame performance. I have to think...
  50. C

    Leica Jazz and Friends Night Out with the SL and 24-90mm

    This camera/lens pair works great for low light performance portraiture. No flash needed, would distract performers/audience anyway. Focus is grabbed quickly and assuredly. Zoom range is especially wide-to-long for a Leica lens. Harvey Diamond, Melissa Stoudt, Tommy Robinson, Michael Gold, and...

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