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  1. Biro

    Leica Question for M Film Camera Owners

    For those who own Leica film cameras, how do you process your images? Do you still have darkrooms? Do you send out your film to be professionally developed into negatives? And, once that's done, do you have them printed professionally? Do you do your own printing? Do you scan your negatives...
  2. Biro

    Leica 45% of Leica for Sale; Zeiss Interested

    The story from Reuters today... Exclusive: Blackstone in talks to sell stake in camera maker Leica - sources
  3. Captmatt

    Leica For Sale: Leica R5 Body | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    What type of listing is this? For Sale What are you trying to sell/buy/trade? Leica R5 Body What are your prices? 149.00 Where are you located? USA Where are you willing to to ship? USA Description Nice used Black Leica R5 body in excellent working condition. Cosmetically about...
  4. Biro

    Leica Too Good to be True?

    Howdy everyone. I've been active on Amin's forums since the start and I'm even a moderator on the FujiXspot site. I've been involved in photography since the 1970s. During this time I have certainly been interested in Leicas but usually didn't have the money to take the plunge. Now, I have...
  5. Leia

    Leica Alaska and Washington with my Leica T

  6. M. Valdemar

    Leica Is anyone familiar with Tokyo flea markets?

    Take a look at this article: Japan Archives - fleamapket Usually, I don't hit the flea markets, I stick to used camera stores, but this summer I will go and try to explore some of the outdoor markets. Does anyone know if any of these are good for vintage photography stuff?
  7. Mr_Flibble

    Leica Showcase Carl Zeiss Jena 5cm f/1.5 Sonnar T (1943-ish)

    So, I got my hands on another Fast Fifty last week, It looked a bit dirty with some splotches in the front coating and what looked like fungus along the edges of the front element. Brian did offer some advice on taking it apart for cleaning, which I promptly did. Of course, my specimen did...
  8. BrianS

    Leica Showcase 7Artisans 50mm F1.1 M-Mount lens

    I like it. I've been using it exclusively on the M Monochrom, mostly with a Y2 filter. Latest round of shots- use a 58mm vented hood with 55->58 step-up ring. This eliminated the vignetting that I experiences with the 55mm filter+hood. I will buy some 58mm color filters for use in the future, or...
  9. N05J3W3

    Leica Leica TL2: under the radar?

    It seems odd to me that the TL2 [and in fact the T series] generates so little discussion. Not sure why this is the case. Clue me in, why is the TL2 not taken seriously?
  10. Leia

    Leica Chile Easter Island and Paine

  11. H

    Leica Hi for the middle of England

    Hello all, First I must admit, I'm more of a reader of forums that a contributor these days. Though I have been drawn into this one by what appears to be a friendly community, etc. Big Leica shooter - M9, M9M, M3 & M-A. Primarily shoot Zeiss ZM lenses, but also have a penchant for a 50mm...
  12. M. Valdemar

    Leica Very good Japanese "old lens" blog

    This is a totally Japanese language lens blog. But I find it easily readable using Google or Bing translate. He talks about a huge variety of lenses, with technical info, sample photos and even prices paid and how he acquired each lens. A good example of very dedicated Japanese collector...
  13. M. Valdemar

    Leica Eisenhower's Photographer - 84 years old

    I was out at a NYC flea market today. A guy older than me started looking at a Ricoh film SLR on a table and we both started talking about it. It turned out he knew an awful lot about cameras. Not as much as me, but enough. We ended up talking for about a half hour and I then found out he was a...
  14. Amin Sabet

    Leica Site downtime - sorry that took so long!

    Server upgrade last night went sideways. Should be all sorted now. Sorry for any inconvenience!
  15. M. Valdemar

    Leica My avatar - Weegee

    I thought some of you might be interested in my avatar. It's a portrait of Weegee, scanned off an early Polaroid print. This photo was actually taken by my father. My father owned a camera shop in the Bronx (NYC) in the early 1950's. WeeGee was a good customer of his. Weegee used to come in at...
  16. donlaw

    Leica Birthday portrait

    Birthday with Monochrome 246 50mm cron Birthday by donlaw200, on Flickr
  17. Leia

    Leica Penghu Taiwan

  18. asiafish

    Leica Fast 50s (Leica 50/0.95 Noctilux vs Nikkor 58/1.4G and 50/1.2 AIS)

    At present I own three fast standard lenses at either 50mm or 58mm, and thought it would be fun to see how they compare for sharpness and bokeh, at near and far distances, wide open and at f/2. First at a little over 1 meter behind my office building, first at maximum aperture and then at f/2...
  19. M. Valdemar

    Leica Link to Ebay: Leica M mount lens | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    What type of listing is this? Link to Ebay What are you trying to sell/buy/trade? Rare Amedeo Muscelli modded Nikkor 55mm F/1.2 Leica M mount lens What are your prices? $899 for LeicaPlace members Where are you located? USA Where are you willing to to ship? USA, Worldwide - see text...
  20. M. Valdemar

    Leica Cheap Chinese-made M-mount 50mm f1.1 "Sonnar" Lens

    I just saw one on eBay for $369. What do you guys make of this? New cheap Chinese 7Artisans 50mm f/1.1 lens for Leica M-mount | Leica Rumors 7artisans 50mm F1.1 Leica M Mount Fixed Lens for Leica M-Mount Cameras Black New | eBay
  21. R

    Leica Summilux 25mm 1.4 (Rome, Italy)

    Rome Summilux 25mm 1.4 with Olympus E-PL1. This was very close to our hotel.
  22. M. Valdemar

    Leica Nikon Museum in Tokyo

    I will be in Tokyo this summer and I plan to visit the Nikon Museum. If anyone is interested I'll post some photos when I return. I'm also planning on hitting a number of used camera stories, and a few flea markets. Previous shopping expeditions have turned up some remarkable items. Here is...
  23. Leia

    Leica One day trip to National Palace Museum, Taipei.

    young is power! one day trip to national palace museum, taipei
  24. Bar8barian

    Leica Konishiroku Hexanon 50mm F1.9 Leica LTM.

    I have recently acquired a Hexanon 50mm f1.9 Leica thread mount lens which I believe is a "Planar" type lens of the mid to late 1950's.My copy has a Leotax lens cap so I assume that it was originally fitted to Leotax cameras. I have also read that it was available on the rare Honor camera. I...
  25. JonVdG

    Leica For Sale: Leica D-LUX Typ 109 | Location: USA | Ships:

    What type of listing is this? For Sale What are you trying to sell/buy/trade? Leica D-LUX Typ 109 What are your prices? $675 Where are you located? USA Where are you willing to to ship? Description For sale is a near mint Leica D-LUX Typ 109. I am the original owner and I...
  26. C

    Leica D-Lux shooting the "V" lakes (Valentine and Vadnais)

    Shooting the D-Lux raw: sharp, pretty good resolution, and file malleability. Small, bright rig to cover 24mm to 70mm. Nice! No, it won't win a head-to-head with an 'M' file, but sometimes I don't give a fig. (While other times I do ...) Here's from two recent shoots: Vadnais Lake and...
  27. S

    Leica M9 in Thailand

    I took the M9 to Thailand with the 35mm Zeiss Biogon. I did not use it as much as I had hoped but here is a few shots from it. I guess I am still getting use to only having 1 prime lens and left more comfortable using the Fuji X-T1 and a zoom lens. Shoe Shop Bangkok by James McCallum, on Flickr...
  28. L

    Leica Showcase M240 + Summarit 35mm f2.5

    A flight to Edinburgh last weekend with just a cabin baggage allowance didn't leave me wishing I had taken more gear. I found the combo very liberating. On previous trips I often found a 50 too tight and 28 just a bit too wide. For me 35mm is definitely the sweet spot. I can get a tight crop...
  29. Mr_Flibble

    Leica Some portraits from Huis Doorn

    Every year the Huis Doorn Museum organizes a World War 1 living history event in May. For those who are unaware of the history of the Manor house and surrounding estate; Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany fled to the Netherlands at the end of the Great War and was granted asylum because of his blood...
  30. JonVdG

    Leica For Sale: FS: Leica 135mm finder SHOOC | Location: USA | Ships:

    What type of listing is this? For Sale What are you trying to sell/buy/trade? Leica 135mm finder SHOOC What are your prices? $50 USD Where are you located? USA Where are you willing to to ship? North America Description For sale is a barely used, near mint condition Leica 135mm...
  31. C

    Leica A 35mm Summicron ASPH which isn't very sharp

    I'm thinking about having a 35mm Summicron ASPH sent somewhere for evaluation and possible adjustment. The fine detail just doesn't seem to be there. RF focus, or EVF and focus peaking. Any ideas for names/places? Thanks!
  32. christilou

    Leica Just a Sunday afternoon....

    M240 50mm Summilux ASPH
  33. R

    Leica Hello from Cumbria

    Hi everbody. Finally made it to this Leica forum. Spent time in Fuji MU43 sony and SC before ending up here. I have a Q on the way :-) I just got fed up of waiting for Ricoh to release a new GR. The Q was the only logical option of me and my photographic requirements . So as soon as it...
  34. C

    Leica Two days, two cameras, two parks

    Headed out yesterday after work to the Rice Creek Regional Trail. Took the M240 and shot the 21mm Super-Elmarit. Marumi Polarizing CPL on some: land of sky blue waters by Carl B, on Flickr grew up together by Carl B, on Flickr pond overlook, early summer by Carl B, on Flickr Today after...
  35. Mr_Flibble

    Leica Some portraits from Bunker Museum IJmuiden

    A week and a half ago (Weekend of the 20th may 2017) I went to a Living History event at the Bunker Museum in IJmuiden (NL) also known as "Widerstandsnest 2000". The various living history groups, Panzer Grenadiers, Dutch and French resistance, Americans, British SAS were spread out over the...
  36. asiafish

    Leica Leica 90mm f/2.8 Elmarit (chrome 1960s)

    From a walk around San Francisco last week on the Leica M-D. Not bad for a $200 55-year-old lens. L1005017 by Andrew F, on Flickr L1004967 by Andrew F, on Flickr L1004946 by Andrew F, on Flickr L1004930 by Andrew F, on Flickr L1004898 by Andrew F, on Flickr
  37. asiafish

    Leica Carl Zeiss Jena 5cm f/2 Sonnar T (Wartime)

    Yes, another Brian Sweeney lens, on my Leica M-D last week in San Francisco. L1005002 by Andrew F, on Flickr L1004992 by Andrew F, on Flickr
  38. asiafish

    Leica United Kingdom, April 2017

    Last month my wife and I travelled to the United Kingdom and of course I took a few pictures. Most images with Leica M-D 262. I only brought three lenses with me, the new model 28mm f/2 Summicron ASPH, the 35mm f/1.4 Summilux ASPH FLE and the 50mm f/0.95 Noctilux ASPH. EXIF data embedded in...
  39. C

    Leica After work walk, 50mm Jupiter-8 M39

    It was a perfect evening to relax after a long workday. Railroad tracks west of Tony Schmitt park, and woods surrounding. Took three lenses besides the Russian, but the Jupiter-8 stayed on the camera the whole time. Perhaps I was just too tired to switch perspectives. up the hill by Carl B, on...
  40. Checkm8

    Leica Summicron-APO 50mm: The First 30 Days

    Hello all, It's been a month since my transition from 35 to 50mm. I've also been experimenting in SilverEfex Pro. Wanted to share some images with all of you; taken with Leica M (typ 246). Feedback/Questions always welcome! Very Respectfully, Steve
  41. M. Valdemar

    Leica History of Zeiss - interesting free ebook

    I came across this book while searching for something else. It has a very interesting history of Carl Zeiss, Jena. You can start reading on page 197 or download the whole book free: Seen in Germany
  42. BrianS

    Leica M9 and M Monochrom Sensor Replacement program: August 2017 deadline

    CCD sensors of the Leica M9 / M9-P / M Monochrom and M-E camera models // 2017 // Global // Leica News // World of Leica - Leica Camera AG After the middle of August the owner will pay for part of the Sensor replacement, the replacement includes a full CLA of the camera. Cameras bought new...
  43. H

    Leica any favorite3 stop ND filters?

    For a fast 50....good value?
  44. M. Valdemar

    Leica This guy has many fascinating things for sale

    Bid before it's too late!! :wtf::wtf: leica m From The 1950's | eBay Check out his other items!
  45. C

    Leica Jupiter-8 M39 mount adjusted for Leica - Pics

    Brian did a great job on this one. Smooth adjustments, rangefinder perfectly calibrated perfectly. Fits to the Leica M 240 with a Metabones L39 Screw Mount to Leica M adapter (6-Bit 50mm/75mm). Haven't had a chance to check close focusing yet, but two from Fort Snelling state park yesterday...
  46. docfox

    Leica The Devil's in the details - my mystery Leica

    One of my early collector purchases was a model II Leica. It's a very nice camera, but it has a flaw. Read about what I learned by buying this camera here. >>> I Like My Leica.pdf
  47. christilou

    Leica Clematis......

    One from my garden...... M240 50mm Summilux ASPH
  48. Mr_Flibble

    Leica Leica 2.8cm f/6.3 Hektor disassembly?

    I know it's a long shot, but... I'm looking to clean the haze out of my 2.8cm f/6.3 Hektor, but I'm a little hesitant to just start unscrewing rings and elements left and right. I assume the rear group is held in place with the most inner ring on the back. Anyone got any tips or a proper...
  49. Christop82

    Leica For Sale or Trade: LUMIX L1 kit w/ Leica 14-50 | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    What type of listing is this? For Sale or Trade What are you trying to sell/buy/trade? LUMIX L1 kit w/ Leica 14-50 What are your prices? $400 Where are you located? USA Where are you willing to to ship? USA Description Excellent condition. Includes lots of extras. Could even add...
  50. M. Valdemar

    Leica No reply from Leica for one month.

    In the beginning of April 2017 I sent an email to Leica USA repair department requesting a sensor replacement for my M-9. They had already approved it a year ago, but I asked them to postpone it because they said they were having problems with sensor sourcing. I did not get a reply for several...

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