1. Bobby Tingle

    New Anamorphic lens Fuij X, M4/3, E, and Z mount

    Sirui is releasing a new, very affordable Anamorphic lens in native mounts for Fuji X, M 4/3, Sony E, and Z Cam. This will be a big game changer for filmmakers and cinematographers. Anamorphic lense can get highly costly. And adapting them a major headache. Having a native mount lens where you...
  2. MoonMind

    It will never be the same again ...

    ... because the lens I finally got around to shooting today got destroyed during the very walk I finally managed to take it on while adapted to the Sony A7 II. The Carl Zeiss Tessar 45mm f/2.8 for Contax mount is was one of the two modern lenses I own owned (I'll knock this off now, you get my...
  3. drd1135

    Interesting Lens Design Article from Kirk Tuck

    https://visualsciencelab.blogspot.com/2019/10/designing-perfect-lens-for-me-balancing.html How says the congregation?
  4. drd1135

    Lens review

    I found this lens review on B&H: 3 out of 5 stars. "I took several snaps of my mother-in-law with this lens and she still looks ugly. "
  5. S

    Lens Identification

    HI, I picked up this lens from a charity shop (thrift store) the other day for 10 Danish Kroner or $1.50/£1.20 . At first I thought it was some kind of CCTV lens I could use with an adapter on my Pentax Q or Fuji camera but I can find nothing about it. It is called Coyal f3.5 and looks like...
  6. TraamisVOS

    Leica Long story and a question re lens selection in the menu.

    I mentioned previously that I'm sending my M10 for a warranty claim to adjust the light meter - it seems to be overexposing by about 1-2 stops. I've had this camera for over a year, and during the early months I was also messing about with a Black Pro-Mist filter. I noticed from the...
  7. jyc860923

    Sony 3rd party lens questions (distortion correction)

    Does anybody have experience with fully electronic 3rd party lens on Sony bodies, if a lens like for example the Sigma 30 1.4, provides embedded correction profile, does the live view apply distortion correction? I'm not asking about jpg or raw corrections, but the live view as that will affect...
  8. tonyturley

    Lens physics

    In my seemingly never-ending quest for "The One Camera to Rule Them All", I have bought, sold, traded, rented, and researched a lot of different cameras. Some of you have been producing some very nice images from the RX100 line of cameras, but I'm convinced those cameras would be much too small...
  9. drd1135

    A7 III with a really old lens

    This guy took a lens off of an old WWI era folder and put is on an A7 III. The videos are really good. https://www.dpreview.com/news/9358473548/video-shooting-video-with-a-vest-pocket-kodak-camera-lens-from-wwi
  10. Amin Sabet

    Panasonic LX3 Lens Distortion

    Here's what Panasonic has to say about the LX3 lens: Here's an uncropped, resized in-camera JPEG at 24mm equivalent, 16:9 aspect ratio with my D-LUX 4 (same lens as LX3): Here's the same photo processed from RAW without correction of distortion: It takes about a +15 distortion adjustment...
  11. gryphon1911

    Fuji Fuji XF16-80mm f/4 OIS lens leaked

    Fuji will announce two new lenses tomorrow... - mirrorlessrumors Could be interesting. I was disappointed in the XF 18-135 - did not like the IQ from it at all. I could see this lens in its field of view being very useful. I hope that Fuji got this one right and I could see the 18-55 going...
  12. Riego

    Leica How to properly clean a vintage lens?

    I know that the best is not to clean them, but how to clean an old lens when we have fingerprints and the glass or the coating is very soft? Summar, Summitar, Jupiters... I use a cotton swab with some cleaning fluid for lenses, but I do not know if it is the best option.
  13. AndyMcD

    Fuji (Sigh) Another lens purchase on the horizon

    I made the mistake of wandering into the electrical store in Heathrow last week, assuming that they wouldn't have anything interesting. Unfortunately, they had a 100-400... It was big and heavy but not as much as I thought it would be. The OIS works really well and I want to start getting...
  14. Jonathan F/2

    Sigma The Sigma 15-30mm EX DG Lens - Revisiting modern vintage glass!

    Lately I've been researching all the various wide angle lenses you can get for a modern DSLR. After shooting mirrorless for awhile and witnessing the smallness and simplicity of compact M-mount wide angle glass, especially the Voigtlander 15mm f/4.5 Heliar lens, I've been searching for a DSLR...
  15. Jonathan F/2

    Leica 7Artisans 75mm 1.4 M-Mount lens announced!

    7artisans 75mm f/1.25 lens for Leica M-mount specifications and sample photos - Leica Rumors This lens looks like it's going to very good at a reasonable price. Link also has samples and they look great! 7Artisans said they will also make an FE version optimized for other mirrorless cameras...
  16. Jonathan F/2

    Sony Showcase My first shots with the 7Artisans 35mm f/2.0 + A7III!

    I've been searching for a cheap replacement for my Voigtlander 40mm 1.4 Nokton MC. While it was very sharp in the center, the field curvature softness was really starting to bug me due to the thick sensor stack of the Sony bodies. I've been looking at other alternatives such as the Voigtlander...
  17. Burkey

    Fuji Showcase 7artisans 55mm f/1.4 Lens for Fuji

    To be honest I'm not sure how I tripped on this lens. But after using it for a few days I'm very glad I did. This lens retails for $119. and not unlike 7a's 25mm f1.8, ($79.), it seems to offer some very serious image quality for an exceptional price. The build quality appears to be very...
  18. theoldsmithy

    Sony New a6000 owner

    As per my thread on the UK Photography Show, I now have an a6000 with the 16-50 kit lens. I've also got an adapter to fit my old Russian Jupiter-8 50mm f2 lens so that should be fun! First couple of test shots below. Nothing fancy but the 16-50 gets closer than I thought it would, and seems...
  19. M

    Leica Carl Zeiss Jena 5cm f1,5 Serial Number Check

    Hello, I have a wartime CZJ Sonnar 5cm f1,5 in Leica Thread Mount serial # 2870001 which seems to date it approx. from 1942. I need advice on how to unscrew the optic module to check for matching serial numbers and perhaps determine it's authenticity. I am loathe to dismantle/damage the lens due...
  20. Dog on the dock

    Dog on the dock

  21. Dog on the dock

    Dog on the dock

  22. The Prawn

    The Prawn

    A controversial (when it was first erected) sculpture on the West pier of Sutton Harbour, Plymouth
  23. The Matthew

    The Matthew

  24. Memorial


    A reminder that Mountbatten played host for some time to Coastal command Sunderland flying boats
  25. Who's a pretty lady

    Who's a pretty lady

    Manx Loaghtan Ewe
  26. Don't get any closer

    Don't get any closer

    Manx Loaghtan Ewe
  27. Green Carpet

    Green Carpet

  28. Brimstone Moth

    Brimstone Moth

  29. Smoke and steam

    Smoke and steam

    The Castle class locomotive Earl of Mount Edgecumbe tackling Hemerdon bank just east of Plymouth (UK)
  30. Not so keen on these red things

    Not so keen on these red things

    A young Blackbird doesn't seem so keen on berries as a diet
  31. Where's father?

    Where's father?

    A newly fledged young Blackbird
  32. wiggly wormy things for lunch

    wiggly wormy things for lunch

    A newly fledged Blackbird shows interest in the male birds beak full of worms
  33. The Dartmouth slipway

    The Dartmouth slipway

    The Dartmouth Lower Ferry slipway from the pontoon side as it approaches the slipway
  34. Full ahead

    Full ahead

    The engines are kept full ahead to hold the pontoon against the slipway
  35. Dartmouth slipway

    Dartmouth slipway

    The Dartmouth slipway for the Lower Ferry
  36. Skipper


    The skipper of one of the two Dartmouth Lower Ferries
  37. Timing was important

    Timing was important

    Getting on and off the Dartmouth Lower Ferry at high tide in rough weather is all about timing
  38. Dartmouth Lower Ferry

    Dartmouth Lower Ferry

    Approaching the slipway on the Dartmouth side having crossed the river from Kingswear
  39. Dartmouth Lower Ferry

    Dartmouth Lower Ferry

    Setting out across the river to Kingswear
  40. Dartmouth Lower Ferry

    Dartmouth Lower Ferry

    Turning the tug after going astern from the slipway
  41. Dartmouth Lower Ferry

    Dartmouth Lower Ferry

    The Lower ferry approaching the slip in rough conditions
  42. Herb Robert

    Herb Robert

    The flower is about 0.7" (18 mm) across, and growing on the stone wall at the rear of my cottage.
  43. G2 plus Minolta/Sony Alpha Mount 35-70 Macro

    G2 plus Minolta/Sony Alpha Mount 35-70 Macro

  44. G2 plus Minolta/Sony Alpha Mount 28/2.8

    G2 plus Minolta/Sony Alpha Mount 28/2.8

  45. G2 plus LTM Jupiter-8 50/2

    G2 plus LTM Jupiter-8 50/2

  46. G2 plus LTM Voigtlander Snapshot Skopar 25/4

    G2 plus LTM Voigtlander Snapshot Skopar 25/4

  47. G2 plus FD-mount 75-200/4 Macro

    G2 plus FD-mount 75-200/4 Macro

  48. G2 plus FD-mount 50/1.8

    G2 plus FD-mount 50/1.8

  49. G2 plus FD-mount 28/2.8 Macro

    G2 plus FD-mount 28/2.8 Macro

  50. Cloud and sun

    Cloud and sun

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