1. Kevin

    Announcement New "Camera Lenses" Forum

    Visitors tonight may have noticed a slight shuffling of a couple of forums and, after some deliberation, the result was the new "Camera Lenses" forum. https://cameraderie.org/forums/camera-lenses.204/ The new forum is meant for any kind of talk about lens gear that does not fit in elsewhere...
  2. Cameraderie Bot

    Canon Virtual Reality Through a New Lens: Canon Introduces Their First Dual Fisheye Lens for Stereoscopic 3D 180° VR Capture in 8K

    Virtual Reality Through a New Lens: Canon Introduces Their First Dual Fisheye Lens for Stereoscopic 3D 180° VR Capture in 8K https://www.usa.canon.com/internet/portal/us/home/about/newsroom/press-releases/press-release-details/2021/20211006-product/20211006-product MELVILLE, NY, October 6...
  3. G-hack

    Advice Wanted Helios 44 8 vs 13 blade?

    Hi folks I'm trying to purchase either a 13 blade (silver) or 8 blade (black) Helios 44 lens, both M42 mount. Other than the shape of any bubble bokeh (13 blades would be more smooth), any other major difference in photo? I believe the lens configuration is the same so the overall color and...
  4. M

    Sigma Sigma DG DN "I" series lenses

    The 65. Not 50 and not 85 which I thought could be perfect for me. I think I was right. And even if I'm not(it's only the first hour of sampling), the output, build and AF is wonderful. Price ain't bad either. Headshot crop.
  5. mike3996

    Manual Lens Adapted lenses and IBIS: always only three axes of stabilization?

    https://alikgriffin.com/how-in-body-stabilization-works-3-axis-vs-5-axis/ Alik Griffin just posted an article how three axes of stabilization is the best you can get when you adapt a foreign lens to a modern mirrorless camera. I think the reasoning seems rather sound. He does make a mistake...
  6. Coksic

    Manual Lens Jupiter-8

    Cheap vintage lens in m39 mount. It's a 50mm f2 lens.There are several versions/generations of this lens. It has a Zeiss Sonnar optical formula, reverse-engineered in the Soviet Union as part of the war reparations. Lovely lens, easy to use, with 12 aperture blades. I modified my copy to focus...
  7. William Lewis

    Manual Lens Testing a Chiyoko Super Rokkor 50/2 C LTM

  8. mike3996

    Nikon 28mm lenses

    Regarding 28mm f/2.8 lenses for Nikon. The Series E lens has for whatever reason gained in asking price and is now close towards 100 €. Some of you will say the time for Series E was when these lenses could have had for 50 € or so. A general consensus seems to be that the 28E has the worst...
  9. Ad Dieleman

    Manual Lens Vivitar 24mm f2 (Kiron, Nikon F mount)

    I'm getting more and more frustrated that Zeiss nor Voigtländer (Cosina) make a nice MF 28mm for Sony E-mount (full-frame), so I'm thinking of getting a Zeiss Loxia 2.4/25 when a good deal comes along. To find out if that focal length works for me, I took the only 24mm I have, an old Vivitar...
  10. mike3996

    Manual Lens Nikkor-Q 135/2.8 vs 135/3.5

    The first vintage Nikkor I bought for Df was the Nikkor-Q.C 135mm f/2.8. With its four elements its design is what @BrianS calls a "unique formula". Not necessarily a Sonnar but it's not a double-Gauss either. Fast forward to this year and I was buying the Nikkor 135mm f/3.5 because of its...
  11. Biro

    New Sale on Sony Cameras and Zeiss Lenses April 12, 2021

    Well, that didn't take long... https://www.sonyalpharumors.com/new-up-to-1000-rebates-on-sony-cameras-and-new-up-to-270-rebates-on-zeiss-lenses/ All of the sale prices that just expired are back. And the A9II and the A7sIII still aren't on sale. But if anyone has regretted not jumping on any...
  12. M. Valdemar

    Manual Lens Canon Rangefinder 35mm f1.5 Wide Angle Lens is Highly Radioactive

    I was testing some of my vintage Rolex dials for radioactivity with a dosimeter. Out of curiosity, I pulled out some of my rangefinder lenses and tested them. I had one collapsible 50mm Summicron that I was almost positive was radioactive but it was not. So then I tried the 35mm f1.5 Canon and...
  13. mike3996

    Manual Lens Nikon Nikkor 200mm f/4: Micro vs Non-Micro?

    Any conceivable reason to choose the non-micro f/4 lens over the Micro-Nikkor 200mm f/4?
  14. mike3996

    Manual Lens The Great Equalizer: A camera body for adapted MF lenses ONLY

    I have thought about it, discarded it a few times, then got hyped about it again. Getting a camera body solely for the purposes of adapting older goodies. I don't have to care what the native lens options are for the given body, all I care are the specs of the body and how it enables me to...
  15. Coksic

    Manual Lens Helios 44M-5 58mm f2

    Wide open, with Nikon D90! 20mm macro tube 20mm macro tube
  16. Coksic

    Manual Lens Minolta 28mm f2.8 MD W.ROKKOR

    Classic manual 28mm f2.8. One of several versions that were made in the 70s and 80s. Very nice lens with decent close focusing distance of 0.3m, nice coatings, and overall, very good image quality. If I could nitpick, the corners are never super sharp. However, I expected that from a lens from...
  17. MoonMind

    Leica New Voigtländer 35mm lenses

    https://www.dpreview.com/news/7006098406/cosina-releases-three-new-35mm-f2-lenses-for-leica-m-sony-e-mount For those who read German, Voigtländer Germany already has write-ups on all new releases: https://www.voigtlaender.de/blog/ I'm posting this here because the new 35mm Utron f/2 II and...
  18. Turbogirlie

    Manual Lens Lensbaby Optic Swap System

    I think I must get the Lensbaby optics out again and get back into this, as loved the challenge of this system. It's not to everyone's liking, my Dad hates it!
  19. Coksic

    Manual Lens Presenta Auto MC 28mm f2.8 m42

    One of my first m42 lenses that I picked up for my Samsung NX1000 mirror-less camera , back in 2014. I haven't used it as much with Samsung, or later, with Nikon D90, as much as I have with my Fujifilm X-E1. Not having any native Fuji AF lenses, I started collecting vintage glass again. Presenta...
  20. Coksic

    Manual Lens Schneider-Kreuznach 135mm f3.5 m42 (Edixa-Tele-Xenar)

    Another well kept m42 telephoto from ages ago.
  21. BrianS

    Manual Lens Vivitar Series 1 35-85 F2.8 Auto-Variable-Focus lens.

    This is an Obscure Lens. It is not "quite a zoom", it is variable focal length. It does not compensate focus as you change focal length, so- change focal length at any distance except infinity and you need to re-focus. The aperture is constant, max aperture is F2.8. The lens is multi-coated...
  22. dougpayne

    Using manual lenses on the Panasonic S1R.

    Thanks to its large high-resolution EVF, magnified focusing view, and easy-to-implement sensor stabilization, this camera is the best I've tried for adapting vintage lenses. This photo I took with a Nikon 55mm micro. The relative unpopularity of the S1R means you can find bargains on the used...
  23. Coksic

    Manual Lens Minolta MC Rokkor PF 58mm f1.4

    A good old manual focus lens, with nice reputation. Well kept and preserved, it feels like new. Having many Helios 58mm lenses, I'm used to the focal length. On a crop sensor, it just feels right. It's fast, with 1.4 aperture, which is often challenging with focusing, because my X-E1 doesn't...
  24. Coksic

    Manual Lens Kiron 80-200mm f4.5 (Minolta mount)

    This is by far the cheapest buy so far. Plenty of fungus and dust spots inside, but mechanically excellent! It cost me 6 dollars on a local online sale site. The lens could not focus on infinity at 200mm( probably incompatibility with my MD to FX adapter). So, I decided to do something... That...
  25. F

    Manual Lens Nikon 35mm Ai f/2

    I find 35mm to be a very versatile FL for shooters looking to achieve many things. I do a lot of hiking, & this beautiful little lens is usually invited. jt
  26. Biro

    Manual Lens Is Anyone Going to Try This New f/1.2 TTArtisans Lens?

    Given the price, it seems to be very low risk. As long as you don't mind manual focus and no electrical connection to the camera. https://www.dpreview.com/news/2530835692/ttartisans-releases-a-98-50mm-f1-2-lens-for-aps-c-camera-systems
  27. M

    Manual Lens Nikon 100mm F2.8E

    A nice compact 100mm F2.8 lens that was designed to be a value option. Wasn't allowed to carry the Nikkor name with its plasticky build. Which actually translates well to this modern mirrorless age being lighter and cheaper. My copy is sharp but needs a few stops for out of camera contrast. It...
  28. J

    Manual Lens Weird sonnar lens

    Does anybody got info about this lens? It doesn´t say Carl Zeiss anywhere buy construction is identical as a Contax I lens. Serial number is 60080 and it says R.1038 I bought in a store in Buenos Aires. Thanks!
  29. William Lewis

    Leica Digital CL with adapted lenses?

    I was pondering today if the digial CL would work well with old LTM lenses via stacked adaptors? LTM -> M -> L ? Anyone tried this? I'm still trying to find a digital equal to my old IIIf and Summitar. I love my Nikons but miss a certain something about Leica.
  30. agentlossing

    Ricoh (Patent Rumor) New Ricoh Compacts with Prime Lenses?

    https://pentaxrumors.com/2020/09/10/new-ricoh-23mm-and-28mm-f-2-8-aps-c-lens-patent-for-a-compact-camera-new-ricoh-gr-maybe/ This is exciting to me. Regardless of whether it's released under the GR name or as a Pentax or whatever, I'm always for more fixed lens prime compact options. These...
  31. mike3996

    Leica 7artisans vs Leica - a battle between two 35mm f/1.4 lenses

    https://leicarumors.com/2020/08/16/blind-test-leica-summilux-m-35mm-f-1-4-asph-lens-vs-the-new-7artisans-35mm-f-1-4-lens.aspx/ Apart from the 7a lens being too big (it probably shows in the viewfinder quite a bit), things are looking excellent for value-oriented buyers.
  32. TraamisVOS

    Manual Lens Cannot remember a lens I previously found.

    Earlier this year, I was casually browsing the net and found a 16mm lens that was: - at least f/2.8 or wider, - full frame, and - it wasn't a fisheye. I mentally bookmarked it, meaning to come back to it later. Well it's later. I'm trying to find it again but am having very little luck and...
  33. kyteflyer

    Manual Lens Formula 5 f/3.5 200mm

    This was given to me as a birthday present, for my Minolta SRT303b. I acquired a suitable adapter and have used it from time to time with my Pentax K5. It's heavy, so not something I'm looking to do very often... It was a steamy hot day.. Tommy in the garden
  34. M. Valdemar

    Manual Lens Chinese 35mm f2 V1 Summicron Replica (PIX INCLUDED)

    I don't know how many of you have been following the threads on RFF about the Chinese replica of the 1950's V1 35mm Summicron, but it has been ongoing for close to two years. They set out to make a replica of the original Leica lens, right down to the almost unobtainable flint glass elements. I...
  35. drd1135

    Canon Canon R 800mm and 600mm f/11 lenses

    FF and Slow is the way to go! https://petapixel.com/2020/07/09/canon-unveils-4-new-lenses-including-the-rf-600mm-f-11-and-800mm-f-11/
  36. Lou Tingle

    Fuji Fujifilm releases very minor firmware updates for six of its XF lenses

  37. mike3996

    Leica 75 mm lenses for M / LTM

    f/ Elts l [mm] m [g] Street price 7artisans 1.25 7/6 73 600 435 GBP Leica Noctilux 1.25 9/6 91 1055 8575 GBP Leica Summilux (Mandler) 1.4 7/5 80 600* ~4100 GBP Leica APO Summicron 2.0 ~~1400+ GBP Leica Summarit 2.4 6/4 61 345 ~870 GBP CV Nokton 1.5 7/6 63 350 790 GBP...
  38. rflove

    Leica Comparing Leica M lenses and other Leica screw mount & R adapted lenses

    After messing around with some non-Leica lenses, I though I'd try to shoot my Leica lenses with a tripod at the same target. I had to dismount and remount the body because the lens selection was inadvertently left in a manual mode incorrectly set in a couple of cases. Also, all the lenses were...
  39. rflove

    Leica CL with adapted M lenses

    A few more images with adapted lenses. The CL does no allow me to choose non-Leica lenses when manually entering the lens. Some of these were taken with the Voightlander 40mm 1:1.2 Nokton, the Voightlander 21mm 1:1.8 Ultron and a 50mm 1:3.5 Canon Macro FD. So ignore the reference to the Noctilux...
  40. mike3996

    Manual Lens Adapting problems

    You may have read, I have a long-time dream about adapting vintage SLR lenses because they are (can be) affordable and there's a magnificent selection to choose from. After the disappointment from EPL5 usability, I'm choosing to place more and more eggs in one (Leica M) basket and this means...
  41. Bobby Tingle

    Fuji Four X mount lenses coming

    We know the 50mm f1 will be out this year. But, it was announced at the Fuji Summit that 4 new lenses are coming in the next 12 months. Any guesses what the other three may be?
  42. Jonathan F/2

    Nikon Getting drawn back to Nikon DSLRs & old F-mount lenses!

    * Cross posted at Fred Miranda, but I think it applies here as well! Lately I've been getting drawn to the low prices of DSLRs and old F-mount lenses. For example when I had tested the Z6, A7III and D750, the D750 surprisingly had sharper OOC raws over the Z6 and was not too far behind the...
  43. mike3996

    Manual Lens Which mount to speed boost?

    Say you didn't have any foreign lenses or adapters for your APS-C body. You want to invest in one good speed-boosted 0.71x adapter. Is there any particular direction you'd take? Why? Note: Nikon G covers all Nikon F lenses.
  44. Harry Cutts

    Manual Lens Canon 50mm f1.8 FD

    The walk home by Harry Cutts, on Flickr
  45. Harry Cutts

    Manual Lens Pentax M 135 f3.5

    Pentax M 135 f3.5 by Harry Cutts, on Flickr
  46. Harry Cutts

    Manual Lens Vivitar 17mm f3.5

    Couldn't find a thread for this one so here goes. Taken on an Olympus EM10 mk2 at f5.6, looks quite decent to me. Vivitar 17mm copy by Harry Cutts, on Flickr
  47. M. Valdemar

    Manual Lens Interesting Carl Zeiss Jena 58mm f2 Biotar Discovery

    I have a Carl Zeiss Jena 58mm f2 Biotar in M42 mount that I use with my Sony A7II and I'm very happy with the images. So a couple of weeks ago, I saw a 1950's Pentacon SLR on eBay, with a "CZ" lens that looked exactly like my Biotar. The description was lousy and the photos on eBay were poor...
  48. Coksic

    Nikon D90 with some Nikkor lenses

  49. Coksic

    Manual Lens Revuenon Special 35mm f2.8 m42

    I bought this lens 5 years ago, for 15 eur. At the time, I thought it might surprise me with image quality. It did.. Not necessarily in a good way. At that time, I had a Samsung NX1000, mirrorless camera. I wanted to test the lens, and see what the images would look like. Wide open, there isn't...
  50. gryphon1911

    Manual Lens Nikon 200mm f/4 non-Ai

    Stopped by the camera store today, have not been there for a while looking for anything in particular...but I wanted to see if they had a manual focus 200/4 or 135/2.8. They had both! I was hoping that the 200/4 would be the AI version, but not today. Price seemed OK and I wanted to try it...