1. donlaw

    Challenge! Cameraderie Challenge #63 "Everyday Life" - Winner announced

    Start Date Nov 6, 2022 End Date Nov 27, 2022 One of my favorite photo activities has always been to capture interesting slices or moments of everyday life. Of course what constitutes everyday life varies broadly based on culture, geography, just to name a couple. So let's keep submissions to...
  2. 11GTCS

    Documentary Military Life During a 6 Month TDY

    I've been posting some of these on my socials while I've been doing this TDY (Temporary DutY, what the military calls a business trip), but I figured people would enjoy seeing them in a more curated way, so I'll use this as a rolling thread on my time and what life is like at a rear echelon...
  3. agentlossing

    Documentary Urban Unquiet - Modern Dystopia

    I got this idea, well, mainly from shooting inside an Ikea today. You know that vague unease of, not the drug-addled "high tech, low life" dystopia of William Gibson and the cyberpunk crowd (though I love that aesthetic), but the sort of urban/suburban, pedestrian, everyday quiet existential...
  4. Juggernaut

    Stroll Urban Life Images