1. Zeus1

    Documentary Ghent Light Festival 2024

    Yesterday evening we went to Ghent, Belgium, to walk the 7.8 km circuit of the Light Festival, with about 30 art exhibits all dependent on light. Several of these were constructed on projected video footings. On opening day about 80.000 people participated. Yesterday it was way and way more...
  2. mollyc

    Film Shoe mounted light meter

    Do any of you have a shoe mounted light meter? I am looking at the Keks KM02 OLED and the Keks KM-Q. I've been metering with my phone, which usually works out well, but it's kind of cumbersome to switch back and forth and I think I'd really prefer a camera mounted meter. I have several cameras...
  3. William Lewis

    Film JJC Film Digitizing Adapter and LED Light Set

    I've been shooting more film again and wanting to find a somewhat more economical approach to it. I can develop at home easily enough with daylight tanks and D-76 and Diafine but scanning has always been the bugbear in the room. Flatbeds have never been worth much for 35mm and good dedicated...
  4. William Lewis

    Color After lunch, Thanksgiving Day

    Lovely light, chilly wind. Nothing but American football on the tube and, well, there's better things than that in the world...
  5. Brownie

    Sony Interesting video compares A1/A7R V/A7 IV/A7S III normal and low light

    This is a pretty decent video, kind of long at almost 1/2 hour but some very interesting results, including the A7R V in crop mode compared to the others. I'm not familiar with this reviewer but then I don't watch many of them, maybe some of you know who he is. The A7S III is kind of irrelevant...
  6. ImageMaker

    Lighting Side light.

    Para 133 placed inches from model. Just barely off camera. Quite a versatile modifier & a fan blowing the hair a bit.
  7. ImageMaker

    Lighting Using a single light behind model

    kind of a simple, neat trick.
  8. Woody Meristem

    Micro 4/3 Godox TT350 in bright light

    I've been using a Godox TT350o for macro and close-up photography, It's a fine flash for that but ... But in bright light it won't fire as an off-camera slave or off-camera using a camera to flash cable. It works well in both modes in dim light, but if I try to underlight or backlight a mushroom...
  9. Leica43

    Leica Showcase Light Lens Lab f2/35mm 8 Element - M mount

    First outing with the lens. Photo #1 at f2, #2 at f4. Photo #3 at f2
  10. Leica43

    Leica Showcase Light Lens Lab 50mm f2 ELCAN

    I recently acquired this lens (black finish) complete with LLL 39mm UV filter and screw in lens hood. Can’t consider the original which seems to attract US$30k at the moment. Took it out for an initial shoot late yesterday.
  11. JensM

    Color Available Artificial Light

    I have been working on a little winter project over the last few years, called "Available Artificial Light" IOW night time shots, lighted by whatever is around of light sources, but none brought with. Got a little trip out this evening to drop off one of the cars at the garage for a large...
  12. William Lewis

    Lighting Light meter? Sekonic I-188 or I-208?

    I find myself shooting more and more 120 film in cameras without built in meters. Carrying another camera to meter with works but isn't my preference. I'm looking at Eprey and the best options seem to be either the Sekonic I-188 or I-208. Anyone with experience with either/both able to add...
  13. drd1135

    Light Conversation

    Some of the recent threads got me thinking about having a more "focused" discussion about light. I thought of starting a thread because I saw this short article over on DPR with Jordan Drake's approach to dramatic lighting and started looking for a place to post it...
  14. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Looking for cheap light setup for mushrooms.

    Hello, now that autumn is here the mushrooms are starting to spring up and I would like to photograph the. Though I don't have a proper 1:2 or 1:1 macro lens I do have the Tamron zooms that can get very close. But being zoom lenses they do have a very long and large shape to them that will block...
  15. rayvonn

    Leica Lens Light Lab

    Lens Light Lab (LLL) is a Chinese company which makes copies of old classic Leica lenses, the type which cost the price of a house in certain parts of the UK. And by all accounts, these copies seem to be of a superb quality, not only in appearance to the originals, but more importantly...
  16. William Lewis

    Winter Morning Light

  17. pdk42

    Charlecote Hall, Warwickshire in Lovely Winter Light

    Winter Light on Charlecote Hall by Paul Kaye, on Flickr
  18. William Lewis

    Playing in Low Light

    All three images were taken in the same lobby space with the overhead lights off. Love the reflection on this last one in the polyurethane coating on the table.
  19. kyteflyer

    Color Painting with Light: Brilliant work

    This is the most amazing light work I have ever seen!
  20. agentlossing

    What Is the Best Way to Adhere New Light Seal Foam?

    I noticed my beat-up Olympus XA that I just acquired has significant light leaks in the first roll of film I developed. No surprise, as the old foam is just straight up moldy goo now. I searched around today and found a sheet of dark-colored foam that came in the box with a pair of headphones...
  21. kyteflyer

    What does it really mean: “No good for low light”

    I was in the midst of a discussion in another forum, and as usual, someone weighed in with “oh that camera is just no good in low light”. so my question is this: when you make that claim, how low are you talking about? Seriously... who wants to shoot in the dead dark... because that is the...
  22. Bobby T

    Window Light

    Window light is still my favorite.
  23. Jock Elliott

    Micro 4/3 Sometimes I just get sucked in by the light . . .

    Solar-powered Christmas lantern with twinkling LEDs. Cheers, Jock
  24. Bobby T

    Real light sabers will be a reality

    This is so cool
  25. Jock Elliott

    Micro 4/3 Foul weather camera -- first light

    Thanks to the kindness of one of the denizens here, I am now in possession of a camera that will be my go-to rig when the snow flies, the rain falls, the sleet drives, etc. It is an Olympus OMD E-M1 original edition, fitted with the Olympus 14-150 MkII. This gives me 28-300 e, extending to 600...
  26. pictogramax

    What a difference light makes

    For two weeks now I'm working on adaptation of my atelier, so instead of going out for (photo)walks, I'm spending my days sawing, building, painting and cleaning. The only moments stolen for photography are at my desk, while I check my e-mails and respond to the most urgent ones. So I set on...
  27. William Lewis

    Oil Light

  28. drd1135

    Cute in the Cold Light of Day

    Strongly backlit so I played around a bit. The "Fragile" warning made it perfect.
  29. Jock Elliott

    Sony RX10 IV first light -- the moon

    As shot, at full optical and digital zoom Here it is, romanced a bit with Luminar: And here it is with the Luminar "Big City" preset: and just a few minutes later: Cheers, Jock
  30. Bobby T

    First attempt at a realistic looking light saber

    I want to work with the local area cosplayers more this year. Which means I have to learn to do things in photoshop. Unfortunately. But good cosplay photos, at least some of them, require some post work to look their best. This is my first go at doing a light saber. I already had the photo from...
  31. Alf

    Little night out

    So she comes home, and after a little shower we jump in the car and head east into town, like kids,to the show. Caparezza (curlyhair) And there’s more where these came from Caparezza 2018 by alfrjw
  32. Silver Light

    Silver Light

  33. SIJ - Day 22

    SIJ - Day 22

    While photographing felt normal and subconscious, editing at the end of the week just didn't.
  34. SIJ - Day 19

    SIJ - Day 19

    After the disappointment of the day before I am trying to find out how I can bend my feelings into something creative. This is me....
  35. SIJ - Day 7

    SIJ - Day 7

    2012 started with stormy weather. While the days are still predominantly dark there are thankfully the first signs of a bit more light.
  36. SIJ - Day Four

    SIJ - Day Four

    Street photography is my passion, its what I do. Walking by Downtown Miami, I spotted a previous subject of mine(interested search my flickr stream for a GRDIII Portrait titled Precious Moments) and the light was just perfect.
  37. SIJ - Day Two

    SIJ - Day Two

    Playing with lights in the evening.
  38. SIJ - Day One

    SIJ - Day One

    Photography is all around us, we just have to look deeper.
  39. Candle light

    Candle light

    Candle light
  40. snow on a Bladder Campion with backlighting

    snow on a Bladder Campion with backlighting

  41. Winter Forest

    Winter Forest

    My D-Lux 4 arrived to-day. First test love the macro setting. Dinky little camera
  42. candle light

    candle light

    candle light
  43. light and shadow

    light and shadow

    light and shadow