1. Charzes44

    Lighting Is it usable?

    I have a Minolta 3400HS flashgun (speedlight) for a Dynax (Maxxum) 7000i camera. Is there any way way that I can use this, as I no longer have that camera. I have not come across a suitable adaptor to another system, although I am still looking! Afterthought, is the pin layout anything like...
  2. drd1135

    Sean Tucker Video on Portrait Lighting.

    Sean Tucker on reproducing the portrait style of Martin Schoeller. A nice technical video on lighting with links to his PS techniques, which I plan to watch tomorrow. I found this very interesting but your mileage may vary.
  3. ImageMaker

    Lighting Crouch

    No…. Not Peter
  4. ImageMaker

    Lighting Headshot

    For headshots, keep it simple…
  5. ImageMaker

    Lighting Walking Post

    She told me this makes it look like she works out. It’s the parabolic modifier that gives a contouring look on her.
  6. ImageMaker

    Lighting Side light.

    Para 133 placed inches from model. Just barely off camera. Quite a versatile modifier & a fan blowing the hair a bit.
  7. ImageMaker

    Lighting Thinking Lady

  8. ImageMaker

    Lighting Using a single light behind model

    kind of a simple, neat trick.
  9. ImageMaker

    Lighting Beauty shot

    Parabolic 133cm umbrella above camera
  10. ImageMaker

    Lighting Careful lighting matters

    Take your time and get it right… Large umbrella camera left, gridded Striplights in back for rim light, gridded light from above as hair light.
  11. CatsAreGods

    Philosophy What a difference 3 minutes makes (AKA And Then the Sun Came Out)

    I knew I had taken these photos on the same day, but I thought it was the same bird hours apart. I was floored to discover it was just 3 minutes. I posted this here, rather than the Show Birds thread, because I thought it might help someone else appreciate the power and moment-to-moment...
  12. AndyMcD

    Lighting Godox mix and match

    Trying out the round-head adaptors for my three Godox MF12 units (each one fitted with a diffuser dome). Three MF-12s mounted on a flexible arm attached to the L Plate of the camera to the left of the camera. A single TT685 shooting through a honeycomb grid behind and below the subject. Focus...
  13. Kevin

    Lighting Pop-up Flash Diffuser - Recommendations or thoughts?

    What are your general thoughts or recommendations on a diffuser for cameras with pop-up flashes? In my particular case it'd be a Canon 77D, and I know that there are a few different products out there and a bunch of DIY methods, but I'm more curious to the topic in general. Are they...
  14. William Lewis

    Lighting Light meter? Sekonic I-188 or I-208?

    I find myself shooting more and more 120 film in cameras without built in meters. Carrying another camera to meter with works but isn't my preference. I'm looking at Eprey and the best options seem to be either the Sekonic I-188 or I-208. Anyone with experience with either/both able to add...
  15. lucien

    Lighting golden hour colour

    Hi I want to know what's best to achieve the golden/orange light everyone is after. I can use colour temperature orange gel over my speedlight. 2) I could use a reflector with a gold backing. Can I take a picture of an orange card and use it as a white balance preset? Will my pictures have...
  16. lucien

    Lighting flash

    Hi, I'm trying to get continuous low going indoors ie multiple exposure via a wireless remote. The camera won't do continous low unless I push the shutter release myself. The shutter is set for 1/125. Do I need a wired remote? The camera is set for remote control mode (quick response) Am I...
  17. davect01

    Lighting New small flash

    New little flash for my A6400. Lightweight and portability is the most important part for me in even considering taking a flash.
  18. Bobby T

    Lighting Godox ad200/Flashpoint Evolv 200 pro vs standard

    I have changed my lighting from a pair of Godox AD600 lights to a mix of four Godox/Flashpoint 200's. Two standard and two pro models. I wanted to write a bit, or get long winded, about the 200s, and the differences between the standard and pro models. I want to say now, that this is obviously...
  19. Bobby T

    Lighting Cheap off camera flash modifier

    I picked up this umbrella softbox from Amazon to play around with. It is only $22.95 with prime shipping. I tried it as a solo light. And then as a second fill light. The results were really good. Although it may have been due to working with such a highly skilled model. As a single light As...
  20. R

    Lighting Light meters

    ive always considered the Ricoh GR metering ( on my copy anyway) to be a little sensitive. I mean it seems to go from over to underexposed and back with very little movement of the camera. It’s like I’m in spot meter mode all the time. Combine that with sun on the screen and high contrast scene...
  21. Luke

    Lighting color temperature of light bulbs

    Hey all, I've replaced a fair number of bulbs in our house with LED replacements, but last time I replaced some, my wife was VERY unhappy about the difference in color temperature. I'm sure there's a proper match for nearly every bulb and application by this point in time. But she has nixed any...
  22. Itchybiscuit

    Lighting Reflecmedia Small Blue Light Ring

    Hi guys, I posted much the same question over on the sister site and it's this; does anyone know what one of these light rings is worth? It comes complete with controller for dimming the output but no chromatte backdrop. As I always say, if not for buying and selling camera gear I'd be unable...
  23. davect01

    Lighting Macro ring light options

    So I have a good Macro lens now and want a good ring flash In searching I have ones that connect to the hot shoe and ones that do not. Would my camera, (NEX-6), actually control the ring flash in any way? I am preferring the non-connected one, can anyone explain the difference for me.
  24. N

    Lighting Light meter app - iOS

    Hi folk, can anyone recommend a good light meter app for iOS? I've been using Pocket Light Meter for the last week or so and I'm finding it pretty frustrating - slow to operate and some odd control quirks (no EV comp on main interface, EV comp appears to work backward, no live preview of EV...
  25. Chris2500dk

    Lighting Nissin i40 flash

    Does anyone have this flash? i40 | Nissin Digital It looks like a very compact but very high quality item. I've ordered a Sony version to use with my RX100m2 (and potentially with an A6000 or even A7 if I end up going that way). I expect to get it delivered early next week so I'll post some...