1. theoldsmithy

    Nikon Z 50 raw files and Lightroom

    My starting point for development of raw files in Lightroom is usually the Auto button, and then I tweak the results to get something that pleases me. It usually does a pretty good job (if a little too fond of extra vibrance). But with the raw files from the Z 50, the auto button produces...
  2. Aushiker

    US Sues Adobe

    More details at IT News.
  3. olskool

    which lightroom?

    i am new here. i have been a film photographer since Moby dick was a minnow. i switched to digital about 20 years ago, but i have never in my life used a program to enhance my images. i want one now, they have several and i have no clue really. i am of course an amateur photographer and fair...
  4. Toddster

    Lightroom iOS missing profile(s) frustration

    Warning rant… I’m just venting here, I know this is a long time problem that for whatever reason Adobe just ignores. I absolutely love using the Adobe cloud ecosystem, I was slow to accept the subscription model but now I’m all in. I love the idea of upload once and have availability...
  5. Glevum Owl

    A Lightroom Reality Check

    I'm the only person I know in the non-digital world using Lightroom Classic so would appreciate a reality check on my perception. Is it me or is LR's face recognition function getting worse? I have memories of it finding 90% of faces. Then a few updates ago the recognition rate fell to below...
  6. Irene McC

    New version of Lightroom looks more intuitive to use

    I've switched from Adobe to Capture One in 2017, but prior to that I was a devoted Lightroom user and still follow their updates. This video by Matt Kloskowski makes the recently released version look very tempting. I hope this link works - watch the little video and enlarge it to full screen...
  7. olli

    October 2023 Lightroom Update

    I just updated to the latest version of Lightroom Classic. While a lot of the focus has been on the Lens Blur and HDR features, the really significant update for me is the Point Colour setting. Not only does this allow very fine-grained control of HSL globally, it also works on local adjustments...
  8. Cederic

    Lightroom vs OM Workspace

    I was just checking something and found that Lightroom and OM Workspace don't display a RAW photograph from an OM-1 the same: (Same image on both sides - OM-1, OM 150-400 Pro at ISO25600, 188mm, f5.6, 1/400) One of them looks like it's reducing noise on import. I'm not sure that's a good...
  9. Toddster

    Need help understanding LR presets

    I am using Lightroom (not Lightroom classic) however this behavior seems to be the same on both platforms (I have LR Classic but only use it as a DAM). In LR there is a preset called "Adobe Color + Lens + NR" (it is in the Basics/Defaults folder in LR and in Defaults in LrC). It seems to use...
  10. gryphon1911

    Nikon Nikon D80 Processed From RAW Using 70-300/4-5.6G

    Companion thread to the similarly titled, but monochrome. Processed the RAW files in Lightroom and Topaz Photo AI for denoise and sharpening. 1 2 3 4 5 6
  11. hippi

    Advice Wanted resize

    I am in the process of making a pen here is the photo in PS I can get it to the 1.065x4 but in lightroom I put those same # in and it comes square plus it hard to read the names, 545552.jpg some one helped on that have no idea how they did it
  12. H

    Should I suck it up a pay for Lightroom Creative Cloud?

    I've been using stand alone classic LR 6 on a very old macbook air for quite some time. Using older cameras that were supported in the older LR6, I've managed to get by even though its a little slow rendering 1:1 full size previews. Space was limited on the older macbook air, so I'd often have...
  13. olli

    Lightroom Classic 12

    I just updated LR to the new version 12 which has been upgraded with all sorts of new masking tools. I've only experimented with a couple of them but so far they are superb. Examples will follow, but if you're a Lightroom user you should definitely update.
  14. lucien

    Advice Wanted exporting images in lightroom classic

    Hi I messed my export settings in lightroom classic. My NEF's are 23.9mp But when I export to jpeg I'm only getting 10.2mp. I'm losing 1/2 the size of my files. Before this incident I was getting up to 23.5mp on export. My settings are JPEG sRGB quality: 100 limit file size = unchecked...
  15. wt21

    Apple Some Mac-based options for photo management and editing, not in the cloud

    I have nothing against Lightroon, which I've used for 10+ years. I'm just not taking pictures, and would prefer to get out of the annual subscription. I don't mind annual subscriptions for something I use regularly, but I've only taken (or more precisely kept) 24 images this year from my...
  16. lucien

    Advice Wanted lightroom classic

    Hi I'm at the beginning stages of editing photos, I can crop, exposure, contrast, convert to black and white, use lens correction level etc. I'm at a road block now. How do I get a totally black background and then add my image after without doing something to my image. I'll look around...
  17. Matero

    Apple Lightroom Classic updated to support Silicon Macs

    I just wondered few days ago how long can it take for Adobe to start supporting Silicon M1 Macs with Lightroom Classic. Well, the update is now ongoing on the background 😎 EDIT: And the new Universal Lightroom Classic feels snappy on M1 Mac mini with just 16GB memory. (And Big Sur 11.4 MacOS)
  18. Ad Dieleman

    Some nice profiles for Lightroom Classic

    Every now and then I browse various sites to see if there are any interesting profiles for Lightroom. I never could get myself to pay for any of these, because I'm afraid they're simply not worth it to me. I don't like presets because they mess with the HSL/Color tab in almost all cases as well...
  19. CameraderieBot

    Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe CC) What is Creative Cloud Photography plan? The Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan brings amazing photography apps directly to your desktop and mobile devices. It includes Lightroom so you can easily edit...
  20. Kevin

    Apple Apple announces Aperture sunset date, suggests migration to Adobe Lightroom Classic or Apple Photos

    If you're still using Apple's Aperture on your MacOS machines, even though Apple discontinued updating it back in 2014, you'll be facing an upgrade decision. MacOS Mojave will be the last version of the OS that will support running Aperture "for technical reasons". Apple's suggestion is to...
  21. Y

    Fuji Lightroom and Auto DR on X-T2

    Hi, I noticed that Lightroom doesn't recognize a DR200 when the X-T2 is set to auto DR. The result is a raw under exposed by 1 stop. I have seen several threads claiming that Lightroom doesn't support this option, however, it works perfectly with my X-T1 raw files. Is this a known bug in...
  22. Fadzai Saungweme

    Micro 4/3 LX100 RAW Picture Profiles

    As you all might know, Lightroom only supports the Adobe standard color calibration profile which is extremely muted and flat. What do you guys use in your Lightroom settings to get your images to appear as they do on the camera display? I've spent all day looking for a solution, and I can't...
  23. S

    Fuji Fuji 40-150 + 1.4 teleconverter

    I used my 40-150 plus a 1.4 teleconverter today on an Xpro2 body. When I imported the images into Lightroom the metadata did not show the focal length when I used the converter. The read out was 150mm. Has anyone had this issue? Thanks..