1. Iron

    Pentax Pentax Trade Show in Canada | McBain Cameras

    Just sharing this video by PentaxTips. It is a small trade show but the content is more about a summary of some things Pentax-related. They talked about monochrome, some lenses, the KF, the film project, etc.
  2. Iron

    Pentax Heads-up: KP J Limited Wooden Grip Raffle/Giveaway on PF

    Just a heads-up to those sporting the KP, PF will be giving away/raffling a J Limited Wooden Grip soon. We don't have any details on the entry limits yet but it's definitely for their members. Just in case someone is interested. Cheers.
  3. iSilentP

    Great Capture One offer - LIMITED TIME

    Great Capture One offer. 25% off new licenses (code SPRING25) and 30% off (code UPGRADE30) on upgrades. Capture One