1. kyteflyer

    Linux Linuxed my Macbook again! (Linux image processing)

    Just thought I'd throw it out there for no good reason at all. I now have a Macbook that's called MintyMac. I'm importing (in place) to Shotwell, and have installed Gimp with the ufRaw plugin. I also installed XNViewMP though I have not yet used it. Early days and I am just as likely to...
  2. kyteflyer

    Linux Linux users: more advice required.

    I havent switched yet, but I have sacrificed an external portable to Mint 19, which runs beautifully on my 2010 Macbook White, and have imported all my photos to Shotwell and have been playing with that + Rawtherapee... What are the rest of you doing? I’ve only looked at whats in the software...
  3. tonyturley

    Linux Data recovery

    I have a 1TB drive that I accidentally started to format during a Linux upgrade, then realized I had selected the wrong drive from the pick list. I immediately stopped the process, but the partition table was already gone. I can use freeware data recovery software to scan the drive, and I can...
  4. merlin

    Linux SD Card Failure

    For the first time since entering the digital format in April 2009, an SD card has failed. It is a Sandisk Extreme Pro 32 GB SDHC UHS-II. When I inserted it in the card reader, none of the files were useable. The error messages indicate that the file info had been truncated. I re-formatted...
  5. Herman

    Which Operating System

    you like / use most? For phone, pc, wearable, tablet, etc. I got an i7 laptop computer (asus) running windows 10, using a 13 inch chromebook (toshiba) most. Looking forward to a pencil supported device for creating notes and sketches.
  6. Herman

    Chrome OS Chromebook, yes or no ?

    I like to get one, that's why I started this thread.