1. P

    Advice Wanted Mac, Windows or maybe linux?

    Hi good folks, could you give me some advice on ny next laptop... So today another letter from my keyboard loosened and I had to "tack-it" in place. It is a hero of the thinkpad variety (x270) bought refurbished a few years ago. It have lived a hard life with several cracks and dents. But with...
  2. doobs

    Linux OS?

    So, I've got this Dell XPS 13 9333 that I've had for literally a decade. It's got Windows 10 home on it that I've been niggling about switching to Linux. I've really not had a reason, other than it was getting a bit sluggish. Well, this morning I got a wild hair to turn on the Group Editor...
  3. kyteflyer

    Linux Linuxed my Macbook again! (Linux image processing)

    Just thought I'd throw it out there for no good reason at all. I now have a Macbook that's called MintyMac. I'm importing (in place) to Shotwell, and have installed Gimp with the ufRaw plugin. I also installed XNViewMP though I have not yet used it. Early days and I am just as likely to...
  4. kyteflyer

    Linux Linux users: more advice required.

    I havent switched yet, but I have sacrificed an external portable to Mint 19, which runs beautifully on my 2010 Macbook White, and have imported all my photos to Shotwell and have been playing with that + Rawtherapee... What are the rest of you doing? I’ve only looked at whats in the software...
  5. tonyturley

    Linux Data recovery

    I have a 1TB drive that I accidentally started to format during a Linux upgrade, then realized I had selected the wrong drive from the pick list. I immediately stopped the process, but the partition table was already gone. I can use freeware data recovery software to scan the drive, and I can...
  6. merlin

    Linux SD Card Failure

    For the first time since entering the digital format in April 2009, an SD card has failed. It is a Sandisk Extreme Pro 32 GB SDHC UHS-II. When I inserted it in the card reader, none of the files were useable. The error messages indicate that the file info had been truncated. I re-formatted...
  7. Herman

    Which Operating System

    you like / use most? For phone, pc, wearable, tablet, etc. I got an i7 laptop computer (asus) running windows 10, using a 13 inch chromebook (toshiba) most. Looking forward to a pencil supported device for creating notes and sketches.
  8. Herman

    Chrome OS Chromebook, yes or no ?

    I like to get one, that's why I started this thread.