1. TraamisVOS

    What would you do if you discovered there was a painting of your actual living room in an art exhibition miles away from where you live.
  2. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    How are you handling the living costs (early 2023)?

    Heuou. I've been trying to write on this subject for a couple of months, going back and forth, wonder how much to talk about. But I will try a more lighter form for now. How are you coping with the living costs? Not just energy crisis but everything from food to clothes to travel or personal...
  3. agentlossing

    Seattle: Living Advice?

    This week I acted considerably out of character by applying for a position with my company in downtown Seattle. It's a city we've loved for a long time, and visited whenever we could, but it would be a major, life-changing move. It's far from a sure thing at this point (after a good initial...
  4. Jock Elliott

    What's your oldest "living" digital camera?

    By that, I mean what is the oldest digital camera you have that functions fine in all respects? Mine is the Olympus D-550. I bought mine new, but I'm not sure of the year (probably 2003). It was introduced in 2002. Cheers, Jock
  5. living room

    living room

    living room