1. A

    Film How long does film last past the expiration date

    I have an extensive (to me) film camera collection (about 35+ film cameras or so) that I would like to start using for fun in my free time. I do have some old rolls of film. I wasn't sure, are you able to use film after the "expiration" date? If so will there be anything wrong with the prints...
  2. E

    Advice Wanted Which combination for photographing small things (birds, wildlife) at long distances

    I have two camera bodies: OM-1 and Fuji X-T5. I want to upgrade a long lens to either the Olympus 300mm f/4 or Fujinon XF 150-600 f/5.6-8 lens. I am mostly interested in anyone who has experience with these two lenses and their evaluation of image quality. (I am not that interested in BIF so...
  3. The Quiet Photographer

    Film Too long absence from film

    After over thirty years away from film I have returned to my Nikon F4 and loaded a roll of Fomapan. It felt so good tor return to get back to the old ways of film. Bacon Butties and strong Italian coffee! Fomapan 200
  4. Herbert Hound

    A day in the Long Mynd, Shropshire, UK.

    I took the hound to the Long Mynd ("Long Mountain") yesterday and here's a few piccies wot I took! Walking along Cardingmill Valley floor. There were a number of school visits around doing their Geography field trips so the valley floor was crowded. However; as a retired teacher I know how...
  5. Jock Elliott

    One of the funniest things I've seen in a long, long time

    Cheers, Jock
  6. C

    Micro 4/3 My last camera and lenses for a long while......

    After much consideration I am adding a Gh6 to my 2 G9's and Gx85. And although I have a 12-35 I and the Oly 9-18, I am adding the PL 12-60 and 8-18mm to my other 8 lenses (basically for video with the Gh6). With the AI noise reduction and enlargement provided by my On1 programs I can't think of...
  7. Charzes44

    Fuji Showcase How long can you hold OIS?

    Post pictures showing how long can you hold your camera still using OIS only. No IBIS or support allowed! Best I've managed is 1/15th second, shown below.
  8. gryphon1911

    I wish I had not waited so long - upgrading to SSD was ridiculously easier than I thought!

    My photo computer is pretty well speced. 32GB RAM i7 -8700 @ 3.2Ghz NVidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 1TB HDD - 7200 RPM (Main drive) 2TB HDD - 7200 RPM (Image Archive drive) Internal SD Card Reader Running Windows 10 An older system, but still plenty capable. The one lagging item in the package is...
  9. Lou Tingle

    Long Exposure Photo Thread - Please add yours!

    Four minutes T2A43048Silk9 by Lou Tingle, on Flickr
  10. Bobby T

    Fall Color Long Exposure

  11. drd1135

    I Should Have Done This Long Ago

  12. Jock Elliott

    After five long years . . . finally published as a nature photographer . . . see also "patient endurance"

    The theme of my early morning devotional last Wednesday was "patient endurance." I remember thinking: "doesn't sound like fun to me." At noon, coming back from a doctor's appointment, the better half says, "better check your messages." There is a call from an editor at The Conservationist...
  13. serhan

    Challenge! Cameraderie Photo Challenge #29: Long Exposure (winner announced)

    This challenge's theme is Long Exposure. The challenge starts today and ends on Sunday, March 22, 2020. The tried and trusted rules are as follows: 1. Either take pictures that match the nominated theme or select some from your portfolio. You must be the photographer that created the images...
  14. Coksic

    Nikon Showcase D90 - long exposure

  15. TraamisVOS

    Leica Long story and a question re lens selection in the menu.

    I mentioned previously that I'm sending my M10 for a warranty claim to adjust the light meter - it seems to be overexposing by about 1-2 stops. I've had this camera for over a year, and during the early months I was also messing about with a Black Pro-Mist filter. I noticed from the...
  16. mike3996

    I longed for the simpler times, now I long for the affordable days...

    It's close to six months I've been shooting Leica M, and it's going ever so strongly. I got two new Cosina Voigtländer lenses (in 21 mm and 50 mm) on order to fill out my lens catalogue -- with a serious 75 mm lens it'll be complete for me. Life's pretty great. Leica Q still shoots amazing...
  17. P

    Super long slide in Okinawa

    Super long slide in Okinawa
  18. Jock Elliott

    Sony RX10 IV initial impressions – long . . . you’ve been warned!

    For years now, I’ve had a mad, passionate love affair with superzoom cameras. I argue that they are, quite simply, the most versatile cameras on the planet: they will deliver 20-something millimeter equivalent wide angle views when you need them and yet, without changing lenses, draw you close...
  19. SIJ 2015 - Day 31

    SIJ 2015 - Day 31

    Move Along Now. 25seconds f/9 ISO200 shot at 40mm. Taken on the same night as day 30. Was really enjoying the longer exposure images. You could do these one right after the other and no 2 would look alike. I think I'm going to make a thread and post some more of the shots for the last two...
  20. SiJ 2015 - Day 14

    SiJ 2015 - Day 14

    This is a long exposure (night) shot. This was the least noisy of several I shot and was a 10 sec exposure at F2.0. I set the camera up before sundown and could have done better with the framing as I was shooting blind tonight at 10:30 pm.
  21. SiJ 2015 - Day 13

    SiJ 2015 - Day 13

    This is a long exposure night shot. After trying a few exposures this result, 10 sec at F2.0, was the best. Lighting was incandescent inside - no flash used. I was not sure if there would be enough IR to give an image. Interesting is the narrow patch of garden outside lit by a mix of...