1. JensM

    LTM The wormhole that is LTM and derivates thereof...

    Posting it here, based on the Leica mount, even though it seems to be the first tread with the "LMT" tag in this forum. So, since I just got a Leica IIIc (1941 model) with a Summar 50/f:2 mounted, I have spent some hours trying to understand the lens universe that is LTM. Having surfed the web...
  2. phigmov

    Nikon Anyone tried LTM or M mount lenses on Z mount?

    Just curious. I occasionally see good prices on Voigtlander LTM wides - the 15mm f4.5 Heliar for example. I can see adapters to Z mount but curious to see or hear of peoples experiences with these smaller lenses on Z bodies. I see a couple of manufacturers make native Z mount ultra-wides but...
  3. Teruzuki

    Leica Sonnar 50 1.5 LTM Questions

    Hello! New to this forum, but not to camera/lens work. I have recently acquired a 50/1.5 Sonnar in Leica screw mount, pictured on the left. Unfortunately, it came with some rangefinder cam issues and doesn't accurately couple; it will focus to infinity but the coupling does not quite reach...
  4. B

    Leica Leica M9p and Canon 50mm f1.5 LTM Sonnar

    Took the combo out this weekend to check out the Canon lens for some people shots in all natural light. All shot at f2. Shooting with the sun just outside the frame -- no hood. L1007591 1 by Brusby, on Flickr Moving the sun just a bit farther out of the frame to remove the natural flare...
  5. boojum

    Leica Cooke Amotal LTM 2" f/2.0

    I never really knew the Brits made lenses. That should tell you a lot right there. But I did remember THC lenses being sold on imported DDR SLR's way back in the day in the NY area. Rumor had it they were surplus BBC TV camera lenses being unloaded at bargain prices. They were, in fact, THC...
  6. boojum

    LTM Jupiter 12

    I am becoming a Jupiter lens fan. I've got the Jupiter 12 35mm, Jupiter 8 50mm, Jupiter 9 85mm, and the Jupiter 11 135mm, all LTM's. They are all good lenses. They are all copies of the pre-WW II Zeiss Sonnars that the Russians got as war reparations along with other goodies. They have...
  7. jssaraiva

    Nikon Repair Nikkor 10.5cm f/2.5 ltm

    Hi, any tips on where to repair this lens in Europe? One of the blades is apparently lose. Thanks!
  8. M. Valdemar

    Manual Lens Have the prices of Nikkor 35mm f1.8 LTM lenses gone insane?

    I have three of these lenses, pristine. I have not priced them recently. I also have a LTM Nikkor 85mm f1.5 too. I cannot find any listings for these lenses. I see one 35mm 1.8 with an asking price of $7500 on eBay. I see some sold 85mm 1.5's for over $3500. Are these the going rates now? I...
  9. William Lewis

    Leica Nikkor, LTM & usual suspects

    So a bit back I bought a Nikkor HC 50/2 and it was a little off. The resident guru fixed it with the usual consummate ease and I picked up a Nikkor QC 135/3.5 from him at the same time. Between weather and such foibles, the long awaited (well it _felt_ long ;) ) box arrived today. While running...
  10. William Lewis

    Manual Lens Testing a Chiyoko Super Rokkor 50/2 C LTM

  11. William Lewis

    Leica Showcase Elmar 90/4 LTM & the usual suspects

    Thank you to BrianS. It's an actual old Elmar but I had plugged in the 90/4 in the lens selection menu. I am beginning to think I should just turn that to off and leave it that way.
  12. William Lewis

    Leica Inexpensive 28?

    So is there any such thing as an inexpensive 28 that is worth the money? Voigtlander 28/2 Ultron can be found for ~$500 The old slower 28/3.5 is getting silly money :( Canon LTM 28/3.5 can be found for $350 It's the newer silver/black and I don't see too much haze. There's a Minolta 28/2.8...
  13. William Lewis

    Leica Showcase CV Nokton 50/1.5 ltm Test Images

  14. Mr_Flibble

    Leica Showcase Sankyo Kohki W-KOMURA 28mm f/3.5 in LTM

    Was given this lens as part of a 'payment' for cleaning/lubricating/repairing some Super Ikontas and other folders for a fellow film camera user. Turns out the LTM version is a rare beast. I've not come across many other examples and the prices on Ebay sold listings are beyond expensive...
  15. mike3996

    Leica 75 mm lenses for M / LTM

    f/ Elts l [mm] m [g] Street price 7artisans 1.25 7/6 73 600 435 GBP Leica Noctilux 1.25 9/6 91 1055 8575 GBP Leica Summilux (Mandler) 1.4 7/5 80 600* ~4100 GBP Leica APO Summicron 2.0 ~~1400+ GBP Leica Summarit 2.4 6/4 61 345 ~870 GBP CV Nokton 1.5 7/6 63 350 790 GBP...
  16. Brian

    Leica Yeenon Adapters for LTM to M-Mount, high-quality and reasonable cost.

    A friend asked me for a recommendation for LTM to M-Mount adapters. Voigtlander no longer makes their adapters, which I have always found to be top-quality. The original Leica made adapters are also highest quality, but are decades old now. I have bought more than one to find some dents that...
  17. mike3996

    Leica Showcase Cosina Voigtländer 75/2.5 Color-Heliar LTM

    This gem of a lens arrived today. Lightweight, super smooth and clicky and just perfect. My copy frontfocuses slightly -- as do all LTM lenses I've tried out so far. Maybe I should look into getting another LTM-M adapters if there's a better one among them. But that frontfocus doesn't ruin the...
  18. film_fascist

    Leica Wartime Sonnar 1:4 f=13.5cm

    Just arrived! Took a chance on what was described as badly scratched lens only to find a few whispy cleaning marks. I love it when sellers over emphasize the flaws! Only real bummer was the dent in the filter ring. And now for some pics!
  19. M

    Leica Carl Zeiss Jena 5cm f1,5 Serial Number Check

    Hello, I have a wartime CZJ Sonnar 5cm f1,5 in Leica Thread Mount serial # 2870001 which seems to date it approx. from 1942. I need advice on how to unscrew the optic module to check for matching serial numbers and perhaps determine it's authenticity. I am loathe to dismantle/damage the lens due...