A lugger is a class of boat that was widely used as a traditional fishing boat or other working craft, particularly off the coasts of France, England, Ireland and Scotland. It is a sailing vessel defined by its rig, using the lug sail on all of its one or several masts. Luggers varied extensively in size and design. Many were undecked, open boats, of a range of sizes, some of which operated from beach landings (such as Hastings). Others were fully decked craft (typified by the Zulu and many other sailing drifters). Some larger examples might carry lug topsails.Luggers were used extensively for smuggling from the middle of the 18th century onwards; their fast hulls and powerful rigs regularly allowed them to outpace any Revenue vessel in service. The French three-masted luggers also served as privateers and in general trade. As smuggling declined about 1840, the mainmast of 3 masted luggers tended to be discarded, with larger sails being set on the fore and mizzen. This gave more clear space in which to work fishing nets.

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