m mount

  1. phigmov

    Nikon Anyone tried LTM or M mount lenses on Z mount?

    Just curious. I occasionally see good prices on Voigtlander LTM wides - the 15mm f4.5 Heliar for example. I can see adapters to Z mount but curious to see or hear of peoples experiences with these smaller lenses on Z bodies. I see a couple of manufacturers make native Z mount ultra-wides but...
  2. Leica43

    Leica Showcase Light Lens Lab f2/35mm 8 Element - M mount

    First outing with the lens. Photo #1 at f2, #2 at f4. Photo #3 at f2
  3. Leica43

    Leica Minolta M-Rokkor f4/90mm M Mount

    I have made some test shots using this lens, part of my Minolta CLE kit, with my M10.
  4. MoonMind

    M-Mount PIXII rangefinder with M mount: bold move ...

    I searched the forum for a discussion about this, but it seems to have passed under the radar so far: Discover Pixii Today, they published a couple more specs, and now it's clear it's an APS-C sized sensor - with global electronic shutter (so, silent - and still nor rolling shutter!) and 12MP...