1. fotoppi

    we might need a "mu-43" thread...

    Moin (as we say in East-Frisia, meaning something like "a good one", and can be said anytime of the day) or simply Hello, I thought I'd sneak into here, just in case mu-43 looses its attraction. Early days analog Minolta, then digital Nikon, now all Olympus MFT. I don't call myself a...
  2. jbruce

    Time to say "HI" to the friendly folks here that I learned about from that other friendly site; initials starting with m....

    Hi guys, I really like that here any format size is used interchangeably, which allows me to go back a few years, even prior to my using M4/3, my go-to mostly. And I do have more than a few images to offer. I'd like to mix in occasional APSC images from goodwife's steady hand and able eye...
  3. grebeman

    Salmon Fishing on the River Tamar in the 1970's with a Mamiya Press 6x9

    Some time in the mid 1970's I spent a morning with some local salmon netters on the tidal section of the River Tamar on the border of Devon and Cornwall. This trade is now prohibited and has been for some years with the fall in the fish population and that ban is due to remain in force for many...
  4. Brian

    Leica KAF-18500 CCD used in the M9 and M Monochrom is discontinued, Sensor replacement no longer possible

    As per Leica Rumors- https://leicarumors.com/2020/08/07/leica-m9-ccd-sensors-have-been-discontinued-defective-sensors-can-no-longer-be-replaced.aspx/ This is no rumor- I've followed OnSemi, which bought out Kodak's CCD Division years ago. Last time I checked- almost all CCD products were gone...
  5. gryphon1911

    Micro 4/3 Showcase Olympus M. Zuiko 40-150mm f/4-5.6 R

    Did not see a showcase for this highly underrated lens. I'll start it off with a few recent ones.
  6. mike3996

    Leica 75 mm lenses for M / LTM

    f/ Elts l [mm] m [g] Street price 7artisans 1.25 7/6 73 600 435 GBP Leica Noctilux 1.25 9/6 91 1055 8575 GBP Leica Summilux (Mandler) 1.4 7/5 80 600* ~4100 GBP Leica APO Summicron 2.0 ~~1400+ GBP Leica Summarit 2.4 6/4 61 345 ~870 GBP CV Nokton 1.5 7/6 63 350 790 GBP...
  7. rflove

    Leica Comparing Leica M lenses and other Leica screw mount & R adapted lenses

    After messing around with some non-Leica lenses, I though I'd try to shoot my Leica lenses with a tripod at the same target. I had to dismount and remount the body because the lens selection was inadvertently left in a manual mode incorrectly set in a couple of cases. Also, all the lenses were...
  8. rflove

    Leica CL with adapted M lenses

    A few more images with adapted lenses. The CL does no allow me to choose non-Leica lenses when manually entering the lens. Some of these were taken with the Voightlander 40mm 1:1.2 Nokton, the Voightlander 21mm 1:1.8 Ultron and a 50mm 1:3.5 Canon Macro FD. So ignore the reference to the Noctilux...
  9. mike3996

    Leica M and Df and OVF and good coffee and 42.5

    I've been meaning to ask you @Matero about what's your conclusion or experience so far with M8 vs Df! :) I might gather that you prefer to shoot your Df a great deal, and you don't report having a huge $$$$ collection of M lenses in your stable so I assume it's not such a big lovefest between...
  10. Lou Tingle

    Musician Monochrome

  11. SIJ Day 31

    SIJ Day 31

    My first try at shooting from the hip with this camera. The lens and adapter are really too large and heavy to do this comfortably. At least it seems that way when you would normally use a Ricoh GRD4. This shot was one of a series where I had the camera tilted too far up - a case of...
  12. SIJ Day 30

    SIJ Day 30

    Despite 3 days respite today was a struggle for inspiration. I was planning a walk around here but a few dodgy guys walking nearby had me worried about being mugged so decided to head back home. Hopefully Tomorrow will be more productive. Possibility of snow too..
  13. SIJ Day 26 - what the hell?!

    SIJ Day 26 - what the hell?!

    Caught the bus into Kettering Town today to shoot some street. It is a bit more spread out than my home town giving me more opportunities and variety. Still no easier being discreet with this camera. It's a case of having to lurk around corners or pretend to be shooting some fauna or buildings...
  14. SIJ Day 25

    SIJ Day 25

    A short street session on my way home from work. There are few places in town you can walk around with a camera without getting noticed - this is not one of them!
  15. SIJ Day 24

    SIJ Day 24

    I was hoping to get some shots on the way home from work but it was wet and I was feeling too silly in my bulky waterproofs to shoot street. So I cycled home and took this shortly after awakening - saved me a journey outside where it is still raining.
  16. SIJ Day 23

    SIJ Day 23

    Miniature auto effect again.
  17. SIJ Day 22 - when I was 6ft small

    SIJ Day 22 - when I was 6ft small

    One of the giant firs in my local woods again only this one taken to give a sense of scale.
  18. SIJ Day 21

    SIJ Day 21

    My intention in this spot was to hold the camera as steady as possible and keep dropping the shutter speed until I got a nice blur effect as people and vehicles moved by in the shot. I did get the effect I wanted when I dropped down to around 1/20s but the blurred figures tended to get swallowed...
  19. SIJ Day 20

    SIJ Day 20

    Wohoo! Day off work. Shame it won't stop raining. Took a stroll to the nearby nature reserve and had a go at shooting this huge old fir tree. Difficult to know how to photograph it, other than this way!
  20. SIJ Day 19

    SIJ Day 19

    Less energy tonight - couldn't be arsed moving from my chair! Apologies - must try harder..
  21. SIJ Day 18

    SIJ Day 18

    This shot taken from my bedroom window after finishing a dayshift. It's dark on the way to and from work when I'm on days at the moment so I'm struggling to shoot on these days. I'm also very inexperienced with shooting at night and my brief trial of the 5N's flash has put me right off it!
  22. SIJ Day 17

    SIJ Day 17

    Tried out the Sony's in camera effect called "miniature mini". It blurs/softens everything but a thin horizontal strip down the middle. It increases saturation also. I was sat on a wall taking shots of people across the road - a little far off really for this focal length but with...
  23. SIJ Day 16

    SIJ Day 16

    Last nightshift completed I took a leisurely cycle ride home and stopped by the boating lake on the way. Nice weather today. Early morning frost but the sun was shining bright and there was no breeze or clouds to be seen. Still cold though..
  24. SIJ Day 15 - Trolley Dashed

    SIJ Day 15 - Trolley Dashed

    Another shot taken on the way home from work. The light was a bit poor this morning but I guess that is why the colours are stronger. There must have been at least 5 shopping trolleys in this stream yet the nearest supermarket is quite a distance away.
  25. SIJ Day 14

    SIJ Day 14

    Shoved my camera in my work bag last night and took this shot on the way home. Could have done with more DOF I feel. The original colour was okay but I knew from looking at the image on the LCD that b&w was the way to go..
  26. SIJ Day 12

    SIJ Day 12

    Sat down and pre-focused on an area in my town centre. Stopped the lens down to about F8 and waited for some subjects to walk into the zones of acceptable focus either side of me. Shot looking down into the LCD which was set to b&w mode with focus peaking turned on. Worked out reasonably...
  27. SIJ Day 11

    SIJ Day 11

    Taken in nearby woods with the light just beginning to fade. Had about 10 shots and it was tough choosing between them, none particularly wowed me. Hopefully I'll get a longer shoot tomorrow.
  28. SIJ Day 10

    SIJ Day 10

    Another shot taken in haste. Used the flash and was finding getting the exposure right was pure trial and error - the camera metering was way out. Possibly a result of the main light was from a TV which was varying in brightness from second to second.I also guess that metering for flash would be...
  29. SIJ Day 9

    SIJ Day 9

    A self portrait handheld using the 5n's "hand held twilight mode". It takes multiple shots and trys to make a sharp photo from them. Kinda works and would come in handy in an emergency if you forgot the flash. Also put through SEP2. Only had the camera on for about 10 mins today -...
  30. SIJ Day 5

    SIJ Day 5

    This was taken just a few hundred yards from my back garden. I was in a mad rush to get some pics taken and ended up in the middle of a field scanning the area for potential pics. Gotta say it was not easy but I had no time to move elsewhere. Need to get back to bed before my next 12 hr...
  31. Blue Headache

    Blue Headache