mac mini

  1. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    My Workspace reshuffle and DiY.

    After holding on as long as I could I eventually "gave up" on editing images on my Asus ZenBook Pro Duo because of severe performance issues with 32 MP Sony a7 Mark IV RAW files (the system works fine with 20 MP Micro Four Thirds RAW files). It's one year shorter then the 5 years I was hoping to...
  2. Herman

    Mac Mini Hardware Configuration

    Is following hardware configuration possible? Mac Mini is connected to outlet socket 230 VAC. Mac Mini is connected with 1 cable to monitor. This cable is for data and power supply. No extra cable neded for 230 VAC supply. Wireless mouse and keyboard via bluetooth connected with Mac Mini...
  3. Aushiker

    Gadgets Hypothetical: Mac Mini as Desktop + ? for outside the home office

    Just throwing some ideas around and was interested if anyone has gone with a desktop + iPad/Android tablet or laptop combination. With the tablet/laptop being for out-of-office usages, such as at university, on holidays etc. The desktop would be the primary computer for photo editing etc., and...
  4. wt21

    Apple Mac Mini - which arrangement to use? Processor or storage?

    I have a limited budget and am just a hobbyist, so need to keep costs pretty well contained. I have an M1 MBA, but want to move to a Mini. I've got about $1K to spend. I can get a refurb M1 mini with 1TB SDD and 16GB RAM or I can get a new M2 mini with 500GB SDD and 16GB RAM My MBA 500GB...