1. gwydionjhr

    Converting MS WLPG People tags to something functional for MacOS users

    I have a rather large project I've been working on for the last five years. I've scanned about 25,000 negatives/slides taken by a group I travelled with 30 years ago. I used the old Windows Live Photo Gallery to do the "People" tagging, but I have learned that MacOS does not index this portion...
  2. Nighthawk

    Apple Transition to MacOS

    Choosing a new camera and the associated sensor type now raises the question for me how quickly newcomers can get to grips with the operating system if they have never had anything to do with Apple products?
  3. kyteflyer

    Apple MacOS: Macphun Creative Kit

    Doesn't seem to be possible to buy from the website anymore but some components are still available on the App Store under Macphun. I was using Intensify, Noiseless and Tonality before Luminar was created and I have gone back to them. Intensify, Noiseless and Snapheal are still available...
  4. Kevin

    MacOS: Is Safari tied to the operating system or is it independently installed & upgradeble?

    On the MacOS, is Safari part of the OS and is upgraded when the OS is updated or is it treated as any other application that can be independently installed and upgraded as needed? The end goal of my pondering is to find a balance between an old MacBook Pro where it might not necessarily be...