1. Archibald

    Couple of bugs from Ecuador

    Leafhopper, genus Raphirrhinus. Grasshoppers in love
  2. MountainMan79

    Canon Showcase 85mm f/2.0 RF Macro Lens Showcase

    Haven’t used this one much, but not for lack of liking it. I just like some others more! I’ll make a point to put more in here, but for now-
  3. AndyH44

    Expired For Sale: Voigtländer 35mm F2 Macro APO-Ultron Lens | Location: USA | Ships: World

    Classifieds Type For Sale Price 365 Item Voigtländer 35mm F2 Macro APO-Ultron Lens My Location USA Picture File(s) attached Description Payment method: CA$H, USPMO, Z®, or PP Item condition: 10 Preowned equipment, but appears as new. Shipping instructions: Actual Insured Selling as I no...
  4. Archibald


    A fly with red eyes. Taken with diffused flash.
  5. boojum

    Advice Wanted Macro - Close Up

    OK, up here north of the equator the days are getting shorter and it is getting colder, too. Where I live it is not the rainy season but the rainier season so outside photo jaunts are fewer. So, stuck pretty much inside I have to photo something, right? And photos of the kitchen get boring...
  6. melanie.ylang

    Compact camera suggestions for macro and general

    Thinking about adding a small compact for daily carry that can take a nice macro wildflower photo. My current EDC is a Fujifilm X30 (2/3" sensor), but my preferred wildflower kit is a Panasonic micro four thirds with macro lens. The Fuji is borderline okay for small wildflowers, but I'd really...
  7. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Manual Lens TTArtisan 100mm f 2.8 Macro 2x Tilt-Shift

    Still testing out this new lens. Tried out the Shift ability, while only 8° in each direction, it gave me approximately 56 MP in 1:1 format out of my 32 MP sensor in panorama stitching, not bad but not great. I was shooting handheld ao the alignment is not perfect all around but it was easily...
  8. jhawk1000

    Another flower, another bee.

    I hauled out my old and trusty Nikon D2x with the Sigma 180 3.5 macro lens and waited to find a shot of a bee on the flower,
  9. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Flash Tall flash Vs compact flash for macro

    Heuou. I got my diffuser and I got (the wrong) Raynox DCR-150 to get better closeups from my Tamy zooms (for now) buy I need a flash. I was initially thinking of Meike MK320 for a light and portable setup with the Laowa 85mm f 5.6 APO Macro and Tamron 24/35mm f 2.8 Di III OSD Mqcro. It's cheap...
  10. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Filters Lens Macro Diffuser

    Heuou. I know it sounds weird but there's a method to the madness :p I decided to get the Laowa 85mm f 5.6 APO Macro lens (going to buy it this Friday, used) and I decided to go with the Meike MK320 flash for a handheld macro flash setup. Where I need help is getting a macro diffuser to go on...
  11. Taneli

    Lens Laowa 65mm f/2.8 2x Ultra Macro APO

    The only lens I was missing on my new system (Nikon Z) was a macro lens. I don't shoot much macro but it is good to have sometimes. Because of that there was no rush to buy something but the other day I noticed one store here had €100 discount on it! So, here it is... :) Tried it a little...
  12. M

    Micro 4/3 Showcase Panasonic Lumix G 30mm f/2.8

    The first ripe blueberries in our garden
  13. D

    Rose of Sharon

  14. Lou Tingle

    Fuji Showcase Fujifilm XF 30mm F2.8 R LM WR Macro

  15. D


    thanks for looking
  16. Cederic

    Micro 4/3 Showcase OM System 90mm F3.5 Macro IS Pro

  17. D


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  18. D

    Luna Pink Swirl

  19. BobT

    Micro 4/3 Travel tripod recommendations

    I'm talking about an OS family holiday with an OM-1. I'd rather shoot hand held than take the Gitzo but a small tripod might be nice for the occasional macro or landscape. At this stage, I intend to take a 12-40 f2.8, 60mm macro and 17mm f1.8.
  20. D


    thanks for looking
  21. 1of1images

    Micro 4/3 Using the MC-20 with the Olympus 60mm macro lens

    I have posted a few different posts specifying how I do this across the World Wide Web (especially with the MC-14), but I wanted a single post about the process that makes it possible for the MC-20. First off, the way this was made possible originally was through the PIXCO extension tubes that...
  22. D

    The Unraveling

    thanks for looking
  23. D


    at work, thanks for looking
  24. Jon BEV

    Autumn Yellow,

    I don't know the name of this Autumn flowering shrub 4 meters tall and covered with plowers
  25. Taneli

    Lens Raynox DCR-250 macro converter

    Have had this goodie laying around but not used it much. But suddenly I needed to take some macro photos with my new system, came to think of this and thought it might fit my Nikon Z DX 16-50 lens, and it did! Actually, this is the go-to super macro gadget for Micro Four Thirds because it fits...
  26. TNcasual

    Micro 4/3 OM System 90mm F3.5 Macro IS Pro

    Man, I want the lens, but $1500 is pretty pricy.
  27. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Working theory to combat diffraction of tiny aperture.

    Hello, recently I was thinking of what could help with the diffraction effect from working at f 11, f 16, f 22 and f 32 (very few lenses can close down that much). One solution is working with either manual or automatic focusing rail, which is more or less mandatory for extreme magnifications...
  28. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    What is your fun side of photography?

    "That" time or the year is approaching, for some it's already here, the weather is cold and/or wet, the clouds are grey most days, the light is getting shorter every day. For some winter can be difficult to go through (I am affect by depression of winter season). So, the question is What is...
  29. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Looking for cheap light setup for mushrooms.

    Hello, now that autumn is here the mushrooms are starting to spring up and I would like to photograph the. Though I don't have a proper 1:2 or 1:1 macro lens I do have the Tamron zooms that can get very close. But being zoom lenses they do have a very long and large shape to them that will block...
  30. JensM

    Micro 4/3 OM System 90mm F3.5 Macro IS Pro lens is coming in 2023

    According to Peter Forsgard in this video: Oly 90 mm f:3.5 Macro
  31. dionhouston

    Pentax Pentax Macro mode (Pentax-A 70-210mm or Pentax-F 35-70) for negative scanning

    Hi all, I recently purchased a very cheap negative scanner on Amazon, and was pretty disappointed with the results. I found online a description of a process using DSLRs using 3D printed parts -- I'm intrigued by the idea - especially since I have a K-1, and the goal is to digitize film from...
  32. C

    Micro 4/3 On the G9 the 35-100mm f2.8 v1 has, for me, no jitters shooting Video .

    I spent some time today with my "like new" never been used V1 of the 35-100mm f2.8. Got this lens for $370 paypaled and shipped. For stills it is an amazing tool. I also did some shoots with my 58mm Canon 500D close up filter on the lens and the macros were very good (even in comparison 60mm Oly...
  33. Darmok N Jalad

    Micro 4/3 Review: MCON-P02 Macro Converter

    I thought it would be good to lay down some comments on the Olympus MCON-P02 Macro converter. This converter works on a small collection of Oly lenses, and I have 2 of them, the 25mm 1.8, and the 45mm 1.8. After messing around with it for a few weeks, I must say I'm entirely impressed with such...
  34. P

    "Side by Side"

  35. AlwaysOnAuto

    Sony Showcase Sony 2.8/90 MACRO G OSS

    Thought I'd start a showcase for this lens.
  36. theoldsmithy

    Micro 4/3 Showcase TTartisan 40mm f2.8 macro

    I got this lens a few days ago. With the Panasonic GX80... And with the Olympus E-M1
  37. AndyMcD

    Three Ages of Daffodil

    Taking inspiration from "Father Ted" I decided to shoot a single daffodil showing its progression. I took five images but I prefer it with these three. All three are 20+ stacks and were taken using a Fuji X-T3 with Fuji 80/2.8 macro with 2xGodox MF-12 flash units mounted to it.
  38. AndyMcD

    Godox MF-12 Flash Units

    I picked up the K2 set of these (so 2x flash units plus the adapter rings, gels etc for them. Here is a quick test picture using them mounted onto the Fuji 80/2.8 lens, I use the XPro trigger to control them. Unit A was at the 1 o' clock position (as viewed from behind the camera) and was at...
  39. rayvonn

    Manual Lens Zuiko Macro 50mm F3.5

    I recently came across this lens so am placing a reference point for it in case anyone in future searches it in the lenses section. Definitely recommended. I have a much larger DLSR 100mm macro lens which is better when it comes to strictly macro but in terms of overall rendering, this cheapie...
  40. comment23

    Micro 4/3 Showcase Olympus 30mm f/3.5 Macro

  41. drd1135

    iPhone 13 Macro Mode for Eye Exams

    This is neat:
  42. drd1135

    iPhone 12 vs. FujiX-S10/XF 60 f2.4 macro

    I had these two and it's an interesting comparison: iPhone 12: FujiX-S10 w/XF60 macro:
  43. phigmov

    Film Macro Bellows for Slide Copying

    Anyone use a Macro Bellows for slide or negative imaging ? I've seen a good deal on a Olympus Macro Bellows with Slide Copy attachment - like this - Slide Copier – Olympus OM macrophoto group I'll use it with a micro-four-thirds camera and OM mount 50mm f3.5 Zuiko Macro lens. But - reading...
  44. Coksic

    Manual Lens Kiron 80-200mm f4.5 (Minolta mount)

    This is by far the cheapest buy so far. Plenty of fungus and dust spots inside, but mechanically excellent! It cost me 6 dollars on a local online sale site. The lens could not focus on infinity at 200mm( probably incompatibility with my MD to FX adapter). So, I decided to do something... That...
  45. dougpayne

    Canon EF-M 28mm macro on Canon M100

    I'm liking this lens for garden shots.
  46. phigmov

    Wide Angle Macro - Anyone tried the Opteka 15mm f4?

    Noticed some of these going cheap on Evilbay. Anyone tried one? Any good? Or are they garbage? I read that they are similar to the Laowa 15mm f4 Macros but without the Shift capability.
  47. mike3996

    On lens macro reproduction ratios

    A Lens's maximum reproduction ratio is one thing that is easily measured and somewhat easily understood, yet many mix sensor crop factors in! Why, WHY?! :confused-95: A 1:1 reproduction makes a half-an-inch ant measure exactly 1/2 inches after the picture goes through the lens to the image...
  48. P1010023rse.jpg


    Lady Pink Rose
  49. theoldsmithy

    Micro 4/3 7 Artisans 60mm f2.8 macro

    I've just got this lens so these are very initial comments. Firstly, wow, it's a solid, heavy beast of a lens. It must be milled from solid adamantine, I reckon. Here it is next to the 35-100 (admittedly tiny) lens that came at the same time. Second comment - as you move the focussing ring, it...
  50. buttermaker

    Hummingbird Moth

    I always had fun doing Macro. I need IBIS theses days though.