1. Brownie

    Sony Stupid mistake

    In early spring when I was first able to get out and play with my new A7 IV, things were fairly limited to backyard and around the neighborhood. I played some with the programmable button on the 200-600 and changed it to APS-C, and since I never use the button for focus hold (or anything else...
  2. Window shopping

    Window shopping

    An FP4 negative scanned, Leica M3, taken some time in the mid 1970's
  3. Sheep shearing

    Sheep shearing

    As I recall one of our Sherpas was demonstrating his sheep shearing skills. Leica M3, scanned in from FP4 negative, Himachel Pradesh, India October 1979
  4. Goatherds


    Goatherds, presumably father and son in the Himalayan foothills, October 1979
  5. SIJ - Day 2

    SIJ - Day 2

    In my hometown, a typical commuter place, I consider the local train station to be best place for street photography. Anywhere else people are just to aware of your presence. The station has a very sober architecture and while it is usually a quite busy place, it is also a location that...
  6. Market man

    Market man

    Taken in London at Brick Lane Sunday market. He seemed a bit of a character. Canon A710 is