manual lens

  1. Roboticspro

    Manual Lens TTartisan 100mm f2.8 Triplet (Soap Bubble Bokeh Monster)

    Good Afternoon, I received the lens this morning, mounted it to my Canon 5D Mk II via a cheap "chipped" adapter, and had some fun. It is very well built, all metal with a good feel, similar to old SMC Pentax lenses and the like. It is an air-spaced triplet, with a 13-blade iris, 49mm filter...
  2. AndyMcD

    Manual Lens TTArtisans 25mm f/2 (Fuji X)

    Got this yesterday and had a chance to wander around with it today. It is sharp enough (IMO) but the corners are pretty bad to my eye - but I was expecting that given that this lens cost £69 brand new. It feels nice on the camera, with smooth focus and a clicked aperture. I favour WA and UWA...
  3. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Manual Lens TTArtisan 100mm f 2.8 Macro 2x Tilt-Shift

    Still testing out this new lens. Tried out the Shift ability, while only 8° in each direction, it gave me approximately 56 MP in 1:1 format out of my 32 MP sensor in panorama stitching, not bad but not great. I was shooting handheld ao the alignment is not perfect all around but it was easily...
  4. ektar

    Manual Lens f1.2; Adapted vintage or New Tech?

    Let's get this out of the way: I suffer from LBA (Lens Buying Affliction, in case I buggered up the acronym...). I can find something to appreciate from most any lens, and will shoot at least once with almost anything. I have a real affinity for the giant glass that shows off from old...
  5. AndyMcD

    Manual Lens Laowa 9mm f/2.8 Zero D (Fuji X)

    I've been keen to get one of these for quite a while now and finally today was the day :) I am amazed at the tiny size of this lens - but it does have a 49mm filter thread (I have stuck on a 49-67mm stepping ring so I can try my 67mm magnetic filters on it). I was busy working all day so didn't...
  6. Brownie

    Manual Lens Was in the store today and saw an old used lens

    OM 28 21 f/2. $5,499.99. I asked if that was a mistake. Nope. :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: That is all.
  7. MiguelATF

    Manual Lens Pergear 12mm f/2 (Fuji X)

    In my (ongoing) search for the right ultra wide angle lens to use with my Fujifilm camera (currently an X-T5), I purchased this relatively unknown lens, lightly used, for about $100. The lens is currently selling for about $140 (USD) brand new so no one in their right mind would call the lens...
  8. Brian

    Manual Lens Highly Color Corrected Lenses: Apo-Chromatic, Ultra-Achromatic, and Beyond

    I have a couple of APO lenses (Corrected for 3 wavelength crossings) and one Ultra-Achromat, corrected for 4 wavelength crossings. The optical designers of these lenses put a great amount of work into the formulation of exotic glass, careful design, and precision construction. First up- The...
  9. Herbert Hound

    Manual Lens Meike 12mm f/2.8 mk II (Fuji X)

    This Meike 12mm f/2.8 popped up during a random search with £50 off plus a 5% discount voucher... so I picked it up for £98 inc. postage. I probably wouldn't have bought it at full price but it seemed like a bit of fun to help while away the hours until Spring. It seems suitably solid and well...
  10. AndyMcD

    Manual Lens 7Artisans 12mm f/2.8 mk II (Fuji X)

    This lens was announced late December 2022, but I happened on it by accident whilst browsing Amazon. The mk I is a pretty well regarded lens but didn't have a filter thread (you had to buy some proprietary adaptor). The mkII has a 67mm thread and also has a new optical formula. Both lenses are...
  11. rayvonn

    Manual Lens New Meyer Optik Gorlitz Biotar 58mm F1.5 II

    A historically updated lens which I'm guessing won't be of interest to some due to its characteristics but it may be of interest to others and seems to be coming available in most mounts (although notably no RF coupling though). This is interesting to me as it completely slipped my mind that...
  12. A

    Adapted Mirror / Reflex lenses

    A few years ago I came across the idea of using a Nikon 500/8 reflex/mirror lens as a cheaper alternative to an expensive autofocus 500mm lens. Since I wasn't going to be using it a LOT, it did not make sense to spend $$,$$$ on a "modern" lens. Turned out that the Nikon 500/8, even after 40...
  13. Roboticspro

    Manual Lens Tamron 52A 70-210 CF Zoom

    Good Afternoon, This is a cross-post from "Wildflowers"; it is a full-frame lens that goes to 1/2 life-size because of the extended helical. These were shot at f5.6. Regards, Edd
  14. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Manual Lens 1949 meet Sony a7R II

    I won this little gem on evilBay for 15 £ (with shipping): E. Ludwig Meritar 50mm f 2.9 in Exakta mount. It's not the most common and easy to adapt mount, built from 1949 in East Germany it was made by an independent optic company with a reputation for budget option with this one being one of...
  15. M. Valdemar

    Manual Lens Have the prices of Nikkor 35mm f1.8 LTM lenses gone insane?

    I have three of these lenses, pristine. I have not priced them recently. I also have a LTM Nikkor 85mm f1.5 too. I cannot find any listings for these lenses. I see one 35mm 1.8 with an asking price of $7500 on eBay. I see some sold 85mm 1.5's for over $3500. Are these the going rates now? I...
  16. Brownie

    Manual Lens Rockstar 27mm 2.8 for just about everyone, C, N, F, S, M-4/3, L mount

    Saw this at a rumors site. Link goes to an eBay listing, not the rumors site. This one I don't understand. 27mm, 2.8, nothing remarkable about it at all. Other than the fact that it's a pancake lens, what's the attraction? For the price, wouldn't one be better off with an adapted 28 from days...
  17. rayvonn

    Manual Lens Zuiko Macro 50mm F3.5

    I recently came across this lens so am placing a reference point for it in case anyone in future searches it in the lenses section. Definitely recommended. I have a much larger DLSR 100mm macro lens which is better when it comes to strictly macro but in terms of overall rendering, this cheapie...
  18. mike3996

    Manual Lens Urth Nikon G to mirrorless adapter.

    Urth EU sells a Nikon F to L-mount adapter for 30 €, and a Nikon G to L-mount adapter for 7 € more. I first ordered the F-L adapter but fortunately I thought about it a bit and I canceled and went for the G-L adapter instead. This G-L adapter has an aperture ring as one'd expect. With my...