medium format

  1. DeeJayK

    Film Medium format folder discovery

    Sorry for the long disquisition here, TL/DR: share your experience to help me choose a medium format folding camera. A random encounter in a camera shop recently with a Voigtländer Perkeo II, a 6x6 format, fixed lens, all manual, collapsing camera that takes 120 film, has sparked a minor...
  2. Herman

    Which Format?

    As seen on internet. Format discussion. Is Medium Format worth it? (Canon R6) I'm asking: Is Full Frame worth it? (APS-C) Is APS-C Format worth it? (MFT) Is MFT Format woth it? (1 inch) Is 1 inch Format worth it? (compact sensor) Is Smartphone Format worth it? (?) What you think?
  3. J

    Film Zeiss Ikonta B 520/16 w. 75 mm Novar lens

    I have a chance to acquire one of these at about $100US. I've heard of the good quality of Zeiss Ikonta cameras. The seller assures me he's run several rolls of film (120?) through it and gotten good results. Would you go for this camera? I must note that I already have some medium format...
  4. C

    Film Update on the Lubitel

    I like it so far, but gosh focusing is not comfortable, the little magnifying glass is annoying! I am using a light meter app, tripod, and cable release, so will have to see how clear (or not) the photos will be. I can't wait for my Mamiya RB now, as I have a taste for this and I LOVE this...
  5. C

    Film Yashica Mat, should I buy it?

    I want to try medium format, and there is a local sale for a Yashica Mat camera. What do you think of this camera? It looks to be in very good condition and the seller has used it, he says everything works fine. Just want to some opinions before I commit to buying this for $200 :). I believe...
  6. Arutemu

    Film Fujica 690

    My new toy... Fujica 690 BLP, direct from Japan. Something wicked this way comes... by Artem, on Flickr
  7. Arutemu

    Film Showcase Expired Fuji Provia 100 film

    Not sure if this exists already, so if it does, please move. I thought it would be a nice chance to display the results from expired film many of us like to shoot with. I will start. Pentax 67 / Takumar SMC 90mm f/2.8 Expired Fuji Provia 100 This was shot handheld in near dark with the film...
  8. J

    Film Building a Medium Format SLR System

    The past few weeks have been spent cleaning out old storage areas and accumulated photography items from the past 40 or so years. I sold off some 4X5 systems, some duplicate lenses, and some stuff that I didn't think anyone wanted - but somebody did! I've invested the proceeds in building a...
  9. Y

    Film Mamiya C330

    Recently purchased Mamiya C330 + 105mm lens, Portra 400, basic scans at The Lab.
  10. MoonMind

    Film Old folders ...

    I have a couple of old medium format folders (see my signature), and I simply love shooting them. I find the fact that I can 6x6 or 6x9 camera in my jacket pocket very intriguing indeed; a (modern) lightmeter N.B. At the moment, I use a cheap dedicated scanner (made by Rollei) to digitise the...
  11. Jip

    Leica Introduction to the Leica S system

    Introduction to the Leica S medium format system, I wrote an article about the Leica S-E (Typ 006) medium format camera read it here: Leica S-E (Typ 006) - Jip van Kuijk