1. mollyc

    Film Shoe mounted light meter

    Do any of you have a shoe mounted light meter? I am looking at the Keks KM02 OLED and the Keks KM-Q. I've been metering with my phone, which usually works out well, but it's kind of cumbersome to switch back and forth and I think I'd really prefer a camera mounted meter. I have several cameras...
  2. R

    Leica Leica METER MR troubleshooting

    New to the group and hoping maybe someone can help me out. I just got one, does anyone out here use one? I loaded it up with a 1.3 Wein cell. I was curious that when the battery test switch is depressed the needle shoots all the way down past the silver dot to the bottom of the window . When...
  3. William Lewis

    Lighting Light meter? Sekonic I-188 or I-208?

    I find myself shooting more and more 120 film in cameras without built in meters. Carrying another camera to meter with works but isn't my preference. I'm looking at Eprey and the best options seem to be either the Sekonic I-188 or I-208. Anyone with experience with either/both able to add...
  4. theoldsmithy

    Film Shoe-mounted light meter options?

    Hi all it would be quite nice to get a light meter that fits in the accessory shoe on my Zorki. The only ones I have seen on eBay are pretty expensive. Does anyone know of a cheaper option (say under £50)? Edit...turns out there are loads of cheap options. I just had to phrase the search correctly!