micro four thirds

  1. Atom Ant

    Micro 4/3 Bag for Leica typ 109 with grip?

    I recently lost my LX100 - my wife asked whether I had a spare camera that she could have for when the phone camera doesn't quite cut it. After checking when and what she wanted to shoot, I bravely gave her my very useful LX100. :( Then, two days later, I found a very clean used copy of the...
  2. Antonio Correia

    Micro 4/3 Forest

    Trees as important for the sustainability of the planet we live in. They are also of great beauty. This is a photograph captured in a forest where wild animals could attack the greatest predators of the World.
  3. S Noel

    Micro 4/3 Old and New

    This is mostly highlighting my other hobby, wood work. The boxes are for my wife and daughters. There are some not pictured here. This is my small basement workshop. there are some power tools, not focusing on them today. They are the primary tools used in making the boxes. I have the tools...
  4. Kevin

    Micro 4/3 "Sharp agrees to the Micro Four Thirds system standard"

    https://www.olympus.co.jp/news/2019/nr01197.html Courtesy of Google Translate... April 3, 2019 Olympus Corporation and Panasonic Corporation jointly announced the Micro Four Thirds System Standard in 2008 and have made efforts to disseminate this standard, but Sharp Corporation agrees with...
  5. Antonio Correia

    Micro 4/3 How I process my stacked photographs

    A quick and modest description - perhaps a clumsy one - of my procedure when making stacked photographs. I do like the final result of most of the time. I always try to avoid a harsh HDR which I am not very found of. Comments welcome. Thank you for your attention. A - Settings in camera My...
  6. Antonio Correia

    Micro 4/3 Movement

  7. Kevin

    Olympus to exit, or at least scale back, from the digital camera market?

    Well, here's something unexpected... Olympus might be looking at either exiting entirely or at least scaling back from the digital camera market. This follows the news that investor Robert Hale has been added to the board of directors. The move from China to Vietnam for their camera...
  8. Antonio Correia

    Micro 4/3 Portraits - I Kindly invite you to post yours

    To begin with a most recent one I met this couple today during a quick visit to an abandoned fortification
  9. Mike G

    Micro 4/3 Who needs willpower!

    At the end of 2018 I swore blind my spending on lenses was to stop for a year! You knew it made sense!😊 Well this is where the dreaded GAS got hold of me and yes the plastic was splashed, in my defence I was just keeping the credit card ticking over, honest! Anyway I was seduced by the charms...
  10. Antonio Correia

    Micro 4/3 Photographers

    Perhaps, he doesn't look but he is a photographer working on the field. He has a printer so he can sell his photos as fast as possible.
  11. Jock Elliott

    Micro 4/3 GX85 . . . some sky shots

    (Images cross posted at M43) Cheers, Jock
  12. Tilman Paulin

    Micro 4/3 From Fuji to M43

    Sounds like a great camera & lens combo! Have you activated the "Super Control Panel" (SCP)? (on the E-M5 MkI it was off by default). Basically that's all I'm ever using to change settings - the menus are just too ridiculous :) Add the cheap, small and light 40-150mm f4-5.6R to it and you're...
  13. bilzmale

    Micro 4/3 Samyang Fisheye arrived today.

    I've owned the 7.5mm f/3.5 from Samyang before so was keen to add a copy as I re-enter :mu43:. My as new s/hand lens arrived a few hours ago. I found Paintshop Pro to do the best job of de-fishing, much better than Fisheye-Hemi. A few samples including a 3 shot pano not defished. PSPro defish...
  14. gryphon1911

    Micro 4/3 Review - Minico Half Case for Olympus PEN-F

    Way, way back a few years ago I had the great fortune of being able to meet up with one of the members of a forum I frequent. Paul from mu-43.com was looking to buy my Olympus EM1.2 and since he was going to be in town we decided to meet and proceed with the sale. While there, he showed me his...
  15. bilzmale

    Micro 4/3 Oly 14-150 arrived today.

    My :mu43: kit is coming together. The E-P3 is back on ebay and my E-M1 MkI and Oly 60mm macro lens were joined today by a brand new 14-150mm f/4-5.6 II. It's not optically fast but is very versatile. A couple of shots from the back patio.
  16. Jock Elliott

    Micro 4/3 Initial impressions of the GX85

    I like this camera. A lot. It seems “right sized” to me . . . not too big, not too small. It fits in my 11” x 9” x 3” shoulder bag with the 12-32 attached and the 45-150 next to it with room to spare. The “rangefinder” form factor seems right to me as well. It’s designed in such a way –...
  17. bilzmale

    Micro 4/3 Should I upgrade?

    I've recently bought back into :mu43: with an E-P3, 14mm, 14-42mm, 60mm macro and VF-4. Being honest I'm a bit underwhelmed with the E-P3 and am now lusting after an OM-D EM-1 body (MK I). Offloading the E-P3, 14-42 and VF-4 I'd need to outlay another $300. My main cameras are a Sony RX10 III...
  18. bilzmale

    Micro 4/3 Anyone had experience with the 7 Artisans Fisheye.

    I've recently bought back into :mu43: with an E-P3, 14mm, 14-42mm, 60mm macro and VF-4. I previously owned a Samyang fish eye but recently noticed the 7a version at about 1/3 the price. Any comments? NEWYI 7artisans 7.5mm f/2.8 Manual Fisheye lens for Micro 4/3, SONY NEX E mount | eBay
  19. M

    Micro 4/3 Talk me out of the LX 100 ii (or D-Lux 7)

    Hi folks. I haven't commented much recently, but now need some feedback. I'm about to pull the trigger on the LX100ii, but I'm really hesitant as it's a good chunk of money and a reasonable investment for me. (Ok - I'm also looking at the D-Lux 7 for the longer warranty and yes, the *vanity*...
  20. Jock Elliott

    Micro 4/3 First light -- GX85

    Cheers, Jock
  21. Mike G

    Micro 4/3 New oven

    I took this photo because my sparkly new oven probably will never look as good again. :th_salute: G9 + P Leica 25mm 1.4 @ 1/30 f5 ISO3200
  22. Mike G

    Micro 4/3 Angel passageing a lock

    The narrowboat Angel passing through a lock in Islington. N’boats are 70 X 7 feet! Two of them can pass through the lock side by side. LUMIX G9 + P Leica 12-60mm @ 1/800 f4.5 ISO200
  23. Antonio Correia

    Micro 4/3 Oly 5 Mk II + Oly 75 f/1.8

    Straight from raw file Now with auto adjustments in LR Now, auto adjustments in a screen capture @ 2:1 However...
  24. Mike G

    Micro 4/3 My arsenal

    My two shooters, with a couple of my lenses. iPhone X
  25. Mike G

    Micro 4/3 LUMIX G9 back home.

    I’m happy to report that my new G9 is back from hospital after being repaired and all appears to be tickety boo! The engineers report informs me that the SD card door assembly and the rear grip have been replaced! Pleasingly the camera looks like new. And none of my settings has been altered...
  26. Mike G

    Micro 4/3 G9 rubber cover peeling!

    When I received a brand new G9 + 12-60mm in August I was thrilled, thinking this was a camera I could live with for a long time, the image quality was superb, handling brilliant, menu system also very good! But yesterday I was gutted to find that the rubber surface covering the SD card slots...
  27. Mike G

    Micro 4/3 Autumn leaves and Fruit

    From a local tree. Lumix G9 + Lumix PZ45-175mm @ !/500 f5.6 ISO200
  28. Mike G

    Micro 4/3 Kebabs R us

    They smelled nice but greasy fingers and a new camera don’t mix! Panasonic G9 + 12-60mm @ 1/1000 f4 ISO200
  29. Mike G

    Micro 4/3 Dave having a snooze

    Nothing quite like forty winks in the afternoon sunshine! LUMIX G9 + 45-175mm @ 1/400 f5.6 ISO320
  30. Mike G

    Micro 4/3 Decision made!

    Well chaps I finally made a decision and the first tranche of Fuji gear is waiting for a trade in offer from WEX, an X-H1+battery grip combo, Fujinon 10-24mm, 50-200mm, EF 20 flash and two rectangular Fuji metal lens hoods! They will finance the Panasonic Leica 12mm f1.4 lens! The next lot of...
  31. Mike G

    Micro 4/3 A bit of lens porn

    A P Leica 42.5mm 1.2 Nocticron mounted on a G9 iPhone X
  32. Mike G

    Micro 4/3 Boing

    I’m getting a wee bit old to try this! Panasonic G9 + P Leica 12-60mm @ 1/2000 f4 ISO200
  33. Jock Elliott

    Micro 4/3 Initial impressions of the Panasonic GX8 and 14-140

    (Also posted at MU43) It was this story in The Online Photographer that started this: That Addictive Little Sensor Several reviews gave the GX8 high marks for image quality. KEH had one used, as well as a sample of the Panny 14-140 lens. I gave KEH magic numbers, and a box of goodies arrived...
  34. Mike G

    Micro 4/3 OK girls you can start now!

    I have absolutely no idea what they were going to do? G9 + 12-60mm @ 1/1600 f4 ISO200
  35. Mike G

    Micro 4/3 Through the arched bridge

    The Jenny Wren passages a canal bridge in Islington Panasonic G9 + P Leica 12-60mm @ 1/500 f4.5 ISO200
  36. Atom Ant

    Micro 4/3 LX 100 ii

    So finally! Panasonic has now released details of the long awaited successor to the LX 100. Same basics, including the same lens, but a higher resolution sensor and a touch screen. What do folk think? :( :D :confused: I'm maybe interested in this update to my LX 100, although I haven't...
  37. Mike G

    Micro 4/3 I’ve had this itch!

    Ya see, I’ve had this itch for several months now and I have convinced myself that I really need to try out the mu4/3 field. This doesn't mean I don’t like my Fuji gear anymore, far from it. But I have this itch to try another system, which needs to be scratched. Had to sell off three premium...
  38. Lightmancer

    Micro 4/3 The last time I was wrong was 4 years, one month, 8 days ago...

    ...and here is the proof: The official I don't want the LX100 thread Prior to that was, oh, November 1977, I think... Let me explain. After my ill considered but thankfully short flirtation with the Sony RX100 I went back to the drawing board. I still had a yen (geddit?) for a high quality...
  39. Antonio Correia

    Micro 4/3 Diagonals

  40. Antonio Correia

    Micro 4/3 Diagonals

  41. Antonio Correia

    Micro 4/3 Customisation of Olympus 5 Mark II

    Let try to make this an interesting thread showing you what I have done recently regarding the customisation on the Oly 5 Mark II These are some pretty thin plastic sheets glued to the camera itself without any interference on the screen as it works perfectly. Comments most welcome. I want to...
  42. Antonio Correia

    Micro 4/3 Letter to Olympus Europe

    On the end of May 2018, I wrote this mail to Olympus Europe. I hope they wish to help us. :) "Dear Sir, I am an amateur photographer decided to leave a legacy of images to future generations, leading a group of photography and promoting, organizing and implementing slide-show sessions with...
  43. Antonio Correia

    Micro 4/3 Myset 1 in Oly 5 Mark II

    Here are my settings. For now, just "Myset 1" which I call SOS Yellow Focus Peaking ON
  44. A

    Micro 4/3 Thinking about the G9 or maybe the GX85

    Hey folks, just your average GAS ramble to come. :2thumbs: The G9 looks good. Really good. The Olympus E-M5 got me into m43 and since then, the Panasonic GM1, GH3 and GH4 have come to the fold. I use the GH cameras for work, but the GM1 is a wonderful stills camera with the small Olympus...
  45. Antonio Correia

    Micro 4/3 Goodbye lens-shade

    Goodbuy lens shade When removing the lens from the bag... Olympus lens shades don't look too good. Remember the Oly 40-150 f/2.8 ?
  46. Antonio Correia

    Micro 4/3 Olympus 5 Mk II + Nocticron 42.5mm

    Natural light. Oly 5 Mk II + Nocticron 42.5mm @ 42,5mm 1/100 f/1.6 ISO 200
  47. Antonio Correia

    Micro 4/3 Olympus 5 Mark II + Oly 40-150 f/2.8

    I have now an Olympus 5 Mark II which I use with a couple of lenses. Lenses from Panasonic, Panasonic/Leica, Olympus and Nikon F (1974) are used. My Canon equipment is being gradually being sold. The Oly 40-150 f/2.8 was received a couple of days ago. It is a very good lens. I like the photos to...
  48. Antonio Correia

    Micro 4/3 Metabones Speed Booster Ultra 0,71x

    Metabones Speed Booster Ultra 0,71x, anyone ? Pretty smart solution to use with my 1974 Nikon lenses...
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