micro four thirds

  1. JensM

    Micro 4/3 OM System 90mm F3.5 Macro IS Pro lens is coming in 2023

    According to Peter Forsgard in this video: Oly 90 mm f:3.5 Macro
  2. thatnormguy

    Micro 4/3 CPL for 12-32

    Hi Folks - Does anyone use a CPL on their 12-32? If so, do you use step up rings + filter or just filter straightaway on the end of the lens? Thanks in advance!
  3. MountainMan79

    Micro 4/3 Olympus 100-400 vs 300 Pro

    Who here has owned or used both these lenses? I’d love some insight or opinions. I used to own the e-m1x, and also had the 300mm pro and 1.4x tele. I made some great photos with this combo, and found the lens in particular to be outstanding. However, after CAF frustrations with the x, and also...
  4. lucien

    Micro 4/3 Olympus om d em 1

    I have this camera, I use it mostly for monochromes. Would it be able to shoots sports? What kind? Can it be used for birding? BIF? Or is it regulated to a standby still/workaround shooter which it's quite good at. Thanks, only have 2 lens for it 14-42 II and 40-150 both kit lens. I...
  5. C

    Micro 4/3 I am shooting video as I type.......

    I have my G9/Oly 60mm videoing hundreds of small American House Spiders (Achaearanea tepidfariorum) leave the egg sac. Although I am buying a new camera in October (now vacillating between the OM1 and Gh6), I will be keeping my 2 G9's. Why? because I know them and find them to be the perfect...
  6. retiredfromlife

    Micro 4/3 Question Your Experience With Returned Repairs - Packaging

    I recently put my Oly Kit in for their Pro Service Check. The paid version where you can send it 1 pro body and 4 lenses. I sent in my EM1.3 10-400 12-100 pro 12-40 pro 40-150 pro I wrapped these in P20 bubble rap in a thinkness of 4 layers, 20+mm thick. you could have dropped the box with no...
  7. L

    Micro 4/3 Showcase Laowa 10mm f2

    I love shooting wide. I had given up on Panasonic or Olympus releasing a rectilinear ultrawide prime, so picked up the Laowa when it was released. Bought online out of China or Hong Kong, before it was released in my country. That's how keen I was for one. Anyway, fabulous little lens. Plenty...
  8. L

    Micro 4/3 Showcase Panasonic Leica 9mm f/1.7 Summilux

    No thread for this lens yet. I'll see what I can do. Beautiful little lens. Light, compact, plenty sharp, lovely colours & contrast, & very reasonably priced. Really liking mine. Haven't used it a great amount as yet, as Spring/Summer roll around, it will get plenty
  9. comment23

    Micro 4/3 Showcase OLYMPUS M.ZUIKO 8-25mm f/4 PRO

  10. Hawkfan

    Micro 4/3 Olympus 40-150R Lens Question

    So I just bought a used 40-150R lens off fleabay for $70. Silver lens to match my silver M53. Looks in very nice condition. It does have an issue when zooming out in that when it reaches around 70mm the barrel will noticeably slow/bind. At that point and further it is not a smooth zoom out. It...
  11. Darmok N Jalad

    Micro 4/3 Review: Haoge HG-EM5III (E-M5 mark III) grip

    Posting yet another mini review for a bit of M43 kit, mostly because the items I've purchased have seemingly been under-reviewed by the usual camera sites. That doesn't make me an expert, but perhaps a bit of detail on a lesser-known product could help a random Googler. This time, it's the Haoge...
  12. Darmok N Jalad

    Micro 4/3 GH6 Special offer from B&H

    So the other day B&H sent me a "private offer" email with a promo code that knocks $400 off the GH6. I've never gotten such an email before from them either. Pretty nice deal, but that's not a camera I'm remotely interested in. Kinda makes me wonder if there's a push to sell more of them?
  13. Cederic

    Micro 4/3 OM-1 for video

    First time out with the OM-1 for video. I took 68 videos on Saturday, 1920x1080 at 60fps in 'normal' colour. Indoors, auto ISO ranging from 400 to 5000 (as the day progressed and the light started to fade) and the subjects were dancers. I used the 12-40 pro II, mostly at the 12-20mm range, and...
  14. C

    Micro 4/3 On the G9 the 35-100mm f2.8 v1 has, for me, no jitters shooting Video .

    I spent some time today with my "like new" never been used V1 of the 35-100mm f2.8. Got this lens for $370 paypaled and shipped. For stills it is an amazing tool. I also did some shoots with my 58mm Canon 500D close up filter on the lens and the macros were very good (even in comparison 60mm Oly...
  15. Darmok N Jalad

    Micro 4/3 Review: MCON-P02 Macro Converter

    I thought it would be good to lay down some comments on the Olympus MCON-P02 Macro converter. This converter works on a small collection of Oly lenses, and I have 2 of them, the 25mm 1.8, and the 45mm 1.8. After messing around with it for a few weeks, I must say I'm entirely impressed with such...
  16. drd1135

    Micro 4/3 Thoughts on coming OM-5

    I had a random thought and I thought I’d ask our extensive mu 43 community for an opinion. If the new OM5 is really going to use the same stacked sensor, could they make it with only electronic shutter? It would make the camera lighter and they could go back to a metal case. It would also make...
  17. Knikki

    Micro 4/3 Olympus OMD E-M1X

    Hi. I know a few people on here use OMD E-M1x but couple of things, even after doing the old Google shuffle, I can't quite work out, so thought would ask the collective mind. Blackout in the viewfinder when shooting continous: Is this an issue or is like the a DSLR where you just get a...
  18. M

    Micro 4/3 Showcase Olympus M.Zuiko 45mm f/1.2 PRO

    This lens doesn't seem to have a showcase yet, so I'm creating one. The Olympus 45/1.2 is extremely well-regarded for posed portraiture, but since I don't really do that genre, here's some street musicians instead. To start, here is an erhu (a traditional Chinese bowed string instrument) player...
  19. AndyH44

    Micro 4/3 Showcase Olympus 14-150 f4-5.6 II ED Lens

    Hume Lake from Panoramic Point, King's Canyon N.P.
  20. wt21

    Micro 4/3 Upgrading to E-P7 from E-PL7

    I don't shoot too much anymore, but I couldn't resist a well priced used EP7 that popped up. A bit more resolution and control points. I can't imaging my EPL7 is worth anything, so maybe I keep both. Will post my impressions of the EP7 once I get it.
  21. minimalist82

    Micro 4/3 My thoughts on the Lumix GX9.

    Hey guys, I wanted to share some musings on the Lumix GX9 and share some images. I’ve been using it as my primary camera since 2020. I bought it to replace my GX8 and I also owned the GX80. I loved different things about both the GX80 & GX8 but to me the GX9 brought together my most of my...
  22. minimalist82

    Micro 4/3 Hey everyone!

    Hi there, I've just joined and i'm looking forward to contributing! I have been a member (and very occasional contributor) on MU43 for a while as many others have, but i guess i'm moving to where the people are! I'm UK based and fast approaching 40. I've been into photography for around 10...
  23. R

    Micro 4/3 M5 Mk3 how to get to auto focus

    New to this camera. Used a manual focus lens the other day, now can't work out how to get back to auto focus. It's good practise using manual focus with focus peaking, but I might need auto at some stage, and I feel embarrassed that I can't work it out :)
  24. Tili

    Micro 4/3 Showcase Mitakon Zhongyi Speedmaster 25mm f/0.95

    I could not find a showcase for this one, so made one. All at f0.95 or slightly bumped the aperture ring to f1.1 ish. Went to my hometown for a small trip. I think the lens really fit the vibe there.
  25. robstar1963

    Micro 4/3 Hi from the ‘new boy’ 🤗

    A very big Hi to all the Mu43 refugees here along with everyone else :th_salute: Although I’ve been registered here since 2016 my account has been dormant for a long time I’ve just re joined today having gathered that many from the Mu43 forum have been moving over for various reasons, not least...
  26. R

    Micro 4/3 Possible upgrade to Olympus M5 Mkiii

    HI. I have a second hand M5 Mkii, which I picked up last year for a reasonable price, and love the size and weight for when I want to carry lighter gear. Currently the M5 Mkiii is on sale here in NZ, and I'm thinking of upgrading. Just wondering who has upgraded, and what your thoughts are...
  27. C

    Micro 4/3 My last camera and lenses for a long while......

    After much consideration I am adding a Gh6 to my 2 G9's and Gx85. And although I have a 12-35 I and the Oly 9-18, I am adding the PL 12-60 and 8-18mm to my other 8 lenses (basically for video with the Gh6). With the AI noise reduction and enlargement provided by my On1 programs I can't think of...
  28. C

    Micro 4/3 Will have a few weeks off....

    Just as I was getting started here, my 99 year old mom had a heart attack. Things are very busy with sale of house and of course the medical stuff. Will be back when I can.
  29. JensM

    Micro 4/3 New lens is up: Panasonic Leica 9mm f1.7 (Rectilinear).

    Micro43nerds review This one I think I will get! It would probably be a match made in heaven with the 14-140.
  30. 11GTCS

    Micro 4/3 Olympus 12-100/4 Pro: Flexibility vs Portability

    The 12-100 seems to have universally beloved status among reviewers and professional adventure photographers for its versatility and overall IQ. That said, the response in the community seems to be overall a bit more cultish and less of a mainstream best seller (at least based on the searches I...
  31. Simonix

    Micro 4/3 Kamlan 50mm f1.1 mk2, for some fun with the PenF…

    Picked up a very cheap copy of this lens on the bay of E the other day. It is hefty lens (heavier than a 12-40 2.8 pro!), with a massive slab of glass in there (62mm filter thread). It has some technical downsides, such as flare, glowing, purple fringing & it’s quite soft wide open (to be...
  32. P9F4

    Micro 4/3 Some thoughts on the GX850

    *** This was posted first (Nov. 2021) on mu-43, but since a lot of folks moved here and the community seems very nice too, I'd like too share this again. :) *** Hey all, just wanted to share some thoughts on the GX850 with the Panasonic 20mm 1.7 - a really nice combo, which I definitely have...
  33. Simonix

    Micro 4/3 Showcase OM System 40-150mm f4 Pro

    Couldn’t see a showcase thread for this new lens from OMDS, so thought I’d start one. Got my copy this morning. Can’t believe how small this thing is. Goes well on the Pen F as well as the larger EM1. Handles very well, and appears to be nice and sharp. A couple of quick and dirty snaps of my...
  34. Cederic

    Micro 4/3 OM-1 post-processing software

    https://helpx.adobe.com/uk/camera-raw/kb/camera-raw-plug-supported-cameras.html suggests that my ancient copy of Lightroom 6.14 will be able to process OM-1 raw files if I can upgrade it to CameraRaw 14.2 or later. https://helpx.adobe.com/uk/camera-raw/kb/camera-raw-plug-in-installer.html...
  35. DefectiveMonk

    Micro Four Thirds shooter in Ohio, US

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the site and coming, apparently like many others, from mu-43.com. I'm primarily a people photographer, mostly family and friends. If I won the lottery and never had to work again, I'd just crash events, document my heart out, and give away the photos. I love...
  36. agentlossing

    Micro 4/3 Showcase Olympus E-M5 Mark II

    Maybe this is a little too late for a camera that's almost seven years old, but I see several people still shooting with one, so why not add photos to a showcase thread? I was out shooting today in the natural JPEG mode, with auto WB and the TTartisans 23/1.4, which renders images quite warm...
  37. C

    Micro 4/3 Bigger rubber eye cup for the G9

    I am thinking of getting one of the bigger eye cups as in bright light I have trouble with my photogray eyeglasses. Anyone here use one and does it make a difference? Thanks.
  38. 11GTCS

    Micro 4/3 What Do You Use MFT For?

    As I tinker with different setups with my EM5.3, I figured I’d reach out for a quick sort of ShotKit type thread (not seeing one, please let me know if I’m missing it). If you use MFT, what do you use it for? Is it your only system or do you couple it with other systems? What kit (bags...
  39. C

    Micro 4/3 How I re-discovered my less used lenses....

    Since last summer I've been a co-organizer for a meetup group and have been "focusing" on going to small towns around the area (keeping it within an hour or so of home). Over the last 6 or 7 years using M43 cameras (EPL1, EP5, Gx8, Gx85, G9) I've acquired some good glass (although I think most...
  40. Toddster

    Micro 4/3 Panasonic - return focus point to center using button(s)?

    I have been shooting mostly with an Olympus E-M1 ii lately and appear to have lost some of my Panasonic memory. Previously my main camera was a Panasonic G85. I started shooting with it again to refresh my Panasonic skills as I have a G9 on the way. I would have sworn that I had the camera set...
  41. 11GTCS

    Micro 4/3 Olympus 40-150 vs 40-150 (Battle of the Pros)

    Has anyone shot with both the 40-150 2.8 and the newer 40-150 4? I’m strongly tempted to go with the 2.8 because of the price of the new f4, but obviously the new f4 is compact enough to be tempting, since it’d be a dual use landscape/near field wildlife option. The ability to use TC’s is...
  42. C

    Micro 4/3 Using type II HighRes hand held with G9 and 12-35

    Full image is from a handheld type II HighRes image using the G9/12-35 combination. Second image is a 100% of the steeple top. I took about 8 different HighRes of different subjects in this outing and found that only 1 or 2 attempts were needed to get this quality of image. For me it is very useful.
  43. theoldsmithy

    Micro 4/3 Showcase TTartisan 40mm f2.8 macro

    I got this lens a few days ago. With the Panasonic GX80... And with the Olympus E-M1
  44. B

    Micro 4/3 OM1 EVF bug for everyone?

    When viewing through the EVF in high speed mode and using SAF the viewfinder will lock up in low light conditions, requiring either battery or lens removal before switching power back on again. This only seems to occur when pressing shutter to acquire focus. I used the MZ12-100mm and PL200mm so...
  45. drd1135

    Micro 4/3 Another OM-1 video from DPR: OM-1 vs. R3 for Sports

    This time it's the OM-1 vs. the Canon R3 for shooting a hockey game. Even though the R3 clearly has a huge advantage being a camera aimed at this kind of work, it was an a great review of what the OM-1 can and can't do well. The also note that the lens/body kit is about $3800 USD for the OM1...
  46. DeeJayK

    Micro 4/3 Showcase Olympus Air A01

    Picked this little thing up on a lark. It's a fun little option that lends itself to creativity. If anyone else has (had) one, please feel free to share your images. - K
  47. AndyH44

    Micro 4/3 Showcase Olympus M.Zuiko 100-400 f5.0-6.3

    Thought I'd try renting to see if I might want one for myself. Initial response is too large and heavy for my needs, but very good overall performance when mounted on my E-M5 Mk III. All Handheld SOOC Bird was moving (cropped)
  48. mike3996

    Micro 4/3 Panasonic GX80/GX85: the real base ISO is 100?

    Some time ago I noticed on PhotonsToPhotos.net that GX80 might have its best DR at its "pull ISO" setting of 100. Usually DR suffers greatly if you let the camera overexpose by a stop to achieve this pull setting. But the graph at PhotonsToPhotos begged to differ. I made sample shots just out...
  49. drd1135

    Micro 4/3 Chris Niccolls comments on OM1 on DPR

    A fairly thoughtful article: https://www.dpreview.com/opinion/1792005739/om-system-om-1-an-adventurous-camera-and-the-right-tool-for-the-job
  50. Stu

    Micro 4/3 Oly Pro Capture Low, Auto C-AF or Assigned?

    Playing with my new E-M1ii and particularly Pro Capture. Can't seem to find if continuous auto focus is automatically included when Pro Capture Low is set or whether it needs to be assigned separately? Thanks!