1. Taneli

    Stroll Gothenburg Model and Hobby Fair 2023 at Aeroseum

    A while ago I was at this model and hobby fair for the first time. It is held in an Aero museum which is located in old military bunkers used for aeroplanes before. Have heard of it but have never been there before, so this year it was time. It was awesome, they had radio-controlled models of...
  2. 11GTCS

    Documentary Military Life During a 6 Month TDY

    I've been posting some of these on my socials while I've been doing this TDY (Temporary DutY, what the military calls a business trip), but I figured people would enjoy seeing them in a more curated way, so I'll use this as a rolling thread on my time and what life is like at a rear echelon...
  3. MiguelATF

    Documentary Military Ammo Bunkers in southern Oregon

    On a bird-watching hike with a number of avid southern Oregon birders, in the forested wetlands near to White City - which is the site of what was formerly Camp White, one of the largest domestic U.S. Army Military bases during WWII, I discovered something fascinating: in the terrain where we...
  4. davect01

    Vintage Aircraft and Military Vehicles

    Spent some time at a local municipal airport that has a great little museum that has events throughout the year Falcon Field Airport | Home A6000 and 18-135mm
  5. Morning departure

    Morning departure