1. 11GTCS

    Documentary Military Life During a 6 Month TDY

    I've been posting some of these on my socials while I've been doing this TDY (Temporary DutY, what the military calls a business trip), but I figured people would enjoy seeing them in a more curated way, so I'll use this as a rolling thread on my time and what life is like at a rear echelon...
  2. MiguelATF

    Documentary Military Ammo Bunkers in southern Oregon

    On a bird-watching hike with a number of avid southern Oregon birders, in the forested wetlands near to White City - which is the site of what was formerly Camp White, one of the largest domestic U.S. Army Military bases during WWII, I discovered something fascinating: in the terrain where we...
  3. davect01

    Vintage Aircraft and Military Vehicles

    Spent some time at a local municipal airport that has a great little museum that has events throughout the year Falcon Field Airport | Home A6000 and 18-135mm
  4. Morning departure

    Morning departure