1. doobs

    Monitor Calibration

    So, I'm getting resettled after the move and thought I would do a calibration on my monitors. I've got two fairly old HP Pavillion 23cw IPS monitors and an ASUS VS228. One of the HP's is permanently connected to my Win10 box which has an NVidia Quadro P1000 display card. The other monitor is...
  2. hippi

    aoc q32e2n

    this looks like a monitor I am thinking about this is it a good specs: Large-format QHD LED monitor with 31.5" screen for your viewing pleasure IPS panel ensures an excellent viewing experience with lifelike yet brilliant and accurate colors QHD (2560 x 1440) screen resolution delivers...
  3. R

    Advice Wanted monitor died

    My 23" Apple Cinema Display died yesterday. I was using it as an external for a late 2012 13" MacBook Pro running High Sierra. I was wondering what current monitors might be compatible with the laptop. Thanks for any suggestions.
  4. john m flores

    Anybody using a portable monitor?

    Shopping for a portable monitor to pair with my Framework laptop when on the road. Anyone using a portable monitor? Do you like it? What are the plusses and minuses. Feedback appreciated...john
  5. Coksic

    Documentary SMS Bodrog/Yugoslav monitor Sava

    Austro-Hungarian - SMS ''Bodrog'', later Yugoslav river monitor - ''Sava'', ship that fired first shots of ww1 (if we don't count those in Sarajevo). In the link is a Wikipedia article about this vessel!
  6. Jonathan F/2

    Curved monitor for photo editing?

    Does anyone use a curve monitor for photo editing? I'm thinking of replacing my dual 27" monitor setup with a single 4K 32" curved monitor. Does anyone have issues with photo editing on a curved monitor? With a looming stay-at-home order in our city, everyone in my family will be going to school...
  7. mike3996

    4K TV as the computer monitor

    So here I am, decided to solve my screen estate problems with a 4K television from LG. Because this thing is 49" UHD with an IPS panel for 350 € there's surely something wrong with this. Well let's find out! The store I bought this from has a most generous return policy so I have about a month...
  8. JonVdG

    Leica Leica T monitor "blackout" / file write time questions.

    I have a couple questions for those who have owned or had experience with both the T and TL bodies. Even when auto review is turned off on my T body, the captured image lingers on the screen for a second (the equivalent of "blackout" on other cameras), prohibiting me from immediately composing...