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  1. Goats decending from the Rohtang Pass

    Goats decending from the Rohtang Pass

    One of the last flocks of goats to cross the Rohtang Pass in early November 1979, before the pass was closed until the following May. Scanned in from an Agfachrome CT18 slide, Leica M3
  2. Goats on the Rohtang

    Goats on the Rohtang

    A flock of goats have left the Lahoul valley and crossed the Rohtang Pass in Northern Indian, 12,975 feet ASL in late October 1979, scanned in from Agfachrome slide, Leica M3, 35mm f/3.5 Summaron
  3. Goats crossing the Rohtang Pass

    Goats crossing the Rohtang Pass

    A goatherd with his flock crossing the Rohtang pass, 12,975 feet ASL in Northern India, October 1979 scanned from an Agfachrome CT18
  4. Mountains- Plane's View

    Mountains- Plane's View


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