1. V

    Feedback How to delete multiple posts at once?

    I'm trying to delete several of my posts at once. How do I do that? The only way I could figure out to delete posts is one-at-a- time by: Clicking on my username->Your content->click on one post in the list->go to single post->hit "delete"->wait for pop-up to enter reason-> hit "delete" again...
  2. Rick-Australia

    Likes & multiple images

    There are often times when multiple images are posted. I often find that some images are great and I would give them a "Like" whilst other in the group are not. So I don't want to give a like to the whole group of image just certain ones. Is it possible to like individual images in posts with...
  3. pdk42

    Show: A subject interpreted multiple ways

    I thought this might be an interesting idea for a thread. The inspiration is that there is a field behind my house that I photograph way more than perhaps it deserves. But the thing is, there's a nice sweep to the field and, thanks to a fortuitously-placed tree, it results in a nicely-balanced...
  4. Lou Tingle

    Fuji Showcase Fujifilm Multiple Exposure