1. gryphon1911

    My New Personal Project - Unique Gestures

    Some of you may have remembered a few years back I started a personal project for myself called Sceene In Windows. This project allowed me to explore life and events that were either seen through a window or capturing the events of life with a window in the scene. That project ran for about 9...
  2. Tim Williams

    Nikon Tamron 70-210 f4 does'nt like my Z7

    Not that this is a deal breaker, I don't plan to shoot long very much at all. I have the 14-30 S and the 50 1.8 S and I can go with that for a while. Anyone else having issues with Tamron lenses. I have heard a few grumbles about incompatibility but maybe a firmware fix will do the trick. I...
  3. P72275071


  4. a green seclusion

    a green seclusion

  5. SIJ16 ~ next door neighbor's place

    SIJ16 ~ next door neighbor's place

  6. SIJ15 ~ mondrian's garden, perhaps?

    SIJ15 ~ mondrian's garden, perhaps?

  7. SIJ14 ~ clearing summer storm

    SIJ14 ~ clearing summer storm

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