1. davidzvi

    Do I stay or do I go? (with my current system).

    First things first, no there really isn't a "right answer" to the question. Second, it's nice that a question like this can be asked here and not generate flame attacks as you would in too many forums. I keep trying to formulate a detailed post and just haven't been able to. But here goes...
  2. Biro

    Fuji X-Pro3 and My Fuji Gear

    Well, I surprised myself this week. I pulled the trigger on a barely used X-Pro3. It's due to arrive this weekend and I am looking forward to working with the camera - and comparing it to my X-Pro2. But my almost-impulse decision to jump on the deal (the price was just too good) has kicked...
  3. kivis

    Nikon D7500 and my gang of 3

    Shooting primarily with my Nikon D7500 with 3 primes. 24mm 2.8 AF-D 50mm 1.8 AF-D 85mm 1.8 AF-D Ya I know not the latest, but they were affordable and provide great image quality. FOV is 36-75-127
  4. Jock Elliott

    Fuji Epic cloud structures are my drug of choice . . .

    Squall line moving in today. XP90 from a moving car, spotter-in-chief driving. Of course, it doesn't always work out. Cheers, Jock
  5. Bobby Tingle

    My back and forth between LR and C1 finally at an end....

    Almost the entire time I have shot with Fuji, I have mainly used Capture One for my raw processing/editing. At one point even leaving Photoshop for Affinity Photo. This was due to C1 handling the Fuji files much better than LR. And on my editing computer, C1 ran faster. Some time in the last...
  6. Bobby Tingle

    Buying my way out of a slump

    At the end of the Single In April, I found myself in a photography slump. For the first time I can think of. My thoughts are that several factors contributed. For one, I rearranged my whole kit with zooms to have the flexibility for starting in home portraits and head shots. With said kit also...
  7. drd1135

    My New Grandson

    Not so new at two months, but I finally got to see him this weekend.
  8. gryphon1911

    Nikon Running My Neglected D500

    Since the COVID19 pandemic, my local sports shooting has come to a standstill. I've been lucky and still can get out and take pictures, but nothing that "needed" the power of the I've been shooting with the Df, Fuji and Olympus more. Well, today I decided to stop neglecting the D500...
  9. MiguelATF

    Ricoh My new (to me) 11-year-old Ricoh GRD iii

    Well, call me foolish for buying an 11-year-old camera with a tiny sensor, but after years of admiring from a distance the photos which Wouter Brandsma, Josh White (aka jtinseoul) and occasionally Eric Kim have taken or used to take with this little Ricoh, I couldn't resist when I found one in...
  10. gryphon1911

    Fuji My Fuji X100V Review While it may not be the best time to be able to get out for review purposes...I did the best I could. Hope you all enjoy my review of the X100V.
  11. gryphon1911

    My Wife and Some Extensive Post Processing

    Every now and again, I’ll just go off the deep end on a portrait and just let myself go crazy with the post processing. this started out as an iPhone11 portrait mode shot and found its way through Snapseed, Hipstamatic Tintype. just experimenting and having fun. original image: processed...
  12. davect01

    Stroll Park Outing. First outing with my A6400

    So I've had my A6400 for a couple of weeks now and this was the first time taking it out. With the 18-135mm.
  13. bilzmale

    My camera gear rationalization strategy is under way (again!).

    About 3 or 4 years ago I decided to get out of mirrorless and just use fixed lens cameras. I settled on a Sony RX10 III for versatility and a Fuji X100T for its style. This was driven largely by my developing Parkinson's Disease and the resulting clumsiness - a sound decision. In the last...
  14. gryphon1911

    My New Personal Project - Unique Gestures

    Some of you may have remembered a few years back I started a personal project for myself called Sceene In Windows. This project allowed me to explore life and events that were either seen through a window or capturing the events of life with a window in the scene. That project ran for about 9...
  15. Tim Williams

    Nikon Tamron 70-210 f4 does'nt like my Z7

    Not that this is a deal breaker, I don't plan to shoot long very much at all. I have the 14-30 S and the 50 1.8 S and I can go with that for a while. Anyone else having issues with Tamron lenses. I have heard a few grumbles about incompatibility but maybe a firmware fix will do the trick. I...
  16. P72275071


  17. a green seclusion

    a green seclusion

  18. SIJ16 ~ next door neighbor's place

    SIJ16 ~ next door neighbor's place

  19. SIJ15 ~ mondrian's garden, perhaps?

    SIJ15 ~ mondrian's garden, perhaps?

  20. SIJ14 ~ clearing summer storm

    SIJ14 ~ clearing summer storm

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