1. drd1135

    National Geographic TV series “Photographers”

    I watched an episode of this series today on Dan Winters. I found it fascinating, but I could see how opinions might vary. It definitely focuses on the photographer. The only two cameras I could make out were a Rolleiflex and a Fuji GFX rangefinder. 🤓 Apparently, Dan was bipolar and took a lot...
  2. T

    Scenic 1 ½ days in Pacific Rim National Park

    we had a great overnight trip to the we(s)t-coast of Vancouver Island - our first visit (we lucked out with great November-weather) full album here: Wild Coast Trail by tilman paulin, on Flickr Wild Coast Trail by tilman...
  3. agentlossing

    Pentax Iron Goat Trail, Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest

    Another of the seemingly never-ending settings of natural beauty in the state of Washington, we tackled this roughly 6-mile trail a couple of days ago. I brought the K-1 II with not the 31mm Limited, but the humble Pentax-F 35-70mm f3.5-4.5. And it once again proved that while it's not the...
  4. Stu

    James Turrell's Lightspace, Within Without, Canberra National Gallery

    It's All About The Light!
  5. Brownie

    Dogs Happy National Dog Day

    From Luna!