1. davect01

    New Betta Fish

    Nikolas the Great, picked out by our kid. Day 1, A6400 and 18-135mm Day 4, A6400 and 50mm Minolta
  2. merlin


    X-T2, 16-80mm
  3. merlin

    Nature's Eye

    X-T2, 16-80mm
  4. Bobby Tingle

    Jail Birds

    They're looking to break out
  5. merlin

    Mid-Spring Wildflowers

    X-T2, 16-80mm
  6. West

    Spring in bloom

  7. merlin

    Ancient Mountain Juniper

    XT-2, 16-80mm
  8. merlin

    Earth Day Lichens

    XT-2, 16-80mm
  9. merlin

    Backcountry Lichens

    X-T2, 16-80mm
  10. bilzmale

    Back in the aquarium game.

    Not quite nature but they are animals. We have kept fish on and off for over 50 years and recently decided to reinstall this 25-year-old 60L octagonal tank. I have been running it for a month empty of fish to establish the nitrogen cycle and allow beneficial bacteria to colonise. Been testing...
  11. mike3996

    Show Ice

  12. ggweci

    Winter walk

    Went for a nice winter walk with the family last weekend. In a beautiful forest of trails with the snow falling.
  13. merlin

    Artemus in his Winter Coat

    X-T2, 16-80mm
  14. Mike G

    Mackeral Sky maybe?

    I'm not sure if this is a Mackeral Sky? Nikon Z6 + Nikkor 24-70mm @ 1/2000 f4 ISO100.
  15. bilzmale

    Leaf Fall.

    I often regret (photographically) that in Australia we don't have a fall season but here in mid-summer we can get a leaf buildup. Here is a selection of treatments from the driveway.
  16. merlin

    Lichens in Winter

    X-T2, 16-80mm f/4
  17. Bobby Tingle

    Tried a 15 minute exposure

    Since the Pro2 can do a 15 minute exposure, and I got a new 10 stop in, I figured why not try it.
  18. wee-pics

    November Pearls

    From a late morning stroll with the Lumix LX-100 M2
  19. Coksic


  20. drd1135

    Another Autumn Walk

    Another pleasant autumn walk. A rainy morning and a bright afternoon. I was playing with a new lens (85 1.8) and was getting used to the narrow DoF of FF with a short tele.
  21. drd1135

    The Undergrowth in Autumn Rain

  22. kyteflyer

    Show: Spiders

    There seem to be a lot of spider shots in the forum, but no specific thread for same... So here it is for those who like these little guys.
  23. merlin

    Still Blooming!

  24. merlin


    Sure sign of autumn in the high country!
  25. Mike G

    Dave’s latest portrait.

    A suspicious look from my friend Dave after he’s just finished his evening biscuit snack! Quite a heavy crop. Lumix G9 + Panasonic 12-35 @ 1/60 f5 ISO2000
  26. Mike G

    They’re looking at us!

    Two beautiful Barn Owls at a summer fete. Lumix GX8 + Lumix G 20mm @ 1/125 f5.6 ISO1600.
  27. merlin

    Late Blooming Pelargoniums

  28. merlin

    September Glad

    A wonderful treat!
  29. merlin

    September Daylilies

    A new month treat!
  30. Mike G

    Dave & biscuits

    My friend Dave the Cat on his fourth visit today for food and treats! Lumix G9 + Panasonic 12-35mm 2.8 @ 1/60 f4 ISO1600 Or as he was probably thinking “bog off”and leave me in peace!
  31. merlin

    Very Late Blooming Gladiola.

    A marvelous surprise!
  32. merlin


    Second Round of Daylilies. What a surprise!
  33. merlin

    Last Glads of the Season

  34. Mike G

    Roses in the rain.

    A bit rainy today, thankfully also a bit cooler. :flowers_2: G9 + Panasonic 12-35mm @ 1/640 f4 ISO200
  35. merlin

    Glads O' the Morning

  36. merlin

    First Gladiola of the Season!

  37. gryphon1911

    Nature is **Graphic Content - deceased bird**

    **warning** the image below may not be something everyone wants to see. Any chance I get to be outside, I try. Even at work, during my break time, I head out and walk a mile. I usually see all matter of birds typical for the central Ohio region. On this particular day, I happened to be...
  38. West

    Fast Fox

    I must have camped very near a Fox's Den, as they were checking me out for several days. Shot with an 18-35 lens, not the best for wildlife.
  39. mike3996


    Kotkavuori, or literally Eagle Mountain, is a little stoney park in Lauttasaari district in Helsinki. Little did I guess it'd turn out to be this most wonderful collection of textures of all kinds. The light wasn't perfect but the thick overcast helped cast this even light. Which...
  40. merlin

    Fleurs du Matin

  41. Mike G

    Two Roses

    Two roses from the same rose bush in my garden! G9 + 12-35mm 2.8 @ 1/2500 f4 ISO200 G9 + 12-35mm 2.8 @ 1/2000 f4 ISO200
  42. merlin


    On Friday and Saturday, we were honored with a visit of a mother bobcat and her three small kittens. It was amazing and deeply moving to observe them for many hours playing, nursing, and climbing trees, all the while under the patient and watchful eye of Mom. Our home is clearly a safe place...
  43. merlin

    Cholla Flowers

  44. merlin

    First Cholla Flower of the Season!

  45. merlin

    Rock Formation

  46. T

    Little Birds of the Viera Wetlands

    With all the larger birds and gators, sometimes these little guys don’t get any love. #1 #2 #3
  47. T

    Juvenile Gators

    Met these two yesterday morning at the Viera Wetlands. I was experimenting with the TC-14III with the 200-500. Definitely noticed the impact in AF performance but otherwise, not too shabby. #1 #2
  48. T

    Black-Bellied Whistling Ducks

    These ducks were all over the Viera Wetlands yesterday morning. It looked like they nest in the palm tree stumps. They were great to watch and fun to shoot. Credit to Steve (@SRHEdD) for the ID. #1 #2 #3
  49. merlin

    Mountain Yucca Flower Bud

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