1. S

    Animals Busy As......

  2. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Birds Talk to your local farmers (wildlife advice), image loaded thread.

    Hi, I wanted to write this for a week but life kept me busy. I have wanted to do this myself for a while but never got to (so much for taking my own advice) but I happened on this event twice in 6 years: When farmers cut down the fields of grass to be used as hay for their farms it will reveal...
  3. AndyH44

    Birds Red Shoulder Hawk

    Caught this guy at our birdbath this morning .... Handheld / heavy crop / through a very dirty dual-pane window.
  4. M

    Birds Western Grebe with Chick

  5. KJNorth

    Nature It's Fungi Time!

  6. KJNorth

    Birds Blue Jay came for a visit

    Blue Jay came for a visit
  7. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Birds The Little and The Tiny Grebe

    I wanted to make this post for some time but I haven't found what this bird is until very recently: Called Little Grebe or Dudchick (Tachybaptus ruficollis), it's a very small aquatic bird that I never seen until this spring. They are quite common in Europe, North Africa, Asia and Russia. But...
  8. Brownie

    Animals Some shots from Africa

    My wife and daughter recently returned from a 2-week safari. These are my daughter's images, posted with permission. Very pleased with the quality, proof that the latest and greatest gear is unnecessary. Kind of proud of her, she did a good job!
  9. KJNorth

    Birds Swans out for a Family Swim

    I was lucky enough to catch a family of swans out for a swim.
  10. MountainMan79

    Nature About last night…

    …I’ve never got so much purple!
  11. M

    Birds White Faced Ibis with Chick

    White Faced Ibis with new chick
  12. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Bugs Share The Fly

    I know it's not what you expect but no, not THAT FLY .... These ones :P One step forward and one step back, we do the Hockey Pokey... I never realised how photogenic flies can be, normally I don't like them at all (nor my dog, their buzz is driving her nuts) Very shy, getting to close...
  13. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Bugs Share The Beatles

    Not these Beetles: But these kinds of beetles :P Under my green umbrella. Fell in a vegetarian ditch. Well covered. Making my entrance. Do you wanna race, Turbo? Don't mind me, I'm just passing through... well, passing on you.
  14. Archibald

    Fish Mudskippers

    These mudskippers were photographed years ago in Singapore. Very interesting critters. They look like missing links.
  15. Bill in Texas

    Birds My yard water feature, bringing birds to you, close!

    I was asked to start a thread to show the water feature I installed in my yard. We relocated closer to the Texas coast in 2022 and there was an area under some trees to do this. Keep in mind, along the coast there are many birding destinations and many have only small water features that attract...
  16. Archibald

    Animals Wild horse

    Stallion living free in Alberta.
  17. jhawk1000

    Nature Sweet light near sunset

    I went outside just before sunset and the light was beautiful for photography, I took some pictures of the clouds causing the wonderful light.
  18. M

    Animals Wile E. Coyote

  19. Terra Tourist

    Nature Gators Galore...

  20. Archibald

    Birds Northern Jacana

    Couple shots of a Northern Jacana.
  21. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Spiders A new family member, Lucas The Jumping Spider.

    I wanted to do this for a while now and on Sunday I went to the Southwestern Invertebrate Show in Taunton and came home with my neelw baby jumping spider (and a panic attack from being to crowded and a cold that kept me at home my first week of my holiday). So here is Lucas The Spider (named...
  22. Bill in Texas

    Birds Photo chosen for use on Ebird and the Merlin app

    A photograph of a juvenile Whooping Crane I took on January 22, 2018 was chosen to be included on the Ebird site and on the Merlin app. I was shooting Canon at the time.
  23. Terra Tourist

    Birds Snowy Egrets

  24. AndyH44

    Birds You Lookin' at Me?

  25. Brownie

    Nature Tree Frost

    With some killer light!
  26. Robbo

    Nature Purple

  27. M

    Birds Harris Hawk

    Harris Hawk with falconer
  28. Robbo

    Bugs Ol Blue Eyes

  29. Robbo

    Bugs Furry Friend

  30. M

    Animals Mr. Gopher

    Just checking to see how many weeks of winter,,,,,,,,,,,,LOL
  31. M

    Birds Dive!

    My first post. On POTN I used the username Sixtgp. Posted a lot in the birds forums. Brown Pelican, SF Bay
  32. wt21

    Birds Bird Feeder: winter snow storm

    I put some of these in another thread, but here's my full series. Getting dark now, so not likely any more today.
  33. ShipleyNW

    Nature Show: Cape Disappointment (w/nw)

    I'd been to Cape Disappointment State Park before, but I didn't know about the waves and the lighthouse at the time. I've since learned it's a pretty popular place for photographers. On our way to Cannon Beach we jumped across the bridge in Astoria to take a look. I've seen some spectacular...
  34. Cederic

    Animals Donna Nook, November 2023 (Image heavy)

  35. B

    Birds Common Murre

    Kachemak Bay, Alaska Olympus EM1ii and 300 Pro
  36. Bill in Texas

    Birds Ducks and Geese

    They are migrating for the winter season here in Texas
  37. Clix Pix

    Birds Three Guys and a Gal

    Six male Hooded Mergansers and one female were having fun a couple of days ago playing the "mating game." This particular shot shows just three males escorting the gal (the other three were out of camera range) and clearly they were enjoying themselves. So was she, as evidenced by the glint in...
  38. AndyH44

    Birds Cormorant Air Drying

    SOOC / handheld / heavy crop
  39. MN shutterbug

    Animals Albino White-tail

    I'd been told there were a couple albinos hanging out in a state park about 200 miles from me so decided to go for a drive today and hope for the best.
  40. S

    Animals The curious Pika

    While hiking out on Mt Rainier earlier this year, I had the most amazing encounter yet with one of the area's Pika. We were trekking along a scree slope when we started hearing the distinct, sharp squeaks that indicate these little puff balls are around; so I stopped walking and began scanning...
  41. SteveBrickNJ

    Stokes State Forest (New Jersey)

    Northwest New Jersey : Stokes State Forest...
  42. W

    Critique Wanted Recent trip to Sabi Sands

    Went for a quick 4 day trip to Elephant Plains. Well 4 days is very short from the Highlands of Scotland but an overnight flight to Jo'burg makes it easier. However BA delaying the flight by 15 hours when we were standing at boarding gate with our passes ready to board is just a pure and utter...
  43. W

    Critique Wanted Hi key processing

    I seem to have become obsessed with Hi Key images. While many are intentionally over exposed by 2 or 3 stops when being taken, I have also been able to adapt others. Here the distracting fore and backgrounds have been selected and "all sliders set to max" to blow out all apart from the elephant...
  44. Bill in Texas

    Birds Birds in flight photos, post here

    As the title suggests.
  45. Terra Tourist

    Birds Pelican Portraits

  46. Cederic

    Animals Show: Primates

  47. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Nature Share: Rainbows

    Please share your rainbows.
  48. JensM

    Animals Show "Sheep"

    Couldnt find any treads dealing with collected sheeps, so thought I should put one up, starting with this one: Autumn is upon us, and up here in Norway that means that the sheep that is put out in the "wild" to roam in Spring, is collected up to be either kept over the winter or is off to the...
  49. TNcasual

    Nature Mushroom Potraits

    I am contemplating putting together a series and/or show of just mushroom portraits taken in the GSMNP and surrounding areas. I really love the color, form and atmosphere that my fungus portraits have. That is why I always go back to shooting them as much as possible. Take this series from just...
  50. agentlossing

    Scenic Mount Rainier, Washington & Surrounds

    Here are some photos from earlier in the summer with the Pentax K-1 Mark II and HD 31mm f1.9 Limited lens. Paradise visitor center: Paradise Lodge from further up the trail: Looking up: A little closer: The mountain is far too large to get into the frame with the 31mm: Subalpine...