1. B

    Birds Common Murre

    Kachemak Bay, Alaska Olympus EM1ii and 300 Pro
  2. Bill in Texas

    Birds Ducks and Geese

    They are migrating for the winter season here in Texas
  3. Clix Pix

    Birds Three Guys and a Gal

    Six male Hooded Mergansers and one female were having fun a couple of days ago playing the "mating game." This particular shot shows just three males escorting the gal (the other three were out of camera range) and clearly they were enjoying themselves. So was she, as evidenced by the glint in...
  4. AndyH44

    Birds Cormorant Air Drying

    SOOC / handheld / heavy crop
  5. MN shutterbug

    Animals Albino White-tail

    I'd been told there were a couple albinos hanging out in a state park about 200 miles from me so decided to go for a drive today and hope for the best.
  6. S

    Animals The curious Pika

    While hiking out on Mt Rainier earlier this year, I had the most amazing encounter yet with one of the area's Pika. We were trekking along a scree slope when we started hearing the distinct, sharp squeaks that indicate these little puff balls are around; so I stopped walking and began scanning...
  7. SteveBrickNJ

    Stokes State Forest (New Jersey)

    Northwest New Jersey : Stokes State Forest...
  8. W

    Critique Wanted Recent trip to Sabi Sands

    Went for a quick 4 day trip to Elephant Plains. Well 4 days is very short from the Highlands of Scotland but an overnight flight to Jo'burg makes it easier. However BA delaying the flight by 15 hours when we were standing at boarding gate with our passes ready to board is just a pure and utter...
  9. W

    Critique Wanted Hi key processing

    I seem to have become obsessed with Hi Key images. While many are intentionally over exposed by 2 or 3 stops when being taken, I have also been able to adapt others. Here the distracting fore and backgrounds have been selected and "all sliders set to max" to blow out all apart from the elephant...
  10. Bill in Texas

    Birds Birds in flight photos, post here

    As the title suggests.
  11. Terra Tourist

    Birds Pelican Portraits

  12. Cederic

    Animals Show: Primates

  13. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Nature Share: Rainbows

    Please share your rainbows.
  14. JensM

    Animals Show "Sheep"

    Couldnt find any treads dealing with collected sheeps, so thought I should put one up, starting with this one: Autumn is upon us, and up here in Norway that means that the sheep that is put out in the "wild" to roam in Spring, is collected up to be either kept over the winter or is off to the...
  15. TNcasual

    Nature Mushroom Potraits

    I am contemplating putting together a series and/or show of just mushroom portraits taken in the GSMNP and surrounding areas. I really love the color, form and atmosphere that my fungus portraits have. That is why I always go back to shooting them as much as possible. Take this series from just...
  16. agentlossing

    Scenic Mount Rainier, Washington & Surrounds

    Here are some photos from earlier in the summer with the Pentax K-1 Mark II and HD 31mm f1.9 Limited lens. Paradise visitor center: Paradise Lodge from further up the trail: Looking up: A little closer: The mountain is far too large to get into the frame with the 31mm: Subalpine...
  17. Brownie

    Dogs Happy National Dog Day

    From Luna!
  18. Erfurt2000

    Nature Show Mountains

    A view from the Inselsberg, one of the highest mountains in the Thuringian Forest.
  19. William Lewis

    Nature Dawn

  20. JensM

    Animals Otter!

    Somewhat maxed out on luck on the recent vacation up north in Norway. Saw an Otter one day, and the fellow came back for a photo opportunity the next day: Photos are quite heavily cropped and then had a run through Topaz Gigapixel.
  21. MoonMind

    Daily Challenge Today 1178

    Et ceterum censeo: No pasarán. M.
  22. MoonMind

    Daily Challenge Today 1175

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  23. MoonMind

    Daily Challenge Today 1171

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  24. MoonMind

    Daily Challenge Today 1170

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  25. Phocal

    Nature The Yukon and British Columbia

    So I am currently sitting in a hotel room in Ely, Minnesota (gather data for a September Boundary Waters trip) on day 12 of a 14 day trip from Anchorage, Alaska to Flint Michigan. My two days in Ely are the only time I have used a hotel, the rest of the trip has been all camping. Needless to...
  26. MoonMind

    Daily Challenge Today 1163

    Et ceterum censeo: No pasarán. M.
  27. F

    Spiders Baby spiders

    Baby%20spiders%20by%20william%20Heron,%20on%20Flickr']Baby spiders by william Heron, on Flickr[/URL]
  28. Charzes44

    Daily Challenge Today 1155

    Today 30th May 2023. Sorry, no music today!
  29. MoonMind

    Daily Challenge Today 1154

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  30. MoonMind

    Daily Challenge Today 1153

    Quite an interesting catch ... Et ceterum censeo: No pasarán. M.
  31. MoonMind

    Daily Challenge Today 1152

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  32. MoonMind

    Daily Challenge Today 1148

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  33. 2SHOES

    Nature Show: 'Lightning'

    After some searching, I could not find a thread specifically for lightning, I found storms, clouds, everything else, but I'm learning to capture photos of lightning with my Olympus EM-1 MK3, and 2 nights ago I set the camera for timelapse of 1 second photos with 1 second between, and I know I...
  34. guzziknight

    Animals Bear Country USA

    We went to Bear Country USA, a drive through safari park, in Rapid City, SD. They had just opened for the season and had about a dozen bear cubs. Cuteness Overload!! Baby Bighorn Sheep. Arctic Wolf. Elk. Bobcat.
  35. MoonMind

    Daily Challenge Today 1143

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  36. MoonMind

    Daily Challenge Today 1140

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  37. Judith

    Advice Wanted camera for beginners?

    Hello everyone, this is my first post on this forum. My son's birthday is coming up soon and I would like to give him his first camera. He likes to photograph nature and insects, can you recommend a beginner camera around $800?
  38. MoonMind

    Daily Challenge Today 1137

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  39. MoonMind

    Daily Challenge Today 1136

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  40. MoonMind

    Daily Challenge Today 1134

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  41. MoonMind

    Daily Challenge Today 1133

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  42. MountainMan79

    Birds The Fisher

    Didn’t want to swamp the show birds thread with a ton of photos in a single post, but these all belong together. I watched for awhile today as a GBH skillfully fished time and time again, coming up with a fresh fish all but once.
  43. MoonMind

    Daily Challenge Today 1131

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  44. MoonMind

    Daily Challenge Today 1130

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  45. TNcasual

    Your Top 3 for April 2023

    I was out and about quite a bit in April. It was hard to choose just three. Please share yours!
  46. MoonMind

    Daily Challenge Today 1126

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  47. MoonMind

    Daily Challenge Today 1122

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  48. T

    Animals Friendly animals

    Amazingly friendly
  49. tonyturley

    Nature Show "Woodland"

    When I'm out on my bike, or hiking, I'm always scanning the woods for interesting things. In the course of a ride, I stop numerous times for things that catch my eye. Here are some from Tuesday's ride. X-T1 + 18mm f2:
  50. ScleralGuy

    Cats Cats Whiskers