1. Punkie

    Hello from The Netherlands

    Hello All Joined the forum for info, sometime help and sometime giving advice when I know the problem. After my retirement as marine engineer I started with the Olympus E500, later the E620 and now the EM5 MKII. All years I enjoyed my equipment, special the size and weight of camera and lenses...
  2. R

    Waterworks area in The Netherlands: "Het Waterloopbos"

    A while ago we went to an area where in the late fourties, fifties, sixties and even early seventies scale models of all kind of waterworks were built. With the arrival of powerful computers, these scale models weren't necessary anymore, so they were left there to crumble. In the early nineties...
  3. Reciprocity Images

    Fuji Stolen FujiFilm XT-2 + Lenses (Rotterdam, Netherlands) PLEASE HELP!!!

    Hi fellow Fuji shooters… Yesterday morning (September 15) my camera bag with my entire kit was stolen from the Grote Markt outside of the Markthal in Rotterdam. My brand new Fujifilm X-T2 and five Fujinon XF lenses, Lee filters, etc were inside of a LowPro Event Messenger bag. All of my gear...
  4. SIJ - Day 1

    SIJ - Day 1

    This is actually the last photograph of my first photograph a day project I started on January 2 in 2011. The first roll of 365 photographs. It was January 1 early morning that I read stillshunter's post with the challenge of "Shoot safeties!" I took this photograph of my son during...