new computer

  1. Peano

    Software New computer questions

    My old computer died and I'm about to order a new Dell, probably this one. I'll be using the latest version of Photoshop, and probably also Topaz AI (I've impressed with what it can do). One question is whether there would be any significant difference between these two graphics cards: NVIDIA...
  2. Taneli

    New computer build

    My current computer has been running almost 10 years. Felt it was time for an upgrade now. Long story short, I went with full AMD build. Do various editing photo/video and (very) occasional gaming. Also likes silent builds so I tried to find components suited for a such build. Read more about...
  3. John King

    GAS A new PC

    My PC is now over a decade old. Nothing is compatible with it these days. Even the RAM chips are worth a fortune, as nothing compatible is made now. Same goes for a more modern graphics card. My existing big internal HDDs will all go into the new box, which has 6x SATA3 headers, as well as...