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  1. U

    Feedback Question ( New Member from Turkey )

    Hi all, I am Dr. Ümit Evran from Turkey - an amateur photographer- I have an international photography project in my mind and perhaps you can participate and be part of it . My goal is to demonstrate the "unifying power of photography" by involving 6 photographers from 6 different continents...
  2. M

    Hello- new member

    Just wanted to say hello. I was using the Photo on the net forums (POTN) until they closed at the end of the year. I love to shoot anything, but nature/birds/wildlife seem to be ones I take the most. Thanks, Matt
  3. Primes4ever

    New member, old photographer from Cambridge Ontario

    I have been looking around for a little while and decided to join. I took up photography roughly 50 years ago and transitioned from film to digital in 2002. I have a fondness for primes. In the analog era, I was a hard core Pentaxian and my first DSLR was a Pentax. Ten years ago, I switched to...
  4. Beemrider

    Feedback Intro … New Member

    Good day, Thanks for adding me to your community. I’m looking forward to engaging and learning with other photographers. A little about myself: I’ve been taking/making photographs since I purchased my first camera 1971, a Minolta SRT102 (wish I still had it for nostalgia reasons). I currently...
  5. P

    New member

    Hello everyone ;) I’m relatively new to photography - about 8 years or so, and am completely self taught, therefore more than a little rough around the edges! I live in France. So pleased to have found this forum. Looking forward to joining in The search filters on my chosen cam site allow me to...
  6. SteveBrickNJ

    New member from New Jersey / USA

    This will be brief. My name is Steve and I discovered this website tonight by way of my entry into Google's search engine. I am used to creating threads on another platform called wdwmagic. A typical thread by me looks like this... *...
  7. I

    Hi from new member, Cambridgeshire, UK

    Hi all, my name is Ian, been lurking on this site for a while, and I just love looking through the huge diversity of images posted, and the always honest helpful (and humorous) comments that go with them. So much friendlier than some sites I've tried in the past, so I've decided it's now time to...
  8. turnip

    New member from Austin, TX

    Hi all, Been lurking these forums for a while and figured I may as well start posting. I pretty much take pictures of birds and the places where I happen to be looking at birds. I've learned a lot from reading posts on this and other forums (mu43 and dpr) over the past year and look forward to...