1. AndyH44

    Completed For Sale: Panasonic GH5M2 Body *BNIB* | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Classifieds Type For Sale Price 995 Item Panasonic GH5M2 Body BNIB My Location USA Picture File(s) attached Description: Will be receiving this on Monday, 3-25 from an authorized USA dealer. Decided it is not quite what I was wanting after studying the specifications more thoroughly...
  2. hippi

    new camera pen

    just finished this one up Alumilite Clear with a label
  3. cedge

    Sony New Sony (A9 Mk1) User - My Experiences/Annoyances

    So rather than bog down the GAS thread, I thought I'd post here my thoughts on it thus far. The Sony A9 is my first modern full frame camera that I've bought having used the Sony A7S briefly (for MF lenses only) and the Canon 5D Classic. Main reason I bought the A9 was for its AF and continuous...
  4. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Spiders A new family member, Lucas The Jumping Spider.

    I wanted to do this for a while now and on Sunday I went to the Southwestern Invertebrate Show in Taunton and came home with my neelw baby jumping spider (and a panic attack from being to crowded and a cold that kept me at home my first week of my holiday). So here is Lucas The Spider (named...
  5. drd1135

    NASA chooses Z9 as new lunar camera.

    Nice PR for Nikon. They and NASA have always has a good relationship.
  6. S

    Hello, I'm new as of a few minutes ago

    I'm a writer and photographer who sometimes combines the two. Looking forward to interacting here! I use a Leica SL2 or Nikon D850 depending on what I"m doing.
  7. Pauhana

    Micro 4/3 New rumors Interesting. Hopefully new firmware update for current OM-1 with improved focus. Will see
  8. M

    Hello- new member

    Just wanted to say hello. I was using the Photo on the net forums (POTN) until they closed at the end of the year. I love to shoot anything, but nature/birds/wildlife seem to be ones I take the most. Thanks, Matt
  9. phigmov

    Film 'New' Widelux Panoramic Camera ?

    So I stumbled across this, which is wild - " Widelux Revival Project: Jeff and Susan Bridges & Silvergrain Classics Making a New 35mm Film Camera " And it was mentioned here -" What's it Like to Use the Horizon 202 Swing Lens Panoramic Camera? - Kamerastore " In NZ (where I live) the Widelux...
  10. Primes4ever

    New member, old photographer from Cambridge Ontario

    I have been looking around for a little while and decided to join. I took up photography roughly 50 years ago and transitioned from film to digital in 2002. I have a fondness for primes. In the analog era, I was a hard core Pentaxian and my first DSLR was a Pentax. Ten years ago, I switched to...
  11. SteveBrickNJ

    New Years DAY in NYC

    Here are photos taken in NYC on Jan. 1st 2024....
  12. G

    Pentax New KF

    Here is one of my first images taken with my new Pentax KF...
  13. davidzvi

    GAS Considering a new system. Maybe Sony.

    So, the O-M1 is the first m4/3 camera I've bought that I'm not enjoying. It's a fine camera, images are good. I got some lovely images on my trip to Greece. I'm just not enjoying using it. What to get in its place? I don't think I'll go down the Nikon road again. The Z7II was great as was...
  14. rayvonn

    Leica Yet another new Voigtlander lens (28mm F1.5)

    Again, when it comes to image output on new lenses, making it harder and harder to justify Leica's own, in this instance, Summilux version of this lens.
  15. Irene McC

    New version of Lightroom looks more intuitive to use

    I've switched from Adobe to Capture One in 2017, but prior to that I was a devoted Lightroom user and still follow their updates. This video by Matt Kloskowski makes the recently released version look very tempting. I hope this link works - watch the little video and enlarge it to full screen...
  16. Cmilledge3

    New old guy!

    Hello Everyone. My name is Chuck and I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I'm 52 (soon to be 53). I've been married for 32 years. I have two daughters, and a cantankerous cat. I've worked in the commercial floor covering industry for 28 years, primarily in sales. Over that time, I've done about...
  17. gryphon1911

    Nikon New Firmware update Nikon Z f 1.00 --> 1.10
  18. phigmov

    Pentax Peta Pixel review of the 'new' Pentax FA 50mm f1.4

    I've got the old/original FA 50mm f1.4 and really like the results out of it. Interesting to see Pentax reboot the lens with the same look/feel/size... (wonder if this has anything to do with the rumoured film camera or if they just want to milk some older designs? maybe they stumbled across...
  19. MountainMan79

    Feedback Notifications glitch?

    Not sure if a forum update occurred, or if it’s my latest iOS on my phone which was recently updated, but notifications are behaving oddly. I have a red 5 by the notification bell, I click on it and it says I have received 5 likes or something to that extent under a single thread/post. There is...
  20. drd1135

    Sony New Sony A9iii has a Global Shutter

    Not that I’m dropping $6K on a new camera, but it looks like we have a practical global shutter. 120 fps, 1/80,000 max SS, and flash sync at any speed. I need none of these 😛but it’s interesting to see a new tech becoming real. I wonder how fast and how widely this will percolate through the...
  21. S

    Also new here from POTN

    Hi there, as I said I found about it on POTN . I'm in Montreal, Canada.
  22. CameraMan

    New here from POTN

    Hey all. I'm moving here from POTN since it will be shutting down here within a matter of weeks. I personally stepped back from photography in 2015 for personal reasons. I used to do photography full time as my main source of income. But with the rising cost of health care, I needed to find a...
  23. Peano

    Software New computer questions

    My old computer died and I'm about to order a new Dell, probably this one. I'll be using the latest version of Photoshop, and probably also Topaz AI (I've impressed with what it can do). One question is whether there would be any significant difference between these two graphics cards: NVIDIA...
  24. SynJohn

    Looking for a new home

    I am following some other folks from POTN which has been a long time watering hole for me and will miss it. A lot of good responses from others on this site and looking forward to being part of a new family. I am living in the Pacific Northwest east of Seattle and have since moving here from...
  25. William Lewis

    Giving the D7100 a new home

    As something positive to take my mind off of today’s worldwide horrors… There’s this photographer I’ve been following on Instagram and Patreon. Mostly she does artistic and quite good selfies with the occasional landscape. She commented about wanting to get a “real” camera for her birthday...
  26. AndyH44

    Fuji New Firmware! Improved AF-S with wide angle lenses!

    Just tested in my X-S20 and the AF-S improvement is noticeable, but still could be better.
  27. Beemrider

    Feedback Intro … New Member

    Good day, Thanks for adding me to your community. I’m looking forward to engaging and learning with other photographers. A little about myself: I’ve been taking/making photographs since I purchased my first camera 1971, a Minolta SRT102 (wish I still had it for nostalgia reasons). I currently...
  28. Alf

    Fuji Looking for an excuse to get a new toy

    As it was in the past, it's about time: in two weeks I'm heading into Mangystau first and then I'll reach Uzbekistan by train. Mangystau is a striped desert and Uzbekistan is full of ancient cities , so it's going to be quite a visual treat. I was thinking of bringing this kit X-E4 with 16mm...
  29. AlwaysOnAuto

    Sony New Sony cameras

    Surprised no one has posted about the new A7C cameras yet.
  30. P

    New member

    Hello everyone ;) I’m relatively new to photography - about 8 years or so, and am completely self taught, therefore more than a little rough around the edges! I live in France. So pleased to have found this forum. Looking forward to joining in The search filters on my chosen cam site allow me to...
  31. BeatX

    Fuji New Godox trigger coming?

    I find link to this news on another forum: Looks very promising!
  32. gryphon1911

    Pentax Help a new K-3 owner out - Lenses

    Found one of these used at the local store. It was this or the OG K-5 or a K30. Came with the grip. For now, I picked up a usesd 18-135 DA WR lens for it just for testing purposes. There were nota lot of options in K mount AF lenses today. Which brings me to the subject I alluded to in the...
  33. Mzungu

    Micro 4/3 “New” Gear Options

    I have an opportunity to purchase an E-M10 II w/the 75-300 II + 14-42 EZ for below fair price, but it would mean I’m no longer saving for one of the E-M1 bodies and/or nicer weather sealed lenses. The E-M10 II option would be a fun knock around and excuse for dabbling with other inexpensive...
  34. Irene McC

    Nikon Tamron developing new 35-150 Z-mount

    I've just seen this article looks promising... watch that space
  35. SteveBrickNJ

    New member from New Jersey / USA

    This will be brief. My name is Steve and I discovered this website tonight by way of my entry into Google's search engine. I am used to creating threads on another platform called wdwmagic. A typical thread by me looks like this... *...
  36. rayvonn

    Lens Another new player from Asia

    I know nothing about this Hong Kong based business, but looks interesting. Seems it's not just Lens Light Lab doing this sort of thing.
  37. Phil.H

    Advice Wanted New Lightroom/Photoshop user.

    I have been using DxO photolab for a few years now to edit my raw files. I've only had lightroom for a around a week and only edited a few images. I used a Tiff exported from DxO PL5 after doing the basic corrections. To get the most out of Lightroom would I be better using my Olympus raw files?
  38. ektar

    Manual Lens f1.2; Adapted vintage or New Tech?

    Let's get this out of the way: I suffer from LBA (Lens Buying Affliction, in case I buggered up the acronym...). I can find something to appreciate from most any lens, and will shoot at least once with almost anything. I have a real affinity for the giant glass that shows off from old...
  39. turnip

    New member from Austin, TX

    Hi all, Been lurking these forums for a while and figured I may as well start posting. I pretty much take pictures of birds and the places where I happen to be looking at birds. I've learned a lot from reading posts on this and other forums (mu43 and dpr) over the past year and look forward to...
  40. Irene McC

    Fuji Fuji release new app finally

  41. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    New Peak Design hand strap (Kickstarter) Not sure if you...
  42. Herbert Hound

    Fuji New X-T5 firmware (1.04)

    There's new firmware announced for the X-T5 (Version 1.04) which will hopefully solve the problem of my screen occasionally dimming, freezing or not coming on.
  43. A

    Apple New iPad

    I recently got a new iPad 9 gen as an upgrade from 5 gen. 2 main reasons: almost maxed out memory and old battery; try using pencil for PP. I’d like to add a blue tooth key board and case, and choose a suitable pencil. I love using my current bluetooth kb, it makes my tablet into a micro...
  44. Brownie

    Sony Sigma announced the development of a new firmware for the SIGMA 150-600mm FE lens

    Hey @will focus and others with this lens, this should be of tremendous interest! SIGMA Corporation announces the development of new firmware for the SIGMA 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG DN OS | Sports with improved image stabilization performance...
  45. jhawk1000

    Scanners New addition for film slide and negative copying.

    I have a Pacific Image 3540 u scanner which works well but is very slow in scanning, I also have a Nikon LS-2000 scanner that is great but I am unable to use it since it is SCSI and none of my computers take a SCSI card, and even with VueScan, it will not operate the scanner with several...
  46. Brownie

    Sony Sony will announce at least five new E-mount cameras in 2023!

    Wow, that's a lot of cameras. Very interested to see if this new APS-C body is the same rangefinder form or possibly a full sized body. A7Cii prognostication: A7IV 33MP sensor, new 7RV flippy/tilty screen, new 7RV AI Chip + AF, improved IBIS (which by Sony standards isn't a very high bar)...
  47. hippi

    new trio

    one of these was shown early but was less full, stuffed it more this time came out lot better, the label cast is for one of favorite band more to come from this one, the last one is all hand painted plus it is for SB. LVII and my home
  48. TonyBeale

    New member from Newark, UK

    Hi everyone, my name is Tony Beale and I am just saying hello and introducing myself to everyone. I enjoy most forms of photography, especially wildlife and nature and I am looking forward to being an active member of this forum. I currently shoot with Fuji and Panasonic cameras and lenses.
  49. Jon BEV

    New Oldie

    Emigrated from DP, After checking a few sites selected this one. pretty sure I made the right choice, I must admit it is not an easy site to learn, took me 4 hours to change my avatar but there are more pros than cons, the list of forum subjects for instance, select trees, and be amazed at the...
  50. Rio

    New member, from Australia this time!

    Hi all, migrating from DPReview because, well, what choice do I have? Mostly shoot Micro Four-Thirds, though looking to buy a K1 ii for the times I want a bit more IQ even at the cost of weight. Looking forward to chatting here!