1. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    News New Firmware for Panasonic S5 Mark II/II X What gets me excited about this news is that the firmware adds Pre-Burst that was missing on the Panasonic S cameras (where the Panasonic...
  2. jbruce

    Perhaps Good News for OMDS?

    (Not sure what this means for OMDS, but we can only hope that it will lead to a bigger and better choice of m 4/3 gear. ) JIP says $14 billion tender offer for Toshiba set to succeed By Makiko Yamazaki September 20, 202312:50 PM CDT Updated an hour ago TOKYO, Sept 20 (Reuters) - A $14...
  3. Zeus1

    News Adobe Photoshop and computer security

    Interesting read, highly recommended. If true , Photoshop is spying on us.
  4. Darmok N Jalad

    News That’s no moon, but your phone might think so anyway.

    Saw this linked from another forum just now. Turns out “computational photography” might just be your smartphone figuring out what is in your scene and then just putting something sharper in its place in your photo. Anyone have the same Samsung phone to test and verify?
  5. JensM

    News Interesting development in Phone Cameras

    For those so inclined: Optical 4-9x zoom with OIS From the ingress: "LG Innotek is ready to put true optical zoom lenses in the next wave of flagship phones The camera component supplier has unveiled a telephoto module with real moving optics to cover a 4-9x range — no digital zoom...
  6. JensM

    Panasonic Interesting rumour in regards of Panasonic.

    Someone (according to himself) has gotten some juicy tidbits in regards of Panasonic: That ties in nicely with other rumours, in regards of a release of a "S5 MkII" in the late first quarter of 2023. I guess we will find out in some weeks, probably between 5-8 January (CES 2023 Las Vegas).
  7. Irene McC

    News Anti Photography Shield

    Apart from all the politics involved (and let's not go THERE), this big baby is being welcomed by the South African government and is about to dock in Cape Town. Apparently, in order to preserve privacy, they have installed an Anti Photography Shield that detects a CCD and fires a laser towards...
  8. Brian

    Leica Tim Vanderweert has passed away, January 9th 2023. Tim beat the odds for the last 6 months. His wife posted notice of his death. Just sad to lose him. For any of you that have read Leicaphilia over the last few years, Tim is losing his battle with cancer. I've corresponded with him over the years, have enjoyed his...
  9. TNcasual

    Extremely Sad News

    Nam Ing, a consistent contributor over at and all-around outstanding photographer died while hiking in Oregon. Terrible news to hear. Nam's images are inspirational.
  10. MoonMind

    News Flickr's next move ... My take: They want to get rid of free users - after driving away many paid users by rising their fees by 60% in one fell swoop a couple of years...
  11. agentlossing

    News Ricoh Pentax to "Move Away from Mass Production?"

    Well now, what to make of this? Ricoh CEO announced that the company is "renewing the camera business" by moving away from mass production and distribution to a direct-to-consumer model for Pentax DSLRs and Ricoh GR, along with more of a "workshop-like" manufacture, whatever that means...
  12. CameraderieBot

    Canon Virtual Reality Through a New Lens: Canon Introduces Their First Dual Fisheye Lens for Stereoscopic 3D 180° VR Capture in 8K

    Virtual Reality Through a New Lens: Canon Introduces Their First Dual Fisheye Lens for Stereoscopic 3D 180° VR Capture in 8K MELVILLE, NY, October 6...
  13. davidzvi

    News David Thorpe - Sad News

    I'm not sure how's he's doing but for those that might have missed it. If you've never seen any of his content I would highly recommend having a look. His reviews are definitely not technical / pixel peeping in nature but come from from decades of varied professional experience.
  14. kyteflyer

    News Royal Photographic Society: Full archive online

    And its free to browse!
  15. doobs

    Sad news

    I was over at fotozones and there was a thread that our Mike G had succumbed to brain cancer. In Memory Of Mike Gorman Just thoughts folks here should know
  16. drd1135

    News Dutch Court Ruling about Children’s Photos

    I wish people could handle these things amongst themselves.
  17. tonyturley

    In other news . . . .

    . . . we've been watching too much British telly. I left my mobile on my desk while I walked out to pick up the post, and when I came back in my wife said "Someone just rang your phone." Then she paused and muttered under her breath "Rang your phone" and then laughed and shook her head. Just a...
  18. davidzvi

    News Fuji X-E Canceled?

    New rumor about the X-E3 being the last of the line. :wtf: Unless the plan is to merge the X-Pro / X-E / X-A into just two offerings with the X-A moving WAY up, I don't understand it. And given the X-A is on #7 and the X-E is only on #3 they would have a longer run and keep things more in a...
  19. CameraderieBot

    News PowerVision Hatching New All-In-One PowerEgg X Autonomous Personal AI Camera at CES 2020

    PowerVision Hatching New All-In-One PowerEgg X Autonomous Personal AI Camera at CES 2020 SAN MATEO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- #ArtificialIntelligence--PowerVision is launching its smart drone "PowerEgg X" at CES 2020, the device creates a new category of all-in-one autonomous personal AI camera...
  20. TraamisVOS

    In other (personal) news...

    My alma mater accepted my application into their Master of Fine Arts program. They sent me the email a couple of weeks ago and I accepted the offer immediately. It'll involve a research thesis and also a major practice-based component, culminating in an exhibition that will incorporate both...
  21. CameraderieBot

    Canon Canon announces EOS M200

    Canon has announced the release of the EOS M200 camera, the successor to their EOS M100 mirrorless offering in 2017. Adoram has it available for pre-order with...
  22. Kevin

    Leica Leica Q2 - Released March 7, 2019 Leica could be following up its three-year-old Leica Q model with an announcement possible as soon as March 7. ... Leaked specs suggest the new camera will employ a 47.3MP full-frame sensor, in place of the 24MP chip...