1. SIJ - DAY31

    SIJ - DAY31

    in the naaaaaaame of love......... I was feeling playful today being the last day of the SiJ challenge so I decided to recycle an old idea and took this image for my last entry in SiJ.
  2. SIJ - DAY30

    SIJ - DAY30

    Ghost Dog Was really strapped for time today and this was the best I could do about 15 minutes before day 30 ends.
  3. SIJ - DAY29

    SIJ - DAY29

    Bolte bridge from the Docklands While I was taking my Day 28 photo in the Docklands, I completely lost track of time and ended up staying there till midnight, and since it's officially the 'next day' I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to take my day 29 photo.
  4. SIJ - DAY28

    SIJ - DAY28

    Blackbird in the night I was walking around Melbourne's Docklands when I came across a statue of Graham Kennedy (for the folks not from oz or for the youngens Graham Kennedy used to be a famous TV personality) while I found his statue to be a bit mundane I did find the statue of the bird by...
  5. SIJ - DAY27

    SIJ - DAY27

    Soltitude I originally took this shot for the weekly challenge with the soltitude theme, I wanted the viewer to look into an empty beach, a jetty and a street devoid of any life and give the viewer a feeling of solace.
  6. SIJ - DAY26

    SIJ - DAY26

    Lest we forget
  7. SIJ - DAY25

    SIJ - DAY25

    Into the light I took this photo as a candid when she was leaving the shop, I wasn't sure what the camera settings were or if it was even in focus, I was surprised how turned out so I decided to use this as my day 25 image.
  8. SIJ - DAY24

    SIJ - DAY24

    Cooling off by the bay It's been very warm this week and people usually cool off by the beach in the evening.
  9. SIJ - DAY23

    SIJ - DAY23

    Williamstown Timeball Lighthouse I'm feeling a tad bit better today so I went for a drive nearby and took a photo of this timeball tower which also served as a lighthouse in the late 1900's
  10. SIJ - DAY22

    SIJ - DAY22

    Reflecting at the end of the day I'm feeling quite ill today and this was the only image I was able to take.
  11. SIJ - DAY21

    SIJ - DAY21

    Captus In Perpetuas Aeternitates I took inspiration with the images of statues in a cemetery uploaded by Dave recently, so I decided to try my hand at it. I actually like it and may take more photos from the same place for my PAD shoots in the coming days (well nights in my case)
  12. SIJ - DAY20

    SIJ - DAY20

    Nocturnal Blossoms
  13. SIJ - DAY19

    SIJ - DAY19

  14. SIJ - DAY18

    SIJ - DAY18

    B4 Bert the Bunny with Bokeh Balls (B4). I had to employ the assistance of my favourite model Bert the Bunny from my day 18 shoot.
  15. SIJ - DAY17

    SIJ - DAY17

  16. SIJ - DAY16

    SIJ - DAY16

    Wandering with shadows I was wandering around looking for something to shoot, it's 'one of those days' where you just can't get any inspiration at all, the streets are empty, most people are asleep and it's hard looking for subjects in the dark. I just decided to take a photo of the road I...
  17. SIJ - DAY15

    SIJ - DAY15

    Just another piece of the woodwork It's quite refreshing taking a photo during the day after shooting so much in the evening. This is a random shot of someone's fence, I thought it was a bit bland but I thought I might as well go with it since I'll be back shooting at night time during the week.
  18. SIJ - DAY14

    SIJ - DAY14

    Gem Pier by night I've decided to recycle an idea I had in the past, it's also the last image I'll take from this area before I move on to other places for my PAD shoots. @Mark - I shoot alone in the evenings, but thats OK, people tend to leave you alone when your standing alone quietly in...
  19. SIJ - DAY13

    SIJ - DAY13

    Williamstown Marina by night What caught me eye was the boat masts against the sky, it kinda reminded me of a medieval armies carrying spears or some sort boat graveyard at night.
  20. SIJ - DAY12

    SIJ - DAY12

    Local wildlife It was really challenging taking photos of the native possums in very low light. It was hard to nail critical focus as they're very fast, devilishly agile, and they dont react or move in a predictable way the little bas...cute critters. I literally took almost a hundred shots...
  21. SIJ - DAY11

    SIJ - DAY11

    Poweplant Chimmney
  22. SIJ - DAY10

    SIJ - DAY10

    The life aquatic afterdark I was planning to take more photos tonight but it suddenly poured down raining and hailing pretty hard so only had 2 photos to choose from, this was one of them.
  23. SIJ - DAY09

    SIJ - DAY09

    Playground at the eventide
  24. SIJ - DAY08

    SIJ - DAY08

    Black Swan landing by Moonlight I hope you dont get tired of the way I shoot, due to the nature of my work, majority of my shots are either in night time or low light.
  25. SIJ - DAY07

    SIJ - DAY07

    Temporis Me and my best mate were fooling around with the camera today when this image was shot, I decided this will by my day 7 image for SIJ
  26. SIJ - DAY06

    SIJ - DAY06

    Night time waters
  27. SIJ - DAY05

    SIJ - DAY05

    Time and Tide I managed to take some shots underneath the jetty today as it was low tide, I couldnt maneuvre properly though as there were still pools of water everywhere, in the end I committed to this shot.
  28. SIJ - DAY04

    SIJ - DAY04

    Rosemary I was planning to have a stroll this evening to take some photos but the weather was really against me (then again I live in Melbourne...) So I had to go with my safety shot, the Rosemary shrub on my front lawn.
  29. SIJ - DAY03

    SIJ - DAY03

    Like a moth to a flame A bit mundane image I think, just couldnt get the creative juices flowing today.
  30. SIJ - DAY02

    SIJ - DAY02

    Just cooling off by the pier at the end of a scorching day.
  31. SIJ- DAY01

    SIJ- DAY01

    Sorry folks, not a particulary inspiring image, I'm still recovering from a terrible hang over the night before.
  32. DSC3248_1024px


    NEX-5, Nikkor AiS28/2.8
  33. Reflections


    Sony NEX-5 and Sigma 105 macro