1. P

    Sony Night Clubbing - Sony 7mk4

    At 68 years of age I have started to grow old disgracefully. I received an invite to shoot at a night club in London on an ad hoc and I get home around 4am. It's the oldest dark scene night club in the world with no holds barred. It is well known to the gay community as it is a safe place...
  2. jhawk1000

    Rainy night for district Football playoffs

    We photograph one of the top-ranked football teams in the highest division in our State. They are two games away from returning to the State Championship game for the 4th time in 5 years. We do not have kids in this school, just kind of adopted this school as our own and have made friends with...
  3. Roboticspro

    Documentary Friday Night Dinner

    Good Morning, The high school complex I teach at (5 buildings, +1800 students, +200 staff) has a Culinary program that serves up to 150 people every Friday night during the second semester. The three chef teachers and the twenty students selected by two "Senior Hosts" put out meals that are...
  4. bluzcity

    Bike Night on Beale Street

    Every Wednesday evening is bike night on Beale Street, Memphis, TN. Here are a few snaps from last night.
  5. Jonathan F/2

    Sony Showcase My first shots with the 7Artisans 35mm f/2.0 + A7III!

    I've been searching for a cheap replacement for my Voigtlander 40mm 1.4 Nokton MC. While it was very sharp in the center, the field curvature softness was really starting to bug me due to the thick sensor stack of the Sony bodies. I've been looking at other alternatives such as the Voigtlander...
  6. P

    Night and day in Kyushu Japan

    Night and day in Kyushu Japan
  7. Bobby Tingle

    Open Mic Night 2-25-19

    First time out with my new prime kit 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  8. Velvia

    Star trails over a snowy lake

    Two of my favorite subjects.... X-T1 / 14mm, separate 30-sec exposures combined with StarStax and lightly edited with Luminar Star trails over snowy lake by efchan, on Flickr
  9. theoldsmithy

    Thwarted astro attempt

    I went out yesterday evening fully togged up with tripod, woolly hat and torch, as it had been gloriously clear and starry at 6pm. By 8 it was clouding over, but I managed a reasonable shot of the clear bit of sky with clouds lit by the moon. I had to torture the RAW file but at least it was...
  10. Velvia

    Yellowstone Trip with an X-T1

    Hi folks, I jumped into the Fuji system in August, buying an X-T1 with the kit 18-55 lens, a 14, and the 55-200, and went to Yellowstone and other parks last month on an RV adventure. Here are some images! Bison at dusk by efchan, on Flickr Mudpot by efchan, on Flickr Elk on the Madison by...
  11. L

    The clearest night of my life in Leavenworth, WA

    Went to a cabin about 5 miles East of Leavenworth, WA. Obviously the long exposure exaggerates the effect, but this was the clearest, brightest night of stars I've ever seen (and I've had some good ones) Got a funny sensor error or something in the upper right corner of the second photo...
  12. L

    A most beautiful superfund site!

    Sigma DP2 Quattro. Harbor Island near West Seattle, WA. 15s, ISO200, F/8. The export has a lot more noise than the original. Need to work out how to handle noise with the Quattro. Very little post, even though it looks very painterly. The Quattro long-exposure is fickle as hell. Sometimes you...
  13. SiJ 2015 Day 22

    SiJ 2015 Day 22

    Red light, Stratham New Hampshire
  14. SiJ 2015 Day 21

    SiJ 2015 Day 21

    Exeter Music, Exeter, New Hampshire
  15. SiJ 2015 Day 20

    SiJ 2015 Day 20

    Downtown Crossing, Boston, Massachusetts
  16. SiJ 2015 Day 19

    SiJ 2015 Day 19

    Puddlejumpers, Exeter, New Hampshire
  17. SiJ 2015 Day 12

    SiJ 2015 Day 12

    Best Buy, Newington, New Hampshire
  18. SiJ 2015 Day 6

    SiJ 2015 Day 6

    Going shopping, Portsmouth, New Hampshire
  19. Vintage


    You see the "Rathaus" in Hamburg.
  20. Pre-dawn on the waterfront

    Pre-dawn on the waterfront

  21. Bro Deliverer berthing after dark-3

    Bro Deliverer berthing after dark-3

  22. Bro Deliverer berthing after dark-2

    Bro Deliverer berthing after dark-2

  23. Bro Deliverer berthing after dark-1

    Bro Deliverer berthing after dark-1

  24. 3200 ISO night snap

    3200 ISO night snap

    This was the first picture I took at night and I set the ISO to 3200 to check the low light noise performance. Needless to say I'm impressed.
  25. Wet autumn night

    Wet autumn night