1. MountainMan79

    Nikon Showcase Nikkor 135mm f/1.8 Z Plena

    A few shots from my Zf and the Plena. This lens is GORGEOUS! I’ll be shooting with it more tomorrow.
  2. AndyH44

    Completed SOLD!: Nikon AF-P Nikkor 70-300 f4.5-5.6E ED VR Lens w/Hoya UV Filter $289! | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Classifieds Type For Sale Price 289 Item Nikon AF-P Nikkor 70-300 f4.5-5.6E ED VR Lens w/Hoya UV Filter My Location USA Picture File(s) attached Description Near flawless, functions like new and produces excellent images. Complete with OEM caps and hood, along with a Hoya HD UV filter (not...
  3. rayvonn

    Nikon Question about pre AI/ P Nikkor lenses and FTZ adapter

    Hope everyone’s day yesterday (it’s just gone midnight where I am) went through stress free - as it’s over, I thought I’d get back into the gear related discussions. I just wanted user confirmation (maybe experiences?) from anyone of using pre-ai Nikkor lenses with the FTZ adapter, that is...
  4. Coksic

    Nikon Showcase Nikon AF Nikkor 50mm f1.8 D

    Back to square one with this lens. My very first Nikkor lens. It's nice to have it once again.
  5. Coksic

    Nikon Showcase Nikon AF Nikkor 60mm f2.8 (non D)

    The ''bucket list'' is shorter for this lens. I have macro tubes, filters, reverse rings.. but this is the first 1:1 macro lens I bought. At mfd, focus breathing is wild, for lack of a better word. On the other hand.... it's sharp. Like, really sharp. With all this being said, and after a few...
  6. Coksic

    Nikon Showcase Belgrade in B&W with Nikon D700 and Nikkor AF-S 85mm f1.8G

  7. Coksic

    Nikon Showcase Nikon Nikkor AF-S 85mm f1.8G

    I haven't had an AF-s lens in years. Being a bit of an AF-D loyalist, this feels strange. I can't even hear this ''new'' damn thing focusing.
  8. donlaw

    Expired For Sale: Nikkor 35-70 2.8 D in box (reduced) | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Classifieds Type For Sale Price (see description) Item Nikkor 35-70 2.8 D in box My Location USA Picture File(s) attached Description I have had this for many years and it works beautifully. Original box included. Nikon 35-70 2.8 D $126 + shipping Payment Methods Regular PayPal (seller fee...
  9. MountainMan79

    Nikon Showcase Nikkor Z 85mm f/1.2 S Line

    I don’t own this lens, but got the chance to shoot with it on the Z8. It seemed very nice. Just thought I’d throw some samples up here, and maybe more will follow someday from other members! The Z8 has some internal reflections going on with the sensor when pointed directly at a very bright...
  10. Coksic

    Nikon Showcase Nikon AF Nikkor 180mm f2.8 ED

    A ''beater'' from Ebay with clean glass. Everything works fine. The autofocus is slow, and I mean SLOW (and clunky). This one is the ''middle child'' - the AF-n version (non D). No visible vignetting, no aberrations, tack sharp wide open. It is a great buy, on it's worst day! Paired with...
  11. gryphon1911

    Nikon Showcase Nikkor Z 180-600mm f/5.6-6.3 VR

    They called me an hour before close that my lens was in! I scrambled down to the camera shop and immediately went out to test it out. To say that this lens and the Z8 are a great match is an understatement. Here are a few shots. Some at full 45mp, and others were at 19mp, shot in DX crop...
  12. mnhoj

    Completed SOLD : Nikon Nikkor 55mm F3.5 Pre AI with M2 and PN-01 extension tubes | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Classifieds Type For Sale Price (see description) Item Nikon Nikkor 55mm F3.5 Pre AI with M2 and PN-01 extension tubes My Location USA Picture File(s) attached Description SOLD 55mm F3.5 non-AI Nikkor micro with non-AI M2 and PN-01. Includes caps. Barrel shows some very minor wear. Glass is...
  13. Taneli

    Nikon Z50 after one year

    So now I have had the Z50 just over a year and thought it could be good to sum up some things I have thought of. My inital first impressions that I wrote (see below), is still valid I think. I have come to not bother too much about the negative aspects, except one. Anyway, here it goes: Pros...
  14. Taneli

    Nikon 3D Print Nikon Accessories

    Couldn't find a general thread, but found a thread for Fuji. So I thought I might as well could create a thread for Nikon accessories as well. Feel free to post information/links to other models or your own! There is alot out there
  15. Gerry M

    Classifieds For Sale: Nikon Nikkor 24-120 AFD | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Classifieds Type For Sale Price $99 Item Nikon Nikkor 24-120 AFD My Location USA Picture File(s) attached Description Nikkor 24-120 AF 3.5-5.6D Originally nicknamed “Street Sweeper”. Lens is in excellent condition except for usual zoom creep. I controlled this with a wide rubber...
  16. lucien

    Nikon Nikkor 35mm F1.8G

    Hi, this lens just stopped working. I think the focus motor is gone. It was squeaking a bit. Now nothing at all. I tried it on another body same thing. What's weird is I bought it new. But off ebay. Should have used it more. Is it worth repairing?
  17. mpeterson

    Nikon Showcase Nikon Nikkor Z 26mm F2.8

    I've had a chance to work with this new lens from Nikon quite a bit since receiving it on launch day. Here are a few from an afternoon garden walk. f/8 f/2.8 f/16 f/11 f/2.8
  18. MountainMan79

    Nikon Showcase Nikkor 105mm F/2.5 AI-S

    Another older lens without a showcase thread. This was another one of the manual F mounts I gifted myself this past Christmas, and I’ve only been out with it once, but it seems quite nice. More to come.
  19. MountainMan79

    Nikon Showcase Nikkor 25-50mm f/4 ai-s

    Looks like another lens without a showcase thread. I had my first outing with it yesterday, on a dreary winters day. I quite enjoyed using it, although sometime while adjusting the focal length with heavy gloves on, I would accidentally move the aperture a bit. At the 25mm end, it needs a...
  20. MountainMan79

    Nikon Showcase Nikkor ai-s 20mm f/3.5

    I didn’t see a showcase for this lens, and my first outing was with it yesterday. More pics to come, but I REALLY like this lens. It needs a little tweaking in post to bring out the best in it, but that’s limited to things like vignetting and contrast, not distortion.
  21. William Lewis

    Nikon Nikon Telephoto AF Micro Nikkor 105mm F/2.8 D?

    Obviously this lens is optimised for Macro shooting but how good is it as a regular short tele? I'm thinking of adding a couple of more AF D lenses to my Nikon collection and while some (35/2, 50/1.4) are obvious, this length is not so much. I'd be using it on both my N90s & D7100. Thanks!
  22. lucien

    Lens AF-S NIKKOR 18-200MM 1 3.5-5.6 G ED

    I bought this lens on the recommendation of Mr. Rockwell, Ken. I wanted an lens with a wide range. Mr. Rockwell raved about this lens on his review board. I have this lens and it's giving me a hard time. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. What is the sweet spot? ie f5.6-f9? When should I use...
  23. mnhoj

    Nikon Showcase Nikon Nikkor Z 40mm F2

    An affordable "normal" with a little aperture speed in a compact size with decent performance.
  24. jssaraiva

    Nikon Repair Nikkor 10.5cm f/2.5 ltm

    Hi, any tips on where to repair this lens in Europe? One of the blades is apparently lose. Thanks!
  25. lucien

    Lens AF MICRO NIKKOR 105MM 1:2.8 D

    Hi I purchased this lens used on eBay. It works perfectly fine. But I discovered something yesterday that is a bit disturbing. I think this is mould on the rear element. Inside for sure because I tried cleaning it. But it wouldn't go away. I have screwdrivers (precision) and the lens...
  26. M. Valdemar

    Manual Lens Have the prices of Nikkor 35mm f1.8 LTM lenses gone insane?

    I have three of these lenses, pristine. I have not priced them recently. I also have a LTM Nikkor 85mm f1.5 too. I cannot find any listings for these lenses. I see one 35mm 1.8 with an asking price of $7500 on eBay. I see some sold 85mm 1.5's for over $3500. Are these the going rates now? I...
  27. William Lewis

    Leica Nikkor, LTM & usual suspects

    So a bit back I bought a Nikkor HC 50/2 and it was a little off. The resident guru fixed it with the usual consummate ease and I picked up a Nikkor QC 135/3.5 from him at the same time. Between weather and such foibles, the long awaited (well it _felt_ long ;) ) box arrived today. While running...
  28. gryphon1911

    Nikon Showcase Nikon Nikkor Z 24-120mm f/4

    Putting this out there now with a video from Ricci for a first look.
  29. Coksic

    Nikon Showcase Nikon AF Nikkor 35-135mm f3.5-4.5

    One of the dumbest thing I've done in my life... a crime.. That's, when I decided, a few years ago, that I'm capable of disassembling an AF lens! All that, because of a few spots on the front lens element, that only created a few flares (sometimes interesting)! I ripped the flat cables in the...
  30. mnhoj

    Nikon Showcase Nikon AF-P NIKKOR 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6E ED VR

    I recently picked up one of these and am very happy with it. This is on a Z5 via FTZ. Output is very nice. AF speed is snappy. It's long on the front with the FTZ but pretty light in weight. Very good value imo. Especially with the current sale. There are compatibility guidelines and some...
  31. mike3996

    Manual Lens Nikkor-Q 135/2.8 vs 135/3.5

    The first vintage Nikkor I bought for Df was the Nikkor-Q.C 135mm f/2.8. With its four elements its design is what @BrianS calls a "unique formula". Not necessarily a Sonnar but it's not a double-Gauss either. Fast forward to this year and I was buying the Nikkor 135mm f/3.5 because of its...
  32. mike3996

    Manual Lens Nikon Nikkor 200mm f/4: Micro vs Non-Micro?

    Any conceivable reason to choose the non-micro f/4 lens over the Micro-Nikkor 200mm f/4?
  33. tonyturley

    Nikon 1 V2 with a Nikkor AF-S 55-200 VR II

    First outings today with my new Nikkor AF-S 55-200 VR II on the 1 V2. Very pleased with the results, especially considering I learned when I came back in the house that the VR switch was set to "OFF". I also need to learn how to tweak the focus manually, as the lens kept locking onto twigs just...
  34. Brian

    Nikon Showcase Nikkor AF-D 28~105 F3.5~4.5, Aspheric Optics, Internal Focus

    The recent Thread on the AF-Nikkor 28~85 F3.5~F4.5 made me miss my old lens, traded off almost 25 years ago against my first Nikon Rangefinder Kit. That lens was ~$450 in 1991. I have zoom lenses, but not an AF wide~short telephoto. Last Summer vacation- such a lens would have been handy. It's...
  35. Coksic

    Nikon Showcase Nikon AF Nikkor 28-85mm f3.5-4.5

  36. Coksic

    Nikon D90 with some Nikkor lenses

  37. Matero

    Nikon Showcase Nikkor AF 35mm F/2D

    And the latest acquisition, Nikkor AF 35mm F/2D, and one of the very first images with it. What say you?
  38. Matero

    Nikon Showcase Nikkor AF-D 85mm F/1.8

    First shots with new to me Nikkor AF-D 85mm. Seems brilliant for what I was looking for: short tele, autofocus, decent size. :thumbup:
  39. Christop82

    Sony A7s with nikkor 35mm f2d

    The A7s seems to have recently dropped in used prices, so I was able to get one from for a pretty good deal. I have been wanting to try one for some time, but wasn't sure it could compete with may A7ii. What I have found so far is that I prefer the size of the A7s as well as the...
  40. S

    Fuji Fuji X-T1 with Nikon Nikkor 85mm f1.8 Pre-AI

    Nikon Nikkor 85mm f1.8 Pre-AI on X-T1. Taken at f/1.8, ISO 2500, 1/125s.
  41. Scad Brook

    Scad Brook

  42. Cascading over the rocks

    Cascading over the rocks

  43. A shady corner

    A shady corner

  44. Fern, leaves and torrent

    Fern, leaves and torrent

  45. Glaze Brook

    Glaze Brook

  46. The Scad Brook descends to the Glaze Brook

    The Scad Brook descends to the Glaze Brook

  47. Miniature falls on the Glaze Brook

    Miniature falls on the Glaze Brook

  48. The Glaze Brook

    The Glaze Brook

  49. The Glaze Brook

    The Glaze Brook

  50. Fallen leaf

    Fallen leaf