1. Archibald

    Birds Northern Jacana

    Couple shots of a Northern Jacana.
  2. SteveBrickNJ

    Ireland and Northern Ireland

    I'm posting my photos that I took in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. I invite anyone who has Irish photos to add yours into this thread as well.
  3. Pippan

    Hello from northern Australia

    Hi, Pippan from Darwin here, another POTN refugee. This looks like a friendly site so I look forward to meeting a few people here. I'm not new to photography though for the last two years I've been focusing (see what I did there?) on bird photography. I'm always keen for discussion about birds...
  4. will focus

    Northern Lights

    This is my first foray into this genre. The news said there was a chance for Northern Lights tonight and there sure was! Best display I've seen in years. I fumbled a bit trying different settings, and focus was a challenge, but it sure turned out to be a rewarding experience, despite the cold...
  5. pdk42

    Scenic A few shots from the Pennines in Northern England (and an ode to the Olympus 12-100)

    The Pennines is an area of uplands in the North of England. I spent a few hours there recently and bagged a few shots of the rolling hills in decent light. I thought I'd share them! All images are with the Olympus EM1.3, and all but one are with the 12-100 f4. I think this combo is a superb...
  6. William Lewis

    Travel A Drive Through the Woods - Photographs of Northern Wisconsin.

    Been crazy busy with work at the hotel and that left me rather exhausted. After feeling really poorly the night before, I got some rest and found a better day. I took a nice long drive down a bunch of fire roads in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest. Here’s a few images from a few hours...
  7. William Lewis

    Northern Wisconsin Summertime

    Just a couple of shots that I finally had a chance to get out after a bit of cray cray time :) Hope you like them.
  8. christilou

    San Sebastian, Northern Spain

    Some pictures I took this weekend from our trip to Donostia-San-Sebastian where my husband ran a half marathon on Sunday.
  9. Pony train

    Pony train

    A pony train on the outskirts of Keylong, capital of Lahoul province, northern India. Scanned in from an Agfachrome CT18 slide, Leica M3