1. Aushiker

    Gadgets Hypothetical: Mac Mini as Desktop + ? for outside the home office

    Just throwing some ideas around and was interested if anyone has gone with a desktop + iPad/Android tablet or laptop combination. With the tablet/laptop being for out-of-office usages, such as at university, on holidays etc. The desktop would be the primary computer for photo editing etc., and...
  2. doobs

    Office Applications

    Hai der, I stumbled across OnlyOffice recently looking for something else. My newest version of MS Office is 2010 and last time I needed to install it (I've got a three seat pack), the gyrations that Satya and friends had me go through to activate were interesting at best. All the online...
  3. Brownie

    Finally got around to ordering prints for my office

    Moving complete just at the end of the year. I had decided to freshen up the prints in my office by replacing all but one or two of my existing shots. Placed the order last Friday, my favorite printing company Nations Photo had a pretty good sale going. Ordered 1-22 x 28, 1-16 x 20, 2-11x14's...
  4. Jock Elliott

    Something funny from the post office

    So Friday, I get a plastic bag in the mail from the US Postal Service . . . It contains a heartfelt letter . . . And one very mangled label. No letter, no package attached, mind you . . . just the label. Sigh. Cheers, Jock
  5. Work/Workers


  6. SIJ - Day 17

    SIJ - Day 17

    The hallway leading to my office on the 32nd floor. My office is the very last door at the end of the hallway. The place is a mess. I switched to that office about a year ago. But haven't unpacked everything yet!
  7. SIJ - Day 6

    SIJ - Day 6

    We've had an inordinate amount of interesting cloud patterns in Houston lately. It's generally clear most of the time. Whenever we do have clouds, it covers all of the sky. This is another photo from my office window using the X10, but with the wide angle this time. After using prime lenses for...