1. jhawk1000

    Dogs My little, old dog Sissy taking a nap

    Sissy was my wife's dog. She is a 13 yr old chihuahua we got at the animal rescue and she was very quiet when her mommy did not come home one day. She has now decided that I am okay and she rarely leaves me. My good dog Pete died not long ago but I have another Chiweenie dog named Heidi who...
  2. M

    Sony Old DSC-T20 lens issue

    Hello! I'm assuming that many folks have dealt with the focussing problems these cameras sometimes have. I have repaired another one I own one by re-gluing the lower section of the magnetic assembly, and everything's OK. I just bought another DSC-T20, and it, too, has the buzzing focus...
  3. ithappenedinthestreet

    Leica Old, cheap manual 50mm to pair to my Nikon Zf: Nikon, Canon...?

    I'm looking into manual 50mm lenses, just to complete my current setup of 28mm, and 35mm. I already have a Nikon AIS 50mm 1.4, which I adapted, but the result is too bulky. To my knowledge, the only small adapters are the Leica ones. So, I love Voigtländer Leica M lenses for their cost/quality...
  4. jhawk1000

    Old broken lens is being renewed

    I am sure some of you know that on 9/4/2023. my wife Linda G was photographing a football game when two players chasing the ball ran out of bounds straight into her. She was thrown backward and her head hit a concrete apron and 4 days later she was taken off life support and passed peacefully...
  5. Primes4ever

    New member, old photographer from Cambridge Ontario

    I have been looking around for a little while and decided to join. I took up photography roughly 50 years ago and transitioned from film to digital in 2002. I have a fondness for primes. In the analog era, I was a hard core Pentaxian and my first DSLR was a Pentax. Ten years ago, I switched to...
  6. Cmilledge3

    New old guy!

    Hello Everyone. My name is Chuck and I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I'm 52 (soon to be 53). I've been married for 32 years. I have two daughters, and a cantankerous cat. I've worked in the commercial floor covering industry for 28 years, primarily in sales. Over that time, I've done about...
  7. TraamisVOS

    Went to the library with my 6 yr old daughter, I found this book for kids which I think is fantastic.

    They're really making some great books for kids these days.
  8. gryphon1911

    Nikon Nikon D80, monochrome settings and an old 70-300/4-5.6G lens (image heavy)

    Switched up the settings on the D80 to the most aggressive I could get for monochrome that I liked. Decided to experiment with an old 70-300G lens. It is decent up to about 220mm, then starts to get a bit soft wide open, which is where I shot it most because of the weather. Overcast and...
  9. PacNWMike

    Digitizing old 8mm home movies

    I have a box of old 8mm home movies from the '40's through the '60's and want to convert to digital and share with family. Looking at the Kodak REELS or the Wolverine Pro. Anyone have any experience with either of these? I'm leaning toward the Kodak for the added resolution but not sure how much...
  10. J

    Leica Good Old Glass

    My son and I swapped lenses for today. I got his 50MM Summicron Rigid (circa 1957). He got my Voigltlander 35mm Classic Nokton MC. Here are a couple of shots with the M10-R and the 50. The shot of the silo is with the 24 Elmarit (Circa 1996). So the 24 is not as old as the Summicron.... It...
  11. hippi

    Documentary old control boxes

    this box is no longer there, it was plane then someone tagged it! this was along The Katy Trail
  12. Brownie

    Manual Lens Was in the store today and saw an old used lens

    OM 28 21 f/2. $5,499.99. I asked if that was a mistake. Nope. :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: That is all.
  13. G

    Infrared Images Old house in Aerochrome-style colors

    I have a few FS-converted cameras, that I like to experiment with various filters. I had my FS-Sony a7R with me when I happened to see this decaying relic along a country road. I processed to Aerochrome-style colors, which switched the green grass to red and the reddish roof, to green.
  14. R

    Canon Images found from my old S10

    This was a 2.1MB digital camera introduced in 1999 https://global.canon/en/c-museum/product/dcc460.html Was inspired by the film section's "old photos" thread. CART (Champ Car) race in 2001, Portland, OR, I believe we can see the aftermath of lap 1 incident that took out Alex Zanardi (the...
  15. William Lewis

    Film Old Concert Photos

    Found these shots from a John Doe (of X) solo show back in the early '00's in Madison Wi: Pretty sure it was a Voigtlander Bessa R1 & a Canon 50/1.8. Fuji Superia "Supermarket" 400 film.
  16. mike3996

    Film Old Polaroid 600 vs Polaroid Now?

    I am looking to get a Polaroid camera and film as a late Christmas gift for my brother. Polaroid Now can use i-Type batteryless film which a tiny bit cheaper. But the cameras cost more, being newer and having slightly more electronics in them. Polaroid 600-series plastic nonfoldables (just...
  17. William Lewis

    Scenic Old Black Walnut

    This one was planted by a squirrel in the chicken yard from nuts from the original trees planted by my great grandpa. It was supposed to be too far north here but on a southern exposure, they did well.
  18. Coksic

    Stroll Same old stroll (images of the same place through the years)

    I don't know if there is a similar/same thread, but, here's my suggestion; Series of images taken on (approximately) the same place over a period of time (at least few years). I have many of these locations, which I visited/passed by strolling. If this seems like a good idea to anyone - be my...
  19. agentlossing

    Old Photography Ads

    I thought it might be fun to post some old ads for classic camera gear. I have some older National Geographic magazines which often contained cool ads for contemporary camera and film companies. I decided I would occasionally scan some on my flatbed. Add your own finds as well! #1, Nikon FE ad...
  20. agentlossing

    GAS Advice You've Given to the Old "What Should I Get?" Question

    You know, to friends and family, acquaintances and perfect strangers who see that you're into photography and ask what you would recommend they buy in order to get better photos and/or video. I think we've all been asked this question. Usually it's by people who don't know a lot about...
  21. Bobby T

    Fuji X-E1 merged with a 100 year old Kodak

    This looked really cool, with great results. http://lazlo.us/pictures/Objects/xE1-Kodak/
  22. Tim Williams

    Film Scanning old film

    Grandson Kaiden. FM2n , HP5
  23. William Lewis

    This Old Farm...

    Leica M 240 50/2 Super Rokkor C yellow filter effect in post.
  24. kyteflyer

    Pentax Broke out the old gear.

    Doo doo doo lookin’ out my back door :) K200D + Tamron 70-300.
  25. drd1135

    Fireworks in an Old New England Mill Town

    As advertised, I was in my home town of Fall River, Massachusetts, last week. It's an old mill town best known for it's unusual demographics (a large Portuguese population) and the famous Lizzie Borden murder case in the last 19th century. Half the town sits on a hillside that goes down to a...
  26. E

    sonic cleaning old shutter

    I am cleaning a TLR mamiya 80 mm lens and was wondering if it is safe to sonic clean it, using a ultra sonic cleaner that you normally use for jewellery and watches. Not just the slow gear escapement (which i cleaned wiht lighter fluid but it is simply is not clean enough). So i was thinknig in...
  27. drd1135

    Old Family Portrait

    This photo dates back to about 1924. The father is John F. Pimentel. He immigrated to America from the Azores through Ellis Island in the first decade of 20th century. His family moved to Fall River, Massachusetts, because the city had a large community of Portuguese immigrants. This photo...
  28. mike3996

    Read old photography magazines!

    While I don't like to read or watch photographs on a small phone screen, my LFI subscription doesn't allow desktop viewing of their archives. On an occasion I do read an old issue on the phone. They had "reader submitted photographs" even back then, nice to get amateurs and pros side by side...
  29. drd1135

    An Old Town and a New Camera, Part 2

    More from Buena Vista. Note the pictures of the old Texaco station: When I first saw the station, I also saw the real estate sign and thought it was for sale. It turns out the real estate firm bought the old station and restored it as their new offices.
  30. drd1135

    An Old Town and a New Camera, Part 1

    I decided to combine a small project with a shakedown shoot for the X-S10 w/16-80 f4. It's been a while since I did a walking tour of Buena Vista, a town about the same size as Lexington. It's six miles east and right at the foothills of the Blueridge Mountains. It's the blue-collar and...
  31. grebeman

    Stroll Old apple varieties in an old orchard

    My landlord, Graham, who formerly farmed the land following in the footsteps of his father and uncle still maintains the old award winning cider orchard attached to the farm, replanting any windblown or dead trees with new ones of similar old varieties. He's just started labeling them so now I...
  32. Luke

    photo manipulation (bringing old statues some photorealism)

    I thought this was pretty cool and thought some of you would enjoy it, too. https://www.theverge.com/2020/8/21/21395115/roman-emperors-photorealistic-portraits-ai-artbreeder-dan-voshart
  33. buttermaker

    Street Just a few old shots Budapest and New York

  34. sh0wtime

    Nikon Walk around with D3 & old 50mm f/1.8D

    My D3 hasn't been out of the bag in way too long so it came out for a walk today. Traditionally i've never liked 50mm, find it a really boring/stifling FL so i made myself use it today just because it's small & unloved lol Remembered how much my D3 loves Red when i looked at the flower shot but...
  35. sh0wtime

    Leica Not bad for a 16 year old 5mpx digital camera

    I know the Digilux2 has been sneered at for being old tech & basic, well tbh it is old & slow but it has that wonderful Vario Summicron lens & the JPG's are lovely SOOC. Think of it like a classic car, only take it out on a sunny day when you are in no hurry :thumbsup:
  36. Jock Elliott

    Sony Big old moon . . . fooling around with post-processing . . . RX10 Mk IV

    Huge partial moon hanging in the sky this AM. Put the RX10 4 in full auto mode to see what it would do. Could hear it chattering away, making multiple images and stacking them. Got this: Put it in P mode and rolled in a bunch of minus exposure compensation: Ran it through DXO 9: Ran...
  37. Bobby T

    120 year old photos from a time capsule

    This is a cool find
  38. drd1135

    Woman Gets a Box of Father's Old Negatives

  39. Tim Williams

    Old Florida

    Stopped in for a Bloody Mary in Ft. Pierce and this image just lended itself for an old Florida look. Little tucked away Yacht club with some added grain.
  40. Jonathan F/2

    Nikon Getting drawn back to Nikon DSLRs & old F-mount lenses!

    * Cross posted at Fred Miranda, but I think it applies here as well! Lately I've been getting drawn to the low prices of DSLRs and old F-mount lenses. For example when I had tested the Z6, A7III and D750, the D750 surprisingly had sharper OOC raws over the Z6 and was not too far behind the...
  41. Jock Elliott

    Fuji Lessons learned, Fuji XP-90 and a rant from the cranky old elf

    This is my favorite time of year. I love coming around a corner in the dark to find a house lit with warmth and loveliness. Lately, I've felt an internal prompting to try to capture that beauty. So when the better half (aka spotter-in-chief) proposed, yesterday evening, a stroll around the...
  42. drd1135

    A7 III with a really old lens

    This guy took a lens off of an old WWI era folder and put is on an A7 III. The videos are really good. https://www.dpreview.com/news/9358473548/video-shooting-video-with-a-vest-pocket-kodak-camera-lens-from-wwi
  43. MoonMind

    Film Just lost an old friend ...

    No, we're not talking about a human being. I've had a Minox GT or GT-E in my possession since I was twenty. Today, I stumbled over a hard-to-see edge and fell (I seem to only do this with a camera in hand ...). I hit the ground on knees and hands - the right hand still clutching my GT-E. While...
  44. Steve Noel

    Micro 4/3 Old and New

    This is mostly highlighting my other hobby, wood work. The boxes are for my wife and daughters. There are some not pictured here. This is my small basement workshop. there are some power tools, not focusing on them today. They are the primary tools used in making the boxes. I have the tools...
  45. Jonathan F/2

    Nikon Showcase Old Town Pasadena - The J5 + 6.7-13mm VR Shoots Suburbia!

    I had time to kill and went for a mild stroll after a doctor's checkup. The 6.7-13mm VR is a lot of fun to shoot with! Also this camera setup is so small and unobtrusive, people don't notice the camera or just brush it off as a tiny P&S! 😁 All shot with the J5 + 6.7-13mm VR: 1. Street...
  46. Jock Elliott

    Fuji Crummy old XP90 . . .

    yesterday evening jpegs romanced a bit with Luminar 3. Working with this camera is (I imagine) a bit like living with a savant. If you try to make it behave like other cameras, you will probably be frustrated and disappointed. There is very little you can actually control and trying to...
  47. time has passed

    time has passed

    I drove by an abandoned school bus I had captured one and thought it would make a decent "time has passed." I did almost get a tick for the cause... found a little deer tick crawling up my pants after getting back to the car.
  48. entropy


    Abandoned farmhouse in Western Wisconsin small dairy country. Captured with E-M5 and Panasonic-Leica 25mm lens.
  49. July 06 - Olde Worlde

    July 06 - Olde Worlde

    Got home tonight and hadn't taken an image so I did a hunt around the house and this is what I came up with. I'm trying to create a "previous lifetime" feel with this one.
  50. Young meets Old

    Young meets Old

    Young meets Old