1. Jock Elliott

    The legend lives on . . .

    Lake Ontario, Nov. 25, 1922 Cheers, Jock
  2. OldRex

    Hey. Yet another mu-43'er moving on.

    Hi all, you must be getting sick of this by now. An avalanche of mu-43'ers all moving across. Anyhow, here I am. Be gentle.
  3. MoonMind

    Single In Single in January 2021: It's on!

    As promised a long time ago, we'll do it: The Single in January 2021 (SiJ 21) challenge! The core rules: Take at least one image per day during one month - and post (only) one image to each day's thread. The image doesn't have to be posted on the same day it was taken, but regular...
  4. Herb Robert

    Herb Robert

    The flower is about 0.7" (18 mm) across, and growing on the stone wall at the rear of my cottage.
  5. 2nd_July_Grasse


    M8 not renowned for good high ISO - in fact it is criticised ISO 1250 tonight in Grasse near Nice and Antibes in the South of France
  6. hatching White Ermine caterpillars

    hatching White Ermine caterpillars

  7. moth eggs (White Ermine?)

    moth eggs (White Ermine?)

  8. Snowdrop