1. albertk

    Leica Adapting a Jupiter-3 in Contax mount for optimum wide open performance

    In the past I had a 1962 Jupiter-3 in LTM, that was impossible to focus consistently (front focus issieus well known because of different Leica body register). I had adapted it myself through some twisting to work superbly wide open. Unfortunately I sold it. I regretted it the day after. The day...
  2. theoldsmithy

    Open Walls Arles 2020

    Some great shots in today’s article in The Guardian
  3. Bobby Tingle

    Open Mic Night 2-25-19

    First time out with my new prime kit 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  4. death


    Dead tractor on an abandoned farm.