1. agentlossing

    Philosophy Album Organization (Flickr, etc.)

    This may or may not be something you think about, but I have been mulling over how to make my Flickr albums more presentable. Yes, I am somewhat of a dinosaur who still uses Flickr, mainly because it doesn't have a lot of the other rigmarole that many of the image hosting and sharing sites have...
  2. DeeJayK

    Advice Wanted How do you organize your photo library?

    I'm curious to hear what methods you all have to organize your images? I suspect some of you have vast libraries that are well organized, based on the speed at which the Post an image related to the one above it thread turns over. Meanwhile my images are spread across multiple devices, online...
  3. mike3996

    On image organization

    I know people love LR and other propietary tools to organize their catalogue. And why not, they offer crazy good tools to search through thousands of images like that. Personally I don't know. It seems the metadata is so chained inside one particular software. Some people like Eric Kim suggest...